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Google featured snippets are prime real estate in the SERPs, but if you want to capture them for your site, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why Internet Marketing Ninjas created the Featured Snippets+ Tool, which culls and organizes the featured snippet data for your target keyword phrases to make it easier for you to optimize your site to grab your competitors’ snippets.

Our one-of-a-kind tool gives you the actionable data you need to get results.

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"If you are an SEO and you're not optimizing for featured snippets then you're not a very good SEO. With this tool you will become a featured snippet optimization expert." - Jim Boykin

"The Featured Snippets+ Tool goes through tons of data and APIs to give you actionable and easy-to-implement steps to optimize your site for Google's featured snippets and build more visibility in SERPs. The best thing about it is that it's not just for being featured: The tool walks you through the process of addressing your customer's most frequent questions and offering them the best concise answers optimizing your content for broader list of goals, including higher rankings and better conversions. After all, you need a better copy to rank and convert and that's what this tool will help you with (plus being featured in Google's search is a nice bonus too!)" - Ann Smarty

"WOW, I love this tool! Running the snippets tool through my blog and two client sites helped me to locate old posts that are ranking but do not have the snippets. Within minutes it located opportunities to update H tags, reformat to lists vs. paragraphs based on the types of snippets, gave content recommendations and even showed where I was missing images including images without proper markup. There’s a ton of tools out there, but this one processed thousands of pages within minutes and brought back actionable items, showed the details in plain English and also provided me with estimated revenue numbers attached. It is well worth the money and now a part of our arsenal of tools!!!" - Adam Riemer

"The tool is such a massive time saver. Just 2 weeks ago, I had to put together some featured recommendations for a publishing client and it took me a very long time through various exports via SEMrush and excel manipulation just to get a tally of all the opportunities available. I love the $ value attached to each opportunity outlined in the tool, it will definitely help get the message across to the client on the importance of optimizing a content piece. Awesome time saving tool!" - Jason Mun

"Internet Marketing Ninjas excels at tool development and the featured snippet finder is a great addition. With a surprising depth of query discovery, simple ease of use, and competitor insights, smart marketers can turn the findings into qualified traffic. Impressed by the rich snippet collection. We're working with a site we know well and it looks solid in accuracy. Enjoying this - smart work." - Rhea Drysdale, CEO Outspoken Media

"Featured snippets are increasingly important, and will only continue to become more relevant, with new technologies like Voice Search. This is the first tool I’ve seen that cuts through the tough process of analyzing the data for you, finding incredible opportunity, quickly and efficiently...and I mean it. FYI I’ve used it to test on [removed], and their initial results are great!" - Martin MacDonald

"I really love the tool! Earning Featured Snippets is vital if you want your brand to flourish in the coming age of voice search! Marketing Ninja's Featured Snippets+ Tool is a fantastic solution to discover new opportunties and claim those highly coveted position zero results. Better use it now, before you competitiors do!" - Marcus Tandler, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Ryte

"The new version is looking great! I love the easy to see and tallied low-hanging fruit label to give some prioritization for terms. Thanks again, I'm loving this so far!" - Ryan Miller, Conde Nast

"This new Featured Snippets+ Tool is fantastic! Your team worked extremely hard on this neat tool and WE love it!" - Beth Strukelj

Our Tool Provides Actionable Data to Help You Get Position 0

Learn How to Leverage the Featured Snippets+ Tool's Data

What Our Featured Snippets+ Tool Does

First, we gather up to 80 of the most valuable phrases for each URL, focusing on phrases that your site currently ranks at least in the top 15 for in Google’s organic search results. If you feel that a phrase is missing, it’s because your site doesn’t rank in the top 15 for it, so your chance of getting a featured snippet is about 0%. We then check those phrases to see which of them return featured snippets in the Google search results. Then we show which phrases return featured snippets, the types of snippets they are, and the values of those phrases, as well as additional data. When we search all of the phrases relating to each page, we also gather People Also Ask and Searches Related To data.

What Is Google’s “People Also Ask”?

Often, when you search for a phrase in Google, you will see a section called “people also ask.” These are frequently placed under the featured snippet on the top of the search results page. If you are optimizing a page for featured snippets, is is very highly recommended that you also optimize for “people also ask” queries. When a user clicks on a “people also ask” query, the dropdown is scraped from a relevant page, just like how Google shows results for featured snippets. On top of that, nearly all of these “people also ask” phrases show featured snippets when searched for directly in Google.

What is Google's “Searches Related to”?

In a Google search results page, on the bottom, you will often see a section called “Searches Related To [phrase searched].” Typically, there are eight phrases listed. These are additional phrases that you may want to consider writing about and optimizing for on your page, as a high percent of these also show featured snippets when you search them directly.

"People Also Ask" and "Searches Related To" Data

Using the Featured Snippets+ Tool's "People Also Ask" and "Searches Related To" Data

The Featured Snippets+ Tool gathers “People Also Ask” and “Searches Related To” data and adds it to your page-level analysis, making it easy to edit or add content related to those phrases. Now that you have all of this data in front of you, you can start to optimize for featured snippets.

The Featured Snippets+ Content Editor Tool

When you click on the “Create” button next to a phrase, the tool will give you an option to add “New Content” or to “Edit Existing Content”. Sometimes, when you’re trying to optimize for a specific phrase, you may wish to add new content to the existing page, but other times, you might already have relevant material on the page that just needs to be edited. Each time you optimize for a phrase, you will have this choice. If you create new content, we recommend creating a heading tag followed by a paragraph or list of text relevant to that heading. If you wish to edit part of your existing content, enter the old content in the top box, then enter the new, edited content.

Once you’ve made changes, you can go to the “Optimized Snippets” tab and see all of the content that needs to be edited or added for each URL. Use this data to update your content. About a month after you’ve updated your content, you can rerun the tool and see a new summary that will include changes between that run and the original run so you can see the results of your work.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions From The Community

Why Do You Need Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets draw the user's attention first, and they also draw clicks away from the rest of the search results. More than 40% of question queries have a featured snippet, and we can expect that number to grow as time passes and Google perfects this part of its algorithm. Would you rather have your competitors featured in that space? Of course not.

Why Do You Need The Featured Snippets+ Tool?

This groundbreaking tool makes the process of featured snippet optimization simpler by pulling together all of the data you need in a straightforward, actionable format. Our featured snippet data includes information on competitor snippets that you can claim for yourself, snippets you already have, and keyword phrases that don’t currently display snippets but may hold future opportunities. Find out which competitors have the snippets you want, see which snippet formats Google favors for different keyword phrases, and create a plan for optimizing your content: The featured snippet data you need is all at your fingertips, well-organized and ready to use!

How Do You Get a Featured Snippet With This Data?

The site that gets a featured snippet is the one that most successfully and concisely answers the user's query. We've provided expert guidance in the form of videos and articles by industry thought leaders Jim Boykin and Ann Smarty to help you do just this. They'll help you learn more about types of snippets, the Google featured snippet algorithms, keywords, headings, and how these factors all work together. If you try our 3x URLs for FREE trial offer to the Featured Snippets+ Tool, we want to make sure you know how to use it to the fullest extent. If you'd rather leave this part to the pros, though, not to worry: We'd be glad to put our content team to work optimizing your site. View more FAQs and resources.

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