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Using the IMN Meta Tag Generator

Fill in the Title, Description, Keywords, and Author fields and then click the "Create Meta Tags" button. The Meta Tags block will be filled in. Copy the Meta Tags block and paste it into your HTML document between the <head> and </head> tags.

Additional Notes:

  • Google will show up to 65 characters in a title tag. If you have significantly more than 65 characters, it may appear to be spam by the engines.
  • There is no "set" or "good" meta description length that is better for SEO. We recommend a meta description that is between 50 and 300 characters long.
  • Keywords are not used by Google as a SEO ranking factor, but they may be used by Bing. Separate keyword phrases by commas.

Without doubt, a meta tag generator can be quite helpful for both consumers and business owners alike. Before a meta tag generator can be used effectively, however, it is important to understand a bit more about the product and how it works. Traditionally, the word “meta” is translated as “information about.” Therefore, meta tags were originally developed to provide information about a specific web page. The facts provided by a meta tag may vary, but typically includes information about the topic of the web page, important keywords, the author, copyright facts, and other important information. Obviously, the use of an appropriate meta tag is important for individuals who wish to draw more traffic to a specific Internet web page.

Developing an appropriate meta tag can sometimes be quite a challenge. This is especially true for individuals who are inexperienced in the field of meta tag generation. Fortunately, Internet Marketing Ninjas offers the use of a free meta tag generator for customers interested in growing their Internet web site business. By following a series of steps, individuals who use this free meta tag generator can ensure that users can easily find their webpages. Internet Marketing Ninjas is dedicated to growing your Internet web site through the use of its free meta tag generator. Try it today and you won’t be disappointed!

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