Web Design Tools

Use these web design tools and show your users their experience matters to you. Convert HTML to PHP, clean up your HTML, and more with this free suite of tools.
  • Favicon Generator Brand your website by creating a favicon to appear in your address bar. Simply upload a source image, your desired dimensions, and let the Favicon Generator do the rest
  • HTML to PHP Converter Automatically convert HTML to PHP with no hand conversion required. This HTML to PHP converter saves webmasters hours of time by requiring nothing more than the click of a button to convert HTML entities.
  • CSS Coder Instantly create customizable CSS definitions by filling out the simple form. The resulting CSS can be copied and pasted into your website to create buttons, text fields and customized text.
  • HTML Code Cleaner HTML Code Cleaner is intended to optimize HTML documents, resulting in shorter downloading, uploading time. HTML Code Cleaner's saves space on your web pages by removing unnecessary characters and tags. Though the saving percentage may seem small, load time savings is much higher as your client's Internet browser parses the pages more efficiently.
  • HTML Encoder To properly display characters in HTML code, webmasters can use the HTML Encoding Tool to pre-encode any problem characters before the text is included.
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode Encoding and decoding HTML entities for proper display is simple when using this HTML encode and decode tool. Preserve your text regardless of the user's character set.
  • Floating Layer This tool creates a floating layer that can be used much like a popup window, without the usual pop-up blocker problems. This tool is compatible with IE4 and NS4 or later.
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color This tool will create CSS properties for Internet Explorer scrollbar. Color the scrollbar of an iframe, textarea box, or frame set
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator Display custom information when your viewers hover over links, images, or other page elements. The layer appears near the element hovered over, moves with mouse movement, and adjusts its position to remain in the available window space.
  • PopUp window generator By using our JavasScript Pop-Up Window Generator users are able to create and customize pop up windows for their site.
  • Web Safe Colors Make sure every visitor sees the colors you chose for your brand with our Web Safe Colors Tool. This web safe color chart gives you the hexidecimal color value to each of the 216 web safe colors.