SEO Tools

Check out these free SEO tools and discover what SEO strategies are working for your site. Identify most common issues and errors like broken links and images, empty alt text, absent meta tags, etc
  • Internal link building for Word Press Internal link building
  • *Google Backlink Checker Tool for Penguin & Disavow Analysis Free Penguin & Disavow Analysis: Provide it with the export of your backlinks and get help with Penguin Analysis
  • *Get URLs from search results Greasemonkey script A cool Greasemonkey script to generate the list of URLs from Google results
  • Website Crawler and XML Sitemap Generator This online tool will crawl your whole website, help you spell check, create your Google sitemap and point you to some errors on pages (e.g. broken links, 404 pages, etc) with our Google Sitemap Generator Tool.
  • External Link Crawler and Title Tag Extractor Tool When you enter in a URL, or a list of pages, this tool will scan the website for internal pages and will then return a list of URLs linked to from each page along with the Title Tag of that link
  • Smart URL List Cleaner Tool This list cleaning tool is so powerful: It allows you to merge lists from different sources and clean them up by leaving one URL per domain or only unique URLs.
  • Link / Header Response Bulk Checker Link/Header Checker will crawl all URLs linked from the provided page and generate a handy report of header responses for each outlink as well as the title tag of a linked page.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization Analysis Tool Use this free on-page optimization tool to flag areas of improvement, identify on-page issues and analyze keywords and keyword phrases
  • Page Comparison The Page Comparison Tools allows users to compare two different pages titles, meta information, and keywords.
  • Google Keyword Suggest Tool Enter a query phrase into the Suggest Tool to populate a list of related terms from Google, Bing, YouTube & Amazon suggest data bases.
  • Internal Page Crawl Quickly crawl your site home page and find which internal pages you are linking from the most powerful page of your site. Scroll down to the quick on-page link analysis: Find most frequent words in URLs and Most frequent words in the linked title pages
  • Last Modifed Date The last modified tool simply checks the HTTP header that is returned by each URL. One of the header fields that is returned is the last-modified time.
  • Title Tag and Meta Description Data for Multiple URLs (free tool) Input a list of up to 100 URLs, each on a separate line, and click the ‘check’ button. The tool will then generate a list of the title tags and meta descriptions for the specified URLs. Once run, the tool’s output can be viewed and utilized in both .xls and HTML formatting.
  • Suggestion Keyword Finder Discover valuable keyword opportunities by conducting deep research with our Related Keywords Tool. Export a spreadsheet of the related keywords and create targeted content to give your site the attention it deserves.
  • Advanced Robots TXT Generator Robots Txt Generator is an easy-to-use tool to create proper Robots.txt directives for your site: Easily copy and tweak Robots.txt files from other sites or create your own
  • Keyword Combination Tool Use this tool to generate all possible keyword combinations from two different lists of search phrases. Use these phrases to perform effective keyword analysis as well as discover new opportunities.
  • Page Keyword Density Analysis Keyword density tool goes through any web page to return a keyword usage analysis
  • Keyword Cloud Tool Use this visual representation of your keyword cloud to gain a better sense of your current keyword prominence. You can also gauge the keyword density of each phrase.
  • Page Image and Link Analysis Tool Run your (or your competitors') pages through this tool to find broken and redirected links and images. Quickly identify non-working links as well as see the anchor and alt text usage.
  • Internal/External Link Analyzer The Internal External Backlink Analyzer Tool reviews any webpage and provides a cumulative list of outbound links. The tool also alerts the user of any links that do not contain anchor text.
  • C Class IP Checker The C Class IP Checker allows you to cross-check several websites and find out if they are listed on the same Class C IP.
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator This tool simulates a search engine by displaying the contents of a web page in exactly the way the search engine bot would see it when it crawls the page: See most prominent or inaccessible page elements.
  • Page Speed Use this tool to see what slows down your page and how to make it load faster.
  • Meta Tag Analyzer Provide your (competitor's) URL and see the essential meta data from the page: title, meta description and meta keywords. See what your competitors might be focusing on in their search engine optimization campaigns
  • Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview Generate meta tags from the page or input them manually and see the screenshot of how your search listing will look like in Google Search Results.
  • Web Page SEO Analysis Tool Get a mini content analysis of a domain with the Web Page SEO Analysis Tool. Enter your URL and keywords and receive information on title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags,and more.
  • Keyword Density with Options This tool will analyze your chosen URL and return a table of keyword density values for one-, two-, or three-word key terms. It will filter out common stop words; however, it will avoid filtering out stopwords in the middle of a term. Tools

This page provides a list of schema tools that webmasters can use to markup their pages with microdata in conjunction with existing HTML in a way that is recognized by search engines. Most search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, rely on these markups to improve how search results are displayed thus making it easier for users to navigate to the right web pages. Our schema tools allow you to very easily generate different types of markup for your product, book, movie, article, and other pages.
  • in-Depth Article Code Generator Our tool helps you generate the required markup and easily apply it to the page to be able to rank in "In-depth articles" Google results block.
  • People Rich Snippets Schema Generator Person generator helps you format your personal search engine results for them to show your address, phone number, job title.
  • Review Rich Snippets Schema Generator This type of markup helps Google to nicely format your product page listings to display the product ratings and reviews right within search results
  • Event Rich Snippet Schema Generator This generator helps you show some additional details about your event within Google SERPs: event date, location, etc
  • Product Rich Snippet Schema Generator This free generator allows to show some additional details from your product pages right within Google search results: Price, model, product ID, etc
  • Brand (Organization) Rich Snippet Schema Generator This free online generator helps you create the code to markup your "About us" page allowing to show your company address right in search results.
  • Movie Rich Snippet Schema Generator Movie Rich Snippet Schema generator helps you properly markup your movie page allowing to show additional details (Director, lead actor, etc) right in Google search results.
  • Book Rich Snippet Schema Generator Book Rich Snippet Schema generator helps you format your book page showing some additional results right in search results.
  • Video Schema Generator Video Schema Generator lets you easily generate code to markup your page containing a video. This will let your pages qualify for video rich snippets.

PPC Tools

Need to figure out your ROI for a new PPC campaign, or determine the effectiveness of a recent change in your PPC strategy? Taking a proactive approach and trying to estimate potential earnings? There are tools for that
  • Google Adsense Calculator The Google AdSense Calculator makes it easy to estimate potential earnings and clicks based on page impressions, CTR, and CPC. Take advantage of this tool to gain a better understanding of AdSense earning potential.
  • CPC ROI Calculator The ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator Tool can be used to measure the ROI of CPC (cost per click) advertising.
  • CPM Advertising ROI Calculator Use CPM Advertising ROI Calculator to determine how much profit you make per thousand visitors. Determine past advertising ROI or project into the future by utilizing this simple-to-use tool.
  • Keyword Typo Generator Find the most common misspellings and typos for your target keywords with the keyword typo generator from SEO Chat.

Webmaster Tools

Increase the efficiency of your daily webmaster tasks by using this free suite of webmaster tools. Create robots.txt, extract information with a RegEx and more.
  • Robots.txt Validator Robots.txt Validator can help identify errors that may exist within your current /robots.txt file. It also lists the pages that you’ve specified to be disallowed.
  • Whois Domain Look Up The Whois Tool will display all of your Whois information, along with some great checks to see if your nameservers are actually returning the right information and if your webserver is responding.
  • HTTP Header Response Status Codes Check Tool HTTP Header Response Status Codes Check Tool allows you to review your webpage's header tags. Find the page's status code to ensureyour URLs are displaying the correct codes and redirects are working properly.
  • Domain Age Checker This domain age tool lets you look up a domain's age quickly and easily. If you want to buy aged domains this domain age checker makes your research easy.
  • DNS Lookup Tool Try out our Free DNS Lookup Tool to find valuable information about any DNS.
  • Whats My Browser Size Tool A very simple tool showing the specs of your browser: It comes handy when you need this info to report a bug for example.
  • Browser Settings Discover the capabilities of your internet browser. Your accepted character set, language, accepted encoding, major plug-in installed, screen resolution, IP Address, host name, proxy details and more.
  • Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker Don't lose out on valuable traffic because of incorrectly configured redirects. Our 301 redirect checker will make sure your redirects are search engine friendly and sending people where you want.
  • htaccess Generator Keep your information safe by using Apache .htaccess passwords. This easy to use generator creates .htaccess files for you so you can easily keep your apache-based website safe.
  • Whats My IP Whats My IP is a tool that allows users to view information on IP addresses, browser versions and system compatibilities.
  • IP Address Converter The IP Address Converter tool allows you to enter in an IP address and have it converted to its decimal equivalent. If your browser doesn't block them, you can navigate to these IP addresses.
  • Base64 Encoding Decoding Encode source text from many code pages to base64, or decode from base64 to plain text using this tool.
  • Domain Name Typo Generator Create a list of common misspellings and typos of domain names with the domain typo generator. Use the list to buy domains and redirect traffic to your site.
  • HTML Source Code Viewer The HTML Source Viewer is a simple yet powerful utility for in-depth viewing and analyzing of any web page source code. This simple tool shows how things are actually done on any website on the Internet.
  • Code to Text Ratio Use the Code to Text Ratio Tool to calculate the percentage of code to text on a given page. This is beneficial from an SEO perspective, as it allows for webmasters and SEO to make adjustments necessary for a potentially higher ranking in the SERPs.
  • Free HTML Validator Tool Free HTML Validator: Depending on which input method you choose to use, pick a tab. You have the option to either validate by File Upload, Direct Input, or URL.
  • URL Rewriting With the URL Rewriting tool users can convert dynamic URLs into more user friendly dynamic URLs. The URL rewriting tool will create an htaccess file that sites hosted on an Apache Server can use to rewrite URLs.
  • URL Encoding The URL Encoding Tool returns non-alphanumeric characters with a percent sign followed by two hex digits. Spaces are encoded as plus signs.
  • Website Pattern Extractor Regular Expression Pattern Extractor from given URL
  • Fetch HTML content Use the Fetch HTML Content tool to strip away all of the HTML tags and get only the content from the given page. Fetch the HTML page's content as raw text only.
  • Webpage Size Lookup Determine true HTML web page size by using this tool. The true size of a page includes more than just the HTML file but the embedded images as well.
  • Dig Utility Dig Utility will allow you to query the Domain Name Service (DNS) database using the dig command to give you behind-the-scenes information for an address. Discover IP information and more using the Dig Utility.
  • Regular Expression Pattern Extractor The Regular Expression Pattern Extractor can be used to extract information from a specified block of text, using a Regular Expression (RegEx).
  • Regular Expression Match Use the Regular Expression Match Tool to test your RegEx before implementing it.
  • Datetime Format Converter Use the Datetime Format Converter to format data in text or unix timestamp. Datetime data can then be applied in the desired format as needed.
  • Analyze HTTP Header Tool Analyze HTTP Header Tool displays the actual HTTP headers returned for the web page you input. This can be useful if you need to know what cookies are being set or where any re-directs are going to, along with otherdetails such as mime-types.

Web Design Tools

Use these web design tools and show your users their experience matters to you. Convert HTML to PHP, clean up your HTML, and more with this free suite of tools.
  • Favicon Generator Brand your website by creating a favicon to appear in your address bar. Simply upload a source image, your desired dimensions, and let the Favicon Generator do the rest
  • HTML to PHP Converter Automatically convert HTML to PHP with no hand conversion required. This HTML to PHP converter saves webmasters hours of time by requiring nothing more than the click of a button to convert HTML entities.
  • CSS Coder Instantly create customizable CSS definitions by filling out the simple form. The resulting CSS can be copied and pasted into your website to create buttons, text fields and customized text.
  • HTML Code Cleaner HTML Code Cleaner is intended to optimize HTML documents, resulting in shorter downloading, uploading time. HTML Code Cleaner's saves space on your web pages by removing unnecessary characters and tags. Though the saving percentage may seem small, load time savings is much higher as your client's Internet browser parses the pages more efficiently.
  • HTML Encoder To properly display characters in HTML code, webmasters can use the HTML Encoding Tool to pre-encode any problem characters before the text is included.
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode Encoding and decoding HTML entities for proper display is simple when using this HTML encode and decode tool. Preserve your text regardless of the user's character set.
  • Floating Layer This tool creates a floating layer that can be used much like a popup window, without the usual pop-up blocker problems. This tool is compatible with IE4 and NS4 or later.
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color This tool will create CSS properties for Internet Explorer scrollbar. Color the scrollbar of an iframe, textarea box, or frame set
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator Display custom information when your viewers hover over links, images, or other page elements. The layer appears near the element hovered over, moves with mouse movement, and adjusts its position to remain in the available window space.
  • PopUp window generator By using our JavasScript Pop-Up Window Generator users are able to create and customize pop up windows for their site.
  • Web Safe Colors Make sure every visitor sees the colors you chose for your brand with our Web Safe Colors Tool. This web safe color chart gives you the hexidecimal color value to each of the 216 web safe colors.

Other Tools

Use these tools to protect your information and the information of your users, as well as make a single list from several.
  • Create 1 list from Several Lists Use this keyword optimizer tool to combine multiple keyword lists from an SEO or PPC campaign. This tool allows for the input of extensive data, cleans it, and produces an alphabetized output for easy keyword management.
  • Hide Your Email Hide your email from spammers with our Hide Your Email tool. Simply input your email, and we convert the text to a png, jpg, or gif file that spammers cannot easily identify.
  • What Does My Phone Number Spell? What Does My Phone Number Spell? With the use of this tool, you can find the perfect alphanumeric combination for your business cards or other business materials
  • Words Counter The fastest way to count the words and characters: Copy-paste the text and it will show you the number of words and the number of characters (including spaces)
  • Password Generator Check out the Password Generator Online tool. It generates secure, strong, random passwords. Change your password online today for better security.
  • Password Strength Checker The Password Strength Checker will show you exactly how easy or difficult it would be to guess your password. Don't set your passwords without it!
  • Password Encryption Utility The Password Encryption Utility allows you to encrypt your password in 3 ways. MD5, Unix DSE, and sha1 password encryption keep your information safe and secure.
  • Online spell checker This free utility crawls your site and shows you all your misspellings on hover over: Click for more details.