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20 Jun 2021

36 Online Video Tools for Simple Video Creation, Editing, and YouTube Management

Eyeballs are getting harder and harder to grab, especially on Facebook, where the auto-play feature has completely changed the landscape of the platform, both on desktop and mobile. Right now, video is the most engaging Facebook format. Uploading 60-90 second, funny, evergreen videos with captions and short text introductions is one of the most successful tactics to slow down scrolling on the app, at least according to Buzzsumo. A good… [Read More…]

14 Mar 2016

Free Youtube Video End Card Templates & Tools: The Easiest Way to Add Clickable End Cards

Youtube video end cards are custom created templates made clickable with help of Youtube annotations. The simplest way to explain how to create a video end card is: Grab a free template below Customize it in Photoshop (Or use an online editor) Use your video editor to add the customized template as part of your video* (at the end) Upload the video to Youtube Make the template parts clickable using… [Read More…]

24 Nov 2014

How To Put A Linked Call-To-Action Within Your Youtube Video

YouTube is one of the most powerful content marketing platforms. All we have to do is look at a few stats to understand the power of YouTube: Over 6 billions hours of video are watched by 1 billion unique visitors every month. YouTube provides access to 61 countries across the globe. Subscriptions happen in the millions every single day. Obviously, you want to be using YouTube as a marketing platform… [Read More…]

14 Nov 2014

Creating Interactive Videos

Video creation, Video marketing and SEO, Video training… all areas of my expertise.  However, with all of the fun video software and gadgets in my library and tool belt, I am always looking for more opportunities. Having already mastered the use of the Google Hangouts and the factory-like transition into sending them out as instagram vids and podcasts, it is time to expand on other areas where video content may… [Read More…]

30 May 2014

When to Have Fun With Fiverr Videos

Videos are fun.. well, mostly. If you haven’t added video to your content strategy plan, it might be time for you to consider that. When you are first starting out with video, you probably have a lot of questions on where to start. There are a couple options, for adding that video content. Create the video yourself. Have someone else create the video (paid or unpaid/friend/favor). If you are in… [Read More…]

30 Apr 2014

Youtube Channel Subscription Call To Action Makes Up To 3,100% Difference

Marketers know that unless you call people to take action, they won’t take action. I set out to quantify how much of a difference this makes for Youtube video subscriptions, shares and likes. For the too-long-didnt-read (tl;dr) crowd, the spoiler is that calling to action makes a 31x difference, or 3100%, in converting viewers to subscribers. Try getting that kind of lift in your average split test! There are five video screenshots here, with… [Read More…]

07 Mar 2014

3 of Deborah’s Favorite Obscure {but valuable!} Free Video Resources

For those of us in the video industry, finding resources can be addicting. I love tools. I love ebooks. I shouldn’t tell you this, but basically if it has the word “Video” in it, I’m pulling out the credit card. In my quest, I always welcome freebies, as well. Today I’m going to share three resources, two of which do not have nearly the buzz they deserve, when compared to… [Read More…]

21 Feb 2014

YouTube Series: YouTube Resources… Valuable Insights or Lessons in Futility?

We all know that there are many tools, tips, tricks, books, resources, widgets, and more, available to use with YouTube. There are community groups, Facebook groups, ebook, courses… so many resources available. You do not have to step too far out of your virtual front door to bump into something that has the title “YouTube” in it. But, did you know just how many resources are available from YouTube (Google)… [Read More…]

14 Feb 2014

YouTube Series: WordPress Plugins for Video Presentation

WordPress YouTube Plugins Sometimes we look for a little bit more out of our YouTube presentation on our web sites and blogs. We may want a little flare, a little pizazz, or even a little more functional capabilities, including easy engagement for our viewers. I am no exception to this, and I have spent literally hours, days, evaluating WordPress plugins to accommodate what I want. I happen to be a… [Read More…]