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Category: User Intent
27 Jun 2014

Why Usability Matters to Search Engine Marketing

What came first, a website or a user friendly website?  If a website falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Most people reading this have never seen what websites looked like in the early to mid-1990.  In those days, web pages were like black and white TV shows, devoid of color and flat as a cutting board.  The background colors were universally grey.  Images did not have transparent… [Read More…]

24 Jun 2014

Web Page Core: Energy, Personality and Creating Desire

We can tell the difference between a website that wants every visitor to enjoy the experience of being there, because it is the same feeling we get being around a person who enjoys the experience of being here. Since most web sites are designed and built in environments that drain human energy, by stressed out people with fire breathing dragon management hovering about shouting encouragement like “This is due tomorrow”,… [Read More…]

17 Jun 2014

Web Page Core: Prediction and Understanding Site Visitors

Selling information, ideas and products online has been an activity based on physical world tactics, and the going is still rough and sometimes inaccurate. Prediction is part of your Internet marketing strategy. What is one of the first steps an SEO takes when working on a new Internet marketing strategy? Keyword analysis.  Why do they look for specific words to put into their PPC ads and page content? Information searcher… [Read More…]

10 Jun 2014

When To Request a Web Site Usability Audit

If you own a web site, there will come a time when you wonder, or know for sure, that it is not working as well as you might wish it to. The clues are found in your data, such as Google Analytics, or various search engine webmaster tools warning you of trouble or verifying your hunches.  For example, you may find high bounce rates, which means that a very high percentage… [Read More…]

03 Jun 2014

How to Create an Amazing Web Site Core

If you remove the header, footer, sidebars and global navigation from a web page, is the website weak or can it remain productive and search engine friendly? There are all kinds of ways to approach website design.  It is easy for someone starting out to purchase a theme or use a free WordPress theme to install an entire website.  The important pieces are ready, such as the header, footer and widgets… [Read More…]

27 May 2014

Cognitive Behavior and How We Search the Web

When assigning specific words to content, information architecture and navigation labels, most words are chosen from keyword data, ignoring the cognitive behavior behind those words. Did you know that your website visitors have different searching styles?  Do you know how these behaviors affect how they search for information and make choices?  There is more to keyword research data than the number of queries used to find site or the weight… [Read More…]

20 May 2014

Understanding Site Visitors for Improving Web Site Usability

Whenever the term “usability” is mentioned in discussions with a web site owner, I feel like I just asked them to eat the worm from the Tequila bottle. Regardless of the fact that search engine companies have usability departments, usability work remains a blocker in discussions with web site owners interested in Internet marketing.  A user friendly website is not something an enormous number of companies want to invest in. … [Read More…]