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How to Promote a Blog Post on Social Media #JimAndAnn Show

Once you publish an article, your job is not done! You need to invest at least 30-40 minutes in the basic social media sharing tasks which we’ll discuss today!

Do your homework: Share your blog post like a PRO

Ann is sharing her social media marketing technique:

  1. Immediately after you publish a blog post, share it on social media. It’s recommended to share (not schedule first) because you’ll be able to interact in case anyone responds to your share.
    1. Tweet your article tagging every blogger, brand, tool you mentioned in the article
    2. Share on Linkedin tagging every blogger, brand, tool you mentioned in the article
    3. Share on Facebook tagging every blogger, brand, tool you mentioned in the article you can (Facebook will only let tag anyone if you are connected)
    4. Share on Google Plus tagging every blogger, brand, tool you mentioned in the article. Note: If you can’t tag on Google Plus, use the trick I mentioned here.
  2. Add this URL to ViralContentBuzz, the free platform where users share each others’ content on social media
  3. Schedule 5 more tweets (using different text) for the week ahead. Share 2-5 more tweets for a few weeks ahead
    1. When scheduling use different variations of specific hashtags
  4. Schedule a few visual updates using MavSocial (free tool). You can add several Twitter accounts, lots of Facebook pages, Tumblr accounts, Linkedin (personal and company pages) and even Youtube. MavSocial lets you upload an image to go live as a visual update. Visual updates normally receive more exposure on social media
  5. Use Hootsuite to publish your article to a few business pages of yours (Facebook business and Google Plus business pages).

Here’s a handy checklist for you not to forget:

Content quality really comes first

The above checklist doesn’t really make sense unless you have a top quality piece of content.

MyBlogU is a great free platform to improve the quality of your content. It allows you to invite free collaborators who will suggest tools, paragraphs, infographics, etc to add to your article.


Here’s a case study on how MyBlogU works.

Other marketing tactics to try

  • Reach out to 10-20 bloggers who have covered this topic before and may be interested in your perspective (Make sure you write a personal email to each person)
  • Try Facebook and Linkedin Promoted stories (Twitter ads don’t seen to be as effective)
  • Try niche communities and voting sites because this is where bloggers and niche publishers are hanging out.

And what’s your content marketing routine and tools? Share!

And what's your content marketing routine and tools? Share!Click To Tweet

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