Suzy Gray
Social Media Director

Suzy Gray is the Director of Social Media at Internet Marketing Ninjas. In her current role, she works with clients to plan and execute social media campaigns and consults on social media best practices. She also helps manage Internet Marketing Ninjas’ internal social media accounts and promotions.

A brief biography of Suzy Gray

Suzy Gray graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. After spending a couple of years working in public relations in New York City, she decided to make upstate New York her home. Suzy joined Internet Marketing Ninjas in 2007 and has held a variety of positions at the company, starting as a link builder, moving to a trainer and team leader, and finally filling her current position as the Director of Social Media. Having worked in several different departments has given her a well-rounded perspective on Internet marketing and SEO.

Social Media for Business 101

Why is social media important for businesses? A comprehensive social media strategy is imperative to business success in a digital world. 93% of marketers are using social media for business – are you part of the 7% that doesn’t? Social media is more than simply making posts on Facebook and responding to customers on Twitter. […]