Stephanie Nolan
Content Creator

Stephanie Nolan is the senior content specialist at Internet Marketing Ninjas. A sales copy wizard and business-jargon junkie, she administers and supplements content creation for some of the top brands in many industries. With years of marketing, public relations, recruitment, and professional writing under her belt, she works to provide companies with their own, unique voice both during content planning and content creation phases.

A brief biography of Stephanie Nolan

A dual graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Stephanie brings an old-school knowledge of marking and branding to the new world of SEO. She’s an all-around word nerd and has written pretty much anything one can: blog posts, film scripts, press releases, advertising copy, infographic copy, opinion pieces, fictional stories, novels, website copy, and in-depth news articles. This breadth of experience is invaluable to the many companies she works with.

Now, she has found a great balance while working with a team of writers and editors to provide the best copy for Internet Marketing Ninjas’ discerning clients.

She’s also particularly passionate about exclamation marks, physics, obscure fan theories, and alliteration.

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