11 Dec 2005

Who’s your favorite SEO Blogger?

Last week I had a joke post poking fun at SEO Awards that some companies are giving away…but a few days ago this very blog was nominated for an award so I’m changing my tune now ….hehe

Naw, these awards are put out by Search Engine Journal (a trusted site) and the "awards" are via votes – so via your votes they should be able to come up with the most popular SEO Bloggers.  

There’s 13 to choose from, and I’m honored to be one of those on that list, especially for such a new blog. Todd’s also on the list, so I think it’s pretty cool that 2 of the 13 are from We Build Pages. I really don’t have any chance of winning being up against some much more experienced and popular bloggers such as Rand, Aaron, and several of the others, and I’ve even got to compete with Matt (what’s up with putting Matt on this list?).

Go here to read and vote on your favorite SEO Bloggers and SEO News sources.

Vote highly for me and I’ll give you some links…hehe, just kidding.