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12 Feb 2016

The Bing Ads Data Snafu, Instagram Ads, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome back to another update from our expert communities! The news was slower this week, but only in comparison to the two or three weeks prior. We’ve still got updates on the biggest stories, like the Bing Ads reporting data outage, Twitter’s new “Best Tweets First” feature, the ability to suggest changes in Google’s Knowledge Graph, and more. We’ve also got some great data and discussion about Instagram ads to… [Read More…]

10 Feb 2016

Social Media for Business 101

Why is social media important for businesses? A comprehensive social media strategy is imperative to business success in a digital world. 93% of marketers are using social media for business – are you part of the 7% that doesn’t? Social media is more than simply making posts on Facebook and responding to customers on Twitter. A strong social media presence is a critical part of the purchase decision making process…. [Read More…]

08 Feb 2016

Quick Tip: Use Facebook Activity Log as a Bookmarking Tool

I cannot tell you how many times I remembered seeing something on my Facebook feed but failed to find it afterwards. We are dealing with so much information these days. One scroll through Facebook feed shows recent news from the neighborhood, enlightens you of a few facts you were not aware of, inspires you with some quotes gives you a laugh with some funny videos and memes. All of it… [Read More…]

05 Feb 2016

HTTPS Migration Tips, Amit Singhal, and More: Weekly Forum Update

The big news this week was that Amit Singhal, Head of Google Search, is stepping down to pursue philanthropic interests. SEOs were immediately speculating that Matt Cutts would return to replace him. He didn’t – but I won’t spoil you for who the real replacement is just yet. In other news, Yandex launched its own “mobilegeddon,” and John Mueller gave us some now widely shared tips for HTTP to HTTPS… [Read More…]

01 Feb 2016

Here’s How to Link from Inside Youtube Video: Build Traffic from Youtube

For a few years now you can add clickable links (calls-to-action, additional info, contact details, etc) right inside your Youtube video to direct viewers to your site, project, product page, etc. The problem is, while the topic is covered quite well inside Youtube guidelines, it’s scattered so much around the place that you’ll have trouble finding answers to your questions even if you know what you are looking for. Let’s… [Read More…]

29 Jan 2016

Title Tags, New Webmaster Guidelines, and More: Weekly Forum Update

One of the biggest pieces of news this week is that Google updated their Webmaster Guidelines page. Some changes were subtle and others were quite loud. Our communities have been discussing this as well as John Mueller’s response that title tags “are not the most critical part of a page,” in a recent webmaster hangout. On Cre8asiteforums, user iamlost has a great summary of what has lead Twitter to its… [Read More…]

25 Jan 2016

Explore Related Entities Using Google Suggest (Google Auto-Complete)

One of my favorite SEO developments for the past years was the switch from “strings” to “things” meaning that, instead of optimizing pages for the exact-match strings of keyword phrases, we now realize the benefits of optimizing the page for “entities” and concepts. If you are willing to see the actual example of what I am talking about here, head straight to this awesome article by Bill Slawski and read… [Read More…]

22 Jan 2016

Penguins, Pandas, and Algorithm Updates, Oh My! Weekly Forum Update

Google’s recent core algorithm update, along with the discovery that Panda is now “core,” have really shaken the SEO beehive. Let’s begin by making an important distinction: Google made a core algorithm update, yes, but it had nothing to do with either Panda or Penguin. In an entirely separate event, Google announced that Panda is now part of its core ranking algorithm. These two separate events somehow got tangled around… [Read More…]

18 Jan 2016

Linkedin Showcase Pages: Create More Brand Assets with LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for companies as well as individual professionals: Linked in pages rank incredibly well providing you additional reputation management assets to control your brand name search results. Thanks to Company Pages, you can create a powerful content-rich brand asset: An Additional Reputation Management Tool: Linkedin Company Showcase Pages Showcase pages are the extension of company pages. They are a way to “show off” your business and… [Read More…]

15 Jan 2016

Panda, Algorithm Updates, and SEO Tips: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome back to another community round-up! It was a busy week in the SEO community with two big news stories. First, Panda has been added to Google’s core algorithm; second, Google’s core algorithm has been updated. It’s important to note that those are two different stories – Panda has not been updated. Yet. Besides discussion about the core algorithm and Panda, we’ve got some great tips about mobile optimization, URL… [Read More…]

11 Jan 2016

5 Best Chrome Extensions to Diversify and Improve Your Social Media Updates

Social media is a very necessary and helpful tool for marketing, whether that is a brand or a personal account. Anyone who has seen someone reach “Twitter fame” knows the potential benefits. An active account can drive consistent traffic, improve ad revenue, and build a relationship that is unbreakable. People have created entire careers from social media accounts. Brands have some back from the brink of destruction on the back… [Read More…]

08 Jan 2016

Pop-Up Penalties, Twitter 10k, and Adsense: Weekly Forum Update

Happy New Year! We took a short break for the holiday season, but now we’re back! Between stuffing their faces with turkey, spending time with family, and kicking their feet up, our users have been posting plenty of awesome threads to start 2016 with a bang. The big news in social media is that Twitter wants to increase their character limit. We’ll share a great WebmasterWorld thread about that, as… [Read More…]

04 Jan 2016

So, How Many Official Facebook Apps Do We Actually Have (and Need)?

The other day I was looking at the iTunes app store and came across a list of Facebook related apps. To be honest, I was stunned. I had no idea there were so many official Facebook apps on the market, or that most of them were even necessary. You may be just as surprised, so let’s take a look at the many different apps that exist for using that popular… [Read More…]