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Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Community & Branding Manager

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As Community and Brand manager, Ann Smarty’s work is focused on both regularly contributing to the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog and serving as an internal SEO resource for the team. Ann Smarty has been involved in various high-profile roles in the SEO industry for more than seven years. Her background includes working as Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Journal and being a regular columnist at some of best-known Internet Marketing online publications including SEOmoz, Mashable, Social Media Examiner and more. Ann's search and social experience ranges from content creation and social media marketing to SEO reporting and consulting. Ann's expertise in Internet Marketing tools also helps in internal tool development and testing process.

A brief biography of Ann Smarty

I have been working in various areas of the Internet Marketing for 6 years. I come from Ukraine where I got a degree in English and German.

I started working in SEO field when still in high school: All I needed was a part-time job to train my English knowledge. I never thought that was going to be my career...

I have never had to look for a job ever since.

I have always enjoyed learning English and writing and thus I have found huge passion in SEO blogging. I have blogged in English (which is not my native language) for 4 years and have become a well known SEO authority and writer.

I've blogged on my personal blog I've also been a guest author at the most prominent Internet marketing blogs including SEOmoz, Mashable, Social Media Examiner etc. I've been interviewed for multiple blogs and books. I am contributor for Search Marketing Standard magazine, a premium online marketing publication delivered via print.

Throughout my Internet marketing career I've been involved in all sorts of related tasks and projects: I have a huge experience in team building (I managed teams both in-house for a Ukrainian company and from abroad as a Director of the large department in the U.S. company).

I have been successfully engaged in social media marketing as well and have built highly-networked and influential online presence and personal brand.

Currently I've joined Internet Marketing Ninjas as the Community and Branding Manager. My work is focused on both regularly contributing to the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog and serving as an internal SEO resource for the team.

My main goal is to to turn our blog into the leading free Internet marketing resource uniting SEO experts from all over the world.

I am also going to help operate all the communities we own: DevShed forums, Cre8site forums and WebmasterWorld forums.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

April 22-25, 2013

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From Ann's Linkedin profile, Industry Testimonials

Ann is a genius in her own right. Her deep insight on online marketing has enabled her to carve a niche for herself within the industry. Widely respected, and acknowledged as one of the sharpest brains in SEO, Ann is a delight to work. Being a fantastic colleague and a super person comes naturally to her.
Rajiv Karran, Production Manager, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.

It isn't just that Ann is very knowledgeable--which she is--but she's a great person to work with too: she shares her expertise freely and is always pleasant to be around online. Rare combination! Ann is also a superb team leader. It looks effortless when she gets everyone to do what they need to be doing, but anyone who has ever managed a team knows how difficult it is. She's great at what she does.
Patricia Skinner, Contributing Writer, Search Engine Journal

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Ann Smarty's Posts
14 Apr 2014
Ann Smarty

Contently and WordIz: Aggregate Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is what’s hot today. Everyone realizes that content is the basis of any other marketing tactic you are thinking of, so everyone is into content nowadays. As a result consumers are dealing with the huge overload of content – which means attracting attention and building loyalty through content is harder and harder. Aggregating your content marketing efforts and streaming them into yet another channel accomplished a few important…

07 Apr 2014
Ann Smarty

Control & Promote Positive Brand Mentions on Twitter: Custom Timelines, Lists and Favorites

Later last year Twitter added custom timelines. The feature is not very obvious though because the only way to create a custom timeline is the desktop Twitter app called Tweetdeck. First the basics: Custom Twitter timelines are not self-updating (unlike Twitter lists and Favorites) You cannot follow a Twitter timeline (Unlike with Twitter lists) You can embed a custom timeline (similar you can embed a separate Tweet) In other words:…

31 Mar 2014
Ann Smarty

3 Things You Should Know About Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the primary social media sites that is recommended by experts for those looking to create social ads. Given the ease of using the actual system, that isn’t a surprise; Not to mention the fact that it is the largest social network on the web, with the widest reach and perhaps the most invasive policies regarding selling user data – all of which are a win for…

24 Mar 2014
Ann Smarty

How To Add Bing Search To Any Browser

For years Microsoft has continued to tweak and perfect their search engine. First it was Live Search, and now it has been updated over the years under the Bing name. The results are highly targeted, usually higher-quality, and it uses its own algorithm that has been hailed as revolutionary. Here’s an idea: Let’s support Bing! You can do your part – just make it your default within your various browsers,…

17 Mar 2014
Ann Smarty

What Are Google Plus Hashtags?

You probably know what hashtags are, but just in case: a hashtag is the way to group posts together for easy searching, using the # symbol on compatible websites. Twitter has become well known for their early adoption of the hashtag. Other the past couple of years, other sites have started utilizing the hashtag symbol for their own search algorithms. Mostly, this has been done to monitor what is trending…

10 Mar 2014
Ann Smarty

Don’t Miss Ninjas at #Pubcon New Orleans!

Next week Ninjas rock Pubcon! In order not to offend other event hosts, we won’t say that’s our favorite conference but the fact is you will see THAT many ninjas nowhere else! Come to hear and speak us: Bookmark or print this page to hear ninjas speaking! ***If you are Threadwatch member, click “I am going” here and we’ll organize a quick meetup during the event Tuesday, March 18 11:30…

03 Mar 2014
Ann Smarty

6 Different and Creative Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Chats

With various benefits of setting up your own Twitter chat, there’s no doubt: both hosting and participating in Twitter chats should be an essential part of your social media marketing plan. Twitter chats build customer loyalty, promote your brand, attract influncers, let you talk to your audience and hear back in real time…, you name it! Twitter chats may help you in any trending online marketing tactic you have heard…

24 Feb 2014
Ann Smarty

How to Schedule Google Plus Updates

One of the biggest rules of social media marketing success, no matter what the context, is to post consistently. On some sites that means a few times a week, on others multiple times a day. It is no secret that regularly updating your profile is enough to gain attention over time, and while that isn’t the only way to boost your follower numbers, it is a good foundation for that…

17 Feb 2014
Ann Smarty

How to Use Google Plus for Visual Marketing

Google Plus has become increasingly visual since its inception a handful of years ago. But given their love of integrating services, that isn’t a surprise since it makes sharing content so easy, it was only a matter of time before media became a primary focus. There’s no wonder Google Plus has become so powerful visual marketing medium. But in what ways can you best take advantage of this more visual…

10 Feb 2014
Ann Smarty

Free and Useful On-Page Optimization Tools

On-page SEO is one of those elements to any campaign that is unavoidable. It doesn’t matter if you are running a shop, a blog, or a service. Without making sure search bots can understand and read your pages correctly, all other efforts won’t be as efficient (or complete). The entire tools section here is a beta part of SEO Chat. Page Comparison This is a great (if very simple) tool…

03 Feb 2014
Ann Smarty

Google Authorship Timeline: From 2008 to 2013 (Infographic)

Google Authorship has been a hot topic for a couple of years. Where is it heading? Well, we don’t know that exactly: We do hope Google will find the way to add Authorship as a factor when deciding how trusted and useful the target page is. Note: In case you don’t know what Google Authorship is, check out my SEOchat thread: “Google Authorship FAQ“ At least we know that Google…

27 Jan 2014
Ann Smarty

Smarter Outreach: 3 Tools to See Who’s Behind Each Email

Today’s social networking world is overwhelming: You meet people online, talk to them, lose them for a month or two, then find them again. There should be better ways to keep up than trying to remember everything! Luckily, apps are popping up that allows for smarter outreach, by putting a social dashboard inside your inbox. These three helpful tools work by giving you information on each contact, effectively establishing your…

19 Jan 2014
Ann Smarty

Viral Content Fun: How to Create Fake Twitter and Facebook Conversations

You have probably seen fake Facebook or Twitter conversations all over the web. From countries speaking to one another through World War II, to fictional characters interacting as though they existed in the real world, these are very popular images that spread like wildfire from one social media site to another. There are two ways these can be useful little images. On one hand, they are just a really fun…