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Category: Online Privacy
10 Sep 2015

Ashley Madison Names: Reputation Management – Steps to Take #JimAndAnn

A couple of weeks ago the whole database of Ashley Madison, the well-known cheating website, got hacked and lots of its users’ personal data became public. Whether you were active on the site or just registered out of curiosity, your name may be in that database and that means it will eventually be published online in various forms and publications. It’s only the matter of time before one of these… [Read More…]

21 Aug 2015

Millions of Ashley Madison Accounts Are on the Web Forever #JimAndAnn

The news broke a couple of days ago that Ashley Madison, the social media site for cheating, had been hacked and that the huge database of Ashley Madison names of users was released to the web. Jim Boykin and Ann Smarty are discussing possible consequences of the hack, its impact on Internet marketing and online privacy. Ashley Madison hack is likely to be the biggest news of this year. The… [Read More…]

09 Dec 2008

Will Microsoft Ever Lead?

I’m going to tell you a story. You tell me if you agree or disagree. Deal? The European Union has been very vocal in their demand for the search engines to cut the length of time that they store data. They want the engines to nuke and anonymize it after six months. So far, none of the engines have agreed to this. They’re inching their way closer, but no one… [Read More…]