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Get SEO Training from Industry Experts

Get expert SEO advice from the wizard himself! Internet Marketing Ninjas’ CEO, Jim Boykin is available for search engine marketing SEM training and Internet Marketing training phone consultation to help you better understand the inner workings of the SEO world, and what it takes to make your website successful.

SEO training sessions are no longer being offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas

While covering a variety of topics during your search engine optimization training or Internet marketing training program, Jim will provide feedback on your website and share trade secrets to increase traffic to your website.

Suggested Agenda Items for a Search Engine Marketing Training Session:

SEO Training

Basic SEO Training Consultation $599

  • 30 minute search engine optimization training phone consultation

Detailed SEO Training Consultation $999

  • 1 hour search engine optimization training phone consultation

Detailed SEO Training PLUS Research $1,499

  • 1 hour search engine optimization training phone consultation
  • 1 hour of preliminary SEO research prior to your SEO training program phone call

SEO Training Pro Consultation $1,799

  • 2 hour search engine optimization training phone consultation

SEO Training Pro PLUS Research $2,249

  • 2 hour search engine optimization training phone consultation
  • 1 hour of preliminary SEO research prior to your 2 hour search engine optimization training call

Classroom-style Search Engine Marketing Training & Internet Marketing Training

Schedule a private search engine optimization (SEO) training class with the Internet Marketing Ninjas team. Led by Jim Boykin, learn how to analyze a website, the competition, and the market. We will teach you how to develop an action plan that includes specific recommendations to be completed on a prioritized timeline and is designed to yield measurable results. Search Engine Marketing Training takes place at the Internet Marketing Ninjas office in Clifton Park, NY.

Each search engine marketing training class is custom tailored to fit your unique situation. Common points of discussion include:

Keyword Research and Analysis

Competitor Analysis

On Page Optimization

Online Marketing Training

Approaches to Effective Link Building

Website Usability

Methods of Achieving Top 10 Rankings

Search Ranking Factors

SEO and Website Structure

Advanced Link Building Strategies

Linkbait and Social Media Marketing

SEO Forecasting

Anyone owning a blog or website should be paying attention to search engine optimization (SEO). Professionals, business owners, and individuals who receive proper SEO training and implement the strategies will see their website rank higher for certain keywords on various search engines. If you have a goal to attract or drive higher traffic to your page then a quality Internet Marketing training program is imperative.

Utilizing SEO strategies learned in our search engine marketing training, professionals, business owners, and individuals are taking the necessary steps to have their web pages appear on the first page of the search results. When searches are conducted, people tend to not look much past the first page which makes SEM training that much more important for your business website.

Search engine optimization training through our best SEO training course will help generate new customers and leads. Website owners will benefit from search engine marketing training. Websites that rank well already will also benefit from an SEO training course because they too must keep a close eye on their SEO efforts.

Website rankings can change an instant , linking, and usability trends are not monitored and seo is not adjusted.

Our internet marketing training course with Jim Boykin will help your website ranks leading you to a higher level of success.

Business owners, professionals, and individuals should take the many benefits of our SEO training program into consideration as they will have access to professionals who have years of experience in the industry. The best SEO training will help webmasters to properly analyze their websites. Our Internet Marketing training course will help in evaluating the websites structure, use of keywords, content, as well as marketing efforts currently being conducted.

Internet marketing training from Jim Boykin will reassure website owners that they are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their website is optimized for search engines. Professional SEM training will help websites rank higher as well as save money on high costs of advertising. Our professional SEO training program offers insight into various optimization services that will prove to be an investment worthwhile.

With our internet marketing training program you will receive the best SEO training available. When you choose to receive search engine optimization training through our internet marketing training course, you’ll receive a program custom fit to your particular needs.