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Industry and Linkedin Testimonials

Rand Fishkin on SEOMOZ's Recommended SEO, Web Development & Support Firms page, says: "Jim Boykin runs one of the best SEO outfits in the US, providing high quality consulting and hands-on training, speaking and other services to mid-size and large companies around the world." ... and "Jim and crew are listed again for their highly relevant and well priced link building specialist services."
Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz

I've known Jim for close to 10 years, and during that time, I've seen him grow his company, attracting some of the best in the industry to come work with/for him. He has vast experience in the industry and always keeps an audience engaged (he's typically swamped by attendees asking for his advice and thoughts during breaks at conferences) during his (heavily in-demand) presentations, where he delivers actionable strategies and tactics.

Through my interactions with him, I've seen that he's a hard-working visionary who gives back to the industry and who also encourages the industry to give back to local communities through sponsoring events for charities at conferences.
Simon Heseltine, VP of Education/Board member at SEMPO

I have known Jim Boykin for 5 years. His techniques during any given year are literally 5 years or more ahead of what anyone else is doing. I have also found him to be brilliant, reliable and generous. In the online world where we have all found many people to be untrustworthy, he is one guy who I really trust, and call my friend. FYI, Nobody asked me to write this. Much Love,
dk from Purpose Inc (& a San Diego Chiropractic)

I gained some insight into the practices of our industry's foremost link development consultants. I was able to see for myself that these guys are for real and they've done a good job of consolidating theory with evidence and thereupon manifesting best practices for link development.
Abhilash, SEO Blogger and Link Ninja

As one of the most knowledgeable guys in the SEO community, Jim is an asset for your organization. Couple his knowledge with his ethical practices, attention to detail, creative thinking, and SEO tools, and Jim and the entire WBP team are a force to be reckoned with. We had very positive results with Jim and his team, and would highly recommend him for work in the online marketing industry.
Greg Hartnett, President, Best of the Web

Jim has exceptional dedication to his work and to the people that he works with. That unique work ethic becomes abundantly clear in the form of solid, consistent results. I thoroughly recommend Jim and his team to anyone seeking optimal performance for their website, since Jim's prodigious experience encompasses practically every facet of internet marketing.
Darrin J. Ward Founder, SEO Chat / Google Dance

Jim is a well established member of the SEO community and is highly respected. He has offered his knowledge on numerous occasions and I would recommend him to anyone in need of bettering their search presents.
Truman J. Hedding , Vice President Search Marketing at Boulevards New Media

Aaron Wall (SEO Book) say's the following on WBP Alexa rating for I write a popular blog and book about search engine optimization. I spend most of my time tracking the latest news and have little time to work on client work. Having said that, I get a ton of leads from people wanting me to work on their site. I don't have enough time to do that though. Not wanting to risk the brand I worked so hard to build, it took me a while to find someone trustworthy enough to send leads at. At a recent SEO conference not 1 but 2 people came up to me and thanked me for referring them to Jim Boykin. It is pretty rare in the SEO field to get thanked in person by strangers that you only met via email, and that shows what a great job Jim does.
Aaron Wall of SEO Book and Threadwatch

Jim has a well earned reputation as an online marketing consultant. Aside from his personal ability he has successfully built his company to be one of the most sought-after agencies in the industry. I would have no hesitation in giving my full recommendation for Jim or the WBP team
Nick Wilsdon, Owner, e3internet

Jim has been a leading voice in the digital marketing industry for over a decade. His experience, wisdom, and intelligent ideas are the basis for success. He has a genuine interest in supporting others and takes active steps to make the right things happen.
Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager — Webmaster Outreach at Bing

Jim is one smart, reliable and very down-to-earth guy - although being hell busy (as you can imagine for such a top SEO) he always gets back to my e-mails in time, so working together was very smooth so far. I appreciate all his insights and posts on his weblog - having a beer or two with Jim exceeds what you would learn in a 15 days conference IMHO . This guy knows his stuff! kudos!
Christoph Cemper, Owner, CEMPER.COM

Dan Kramer says "It has nothing to do with Luck": As lucky as Jim feels, I believe his success has nothing, or very little, to do with luck -- and everything to do with follow-through, honesty, and efficacy. These three characteristics are increasingly rare in the SEO industry and should be treasured when found.
Dan Kramer of, SEO software creator, and Webmasterworld moderator

If you've ever heard Jim speak at a conference there's no doubt he's on the leading edge of the Search Marketing arena. He delivers top notch advice, ideas, and strategies, without needing to resort to trickery or selling "snake oil". He should be on every company's short list of people to talk to.
Michael Gray, Owner, Atlas Web Group Inc. and SEO Blogger Graywolf

Jim is one of the brightest minds in search marketing. He is always at the top of the industry with ideas to get clients top search rankings. I highly recommend him and have enjoyed working with him over the last 4 years.
Patrick Gavin, President, Text Link Ads Inc. and Blogger on Link Building Blog

Well known in the industry, long time link builder, and good guy.
Barry Schwartz, President, RustyBrick, Inc. and Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Watch.

WeBuildPages Review of WeBuildPages' link building services.
Michael Gray (Graywolf), Graywolf's SEO Blog

Jim has an extreme passion for all things search that comes out when you talk to him. Some people are good at what they do - some love what they do - Jim has both, and it is apparent in the way We Build Pages is run. His excitement is infectious and his campaigns are successful - for these two reasons, Jim will have a client waiting list and a satisfied client roster for quite a long time.
Todd Malicoat, Stuntdubl SEO Blogger and Webmasterworld Moderator

"Jim and the WeBuildPages are the best (and only) organic SEO firm to which I recommend people. Go with Jim if you want top rankings, otherwise, good luck!"
Andy Hagans, Andy Hagans Link Building

"Jim Boykin is a great example of a determined entrepreneur and a true "live and breathe" SEO. From the free tools to the conference photos on the WeBuildPages site and his excellent blog, Jim has been a generous supporter and advocate of the search marketing industry. He's also one of the few people that "get" SEO.
Lee Odden, President, TopRank Online Marketing and Online Marketing Blog

Jim and WeBuildPages are a firm I consistently refer people to for great link building and targeted SEO campaigns in a wide variety of markets. Always professional, always reliable and very friendly - great to work with all around.
Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz


Client Testimonials

All of the staff at Internet Marketing Ninjas have done an incredible job helping us with our SEO strategy. We are always particularly delighted to speak with Jim Boykin during our performance reviews since he has incredible SEO knowledge that has helped us put together a winning strategy for our business. The professionalism and thoroughness of the IMN staff is greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing to work with them moving forward. Brian D.

Just wanted to let you know, after my weekly sales tabulation, there has been a 36% increase in [edited product] sales!! I don't know if it's a fluke, or if some of the work you're doing is paying off already, but it's definitely encouraging! Keep hammering it home! Carl

You and [the Ninjas] have been nothing but amazing to me! I want to keep good working relationship with you. You've really helped take the company to the next level. Thank you! Katherine

IMN has been awesome to work with and my experience so far has been great. You guys have exceeded my expectations and I just wanted to share my opinion of IMN and the team you have. Your group as been transparent, delivered on the goods and gone above an beyond. I just wanted to thank you for the call today, for the work you've done so far, and let you know that I am very excited about what you've done so far and what we can do together in this niche space together. We will be working on the tasks on our end and look forward to expanding on our relationship in 2017. Great service deserves recognition and anything I can do to help promote IMN please let me know! Let's kick some ass together this year! Mark B.

Thanks to Jim and the team for making my website awesome! Margaret

I am so grateful the Ninjas are a part of our team. We tried figuring out the SEO and link strategy on our own for several years and ended up getting penalized by Google for it. When we stated with the Ninjas, we were literally ranking for 0 keywords. It was awful. We've been with them for a year now and they have helped us rank for over 200 keywords, build trust for our website, and even get government and educational websites to link to us. When I get on the phone with them, they always have a game plan to get to the next level. Gene

Was reviewing some competitive data and thought this was pretty interesting. I ran a batch analysis on Ahrefs of competitors. See attached screenshot. With just 603 backlinks, Our site is ranking up there with sites with 2x, 3x, 10x the number of backlinks/unique ips. Guessing some of this authority is coming from the backlinks program and general good quality of those links. Hard to speculate but nice to see. Ben R.

Thanks for sending the promotion report. It really seems this infographic got viral and that's fantastic news.. Thank you guys for your big efforts and results! Roberto

I am very impressed with the quality of the links your team has gotten us! I know how hard it is to get links at that level and really appreciate your efforts. I'm looking forward to seeing their impact on my rankings over time! I really do appreciate what your team has done! Thanks. Justin

I'm just floored. I am profoundly grateful for your support during this endeavor. I can't thank you enough for being there during this ominous time. It's a privilege to have you on my side - and it's my privilege to send as much business your way as I can. Charlie E.

The articles have been great. Last month's links were phenomenal and we're very, very happy. They are fantastic! Bill H.

Every service we've had Internet Marketing Ninjas consult on has been great, but the user experience design and conversion optimization advice from Kim Krause Berg was especially excellent. Implementing her suggestions helped us get a huge lift in both organic views and conversions. We are on our way to our most successful year ever and we have Internet Marketing Ninjas to thank! Chris P.

On behalf of our team I’d like to thank-you for the outstanding work you have done for us thus far. We are very impressed. Colin W.

I am astounded, and relieved. I am so happy with the content. This is terrific. What a value and I just couldn't be happier. Thanks so much. I will certainly refer any of my clients who need website content assistance to you. Donna

We are beyond impressed with the customer service and quality of work that IMN produces. They have helped us realize several "ah-ha" moments and improve the overall SEO sophistication of our websites. IMN employees truly deserve the title of Ninjas! Brian B.

I wanted to let you know that all the ninjas did a great job this month. From the articles, links, and support I was very impressed. Keep up the great work! Al A.

You're the first company in 8 years of trading that we've found that have actually produced results...we're busy! Billy P

...You have a fantastic team and it’s pretty clear that you are all working toward the same goal – being the best – and are having fun doing it. Congratulations and thank you! Bret

...I know I don't tell you guys often enough, but I appreciate immensely all your hard work. Some of the .edu's and .gov's you've been able to land are truly amazing! There's no doubt that you've helped make our sites much more "authoritative." Gary C.

Hey Jim, Thanks for the call today. Those links are amazing! I can't believe that out of the 80 links we got, that more than half of them were edu links! And WOW, 5 gov links??? Including a link from NASA??? OMG, Amazing! We've worked with several other SEO companies, and never would I have imagined that anyone would be able to acquire links like these, simply amazing! We just got your interlinking report, and our designer is going to be implementing this on the site over the next few days. I think we're off to a great start! Neil K.

Christine, Wow. Fantastic stuff. Kudos to your team. I'll pore over these and get them live quickly. Thanks for your time, attention and creativity. Give me more ideas and direction. What next? Ed F.

First let me say that from the very onset we have enjoyed working and will continue to with your team immensely. The professionalism along with your candor have been second to none. And the results, well they speak for themselves... All the best always! Lenny F.

Jim, We really appreciate your partnership over the past couple years, and look forward to a bright future together. The next time you attend a conference or event on the west coast, I would love to set you up to visit us. Jake W.

Jen and Shawn, I just wanted to remind you both that I am very grateful for your time and effort you have shown our account and if you weren't so damn faraway, I'd give you both real big bear hugs right now! :) Heck, at this rate, you've earned about 85% of the naming rights for my first born! I'm thinking "Jeawn". It has a nice ring to it... :) Alright back to work. Peace out! Peter K.

Wow! And double wow! That's incredible. We've certainly seen the level of inquiries shoot up over the last couple of weeks. And we had 70 just in the last 24 hours. For a Sunday that is unprecedented. Needless to say we're up the walls as a result, but we certainly ain' t complaining. Keep up the fantastic work! All the best, Kevin L.

If I haven't told you already, your team of people are the Bomb! When I came to you I told you I was very reluctant about hiring a Search Engine Optimization firm because I was ripped off and sold a bunch of promises in the past-all of which failed. I honestly was still a skeptic until recently. We have gone from off the map for my two major keywords to the top twenty in 5 months so far. I have all the confidence that you can get me in the top ten! A special thanks goes to your optimization expert who has handled my demands for constant changes with such professionalism. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to be in the top of their field on the web. (Except any of my competitors !!!) Randy W.

It was pure chance or a divine intervention that had me call your number in the first place out of all the possible people to call. I am truly aware that my placement on the net has been your direct interest in promoting my business. And it is obvious that many so called web marketers are unable to duplicate your skills. This additional business has generated enough to... David S.

You couldn't attach yourself to anyone better than Jim. Every one of his clients is #1 in most of the relevant keyword searches they want. As far as I'm concerned he's worth EVERY penny he will charge you. Jim is a straight shooter, goes above and beyond when called for, and will be committed to the things he tells you he can do... .My business has exploded on the internet and I don't plan on looking back... .Jim will tell you what he can deliver and I feel like he is one of the nicest, most down to earth business people I've ever dealt with. Fred J.

I just wanted to take a few moments to congratulate you on a job very well done! Our site is now appearing on the first page of Google's results for the keywords we were targeting. For some of our best keywords, we are in the top three! I'm sure our competition is ranting and raving over our recent success in the rankings, and our bottom line is showing a definite improvement. This last January was the best January we have ever had. Keep it up!!! Thanks a million, Dan K.

Thanks for your email and your staff's attention. Sales were really in full gear last month and I know your team had a lot to do with it. I think you guys are doing a great job and I'm glad I hooked up with you. Please share my feelings with your team. Ed F.

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know how happy I am with your team's work. Shawn has been a real pleasure to work with from the very beginning of our project. He always responds to my messages right away and he put together a nice outbound link page for us (he helped with out title tags too). Chuck took time out of his schedule to help us evaluate some domains, which I appreciate a great deal (should have more work for you soon) :-). I honestly cannot say enough good things about you and your team. A first class operation across the board that has impacted our business in a big way! Thanks Jim! Have a nice weekend, Randy B.

Jim thanks for the rankings update and yes, I can't begin to thank you enough. We have more business than we can handle. Mike S.

Jim Boykin blows my mind every time I talk to him. I have been doing SEO for 15 years and yet I am amazed at the deep stuff Jim comes up with. Simply amazing insights and always on the cutting edge. He cuts through the BS and tells you what really works and what doesn't. After our chat, I grabbed my main SEO guy and took him to lunch and said " you have to help me process all this new info..." I was literally pacing around the room...I have so many new ideas to experiment with that I would never have stumbled onto on my own. He is the Michael Jordan or the Jerry Garcia of links...Hope to go to NY again to Jim's amazing SEO classes. Thanks Jim! Michael G.

Dear Jim, Thank you so much for your clear, competent, friendly, and superlative advice with promoting my website and SEO consultation. I've tried a number of companies, and you're definitely the best. Sincerely, Carl W.

"YOU ROCK JIM! I took the advice you gave me and made the changes you recommended to our website. You said it would take a little more than one month for the updates to take effect, so I stuck with it and didn't make any additional tweaks even though our rank went down. I just checked our rankings after Google's latest update and we're number 4 for [**Edited**"]!!! I have never been able to position us on the first page before, always the second or third. We're also first page for most related sub-terms. THANK YOU! In the amount of time we had together you gave advice on my on page optimization and content, and gave linking advice, and it worked beautifully. I can't wait to learn more from you." Jason H. **Actual competitive phrase removed

Thanks for the update! It was great talking with you guys yesterday and it feels good that your company is going to the length that it is for our ROI. We really value our relationship with WeBuildPages. We have witnessed you guys make some decisions since the beginning of our relationship that most companies would not have made [Jim's note: when they were effected by Panda, we went way above and beyond to assist them], and we sure are happy to be working with your team. We look forward to a long lasting relationship. Thanks for the heads up on those errors you found.... Enjoy the Day C. McCarren

Hi Jim, to say I'm impressed with WBP would be an understatement. Being a serial entrepreneur for over 4 decades has brought me into contact with many companies and individuals that promise much but fail to deliver. In my relationship with WBP I've found a company of individuals that generate action and deliver results. Matter-of-fact my relationship with WBP has even changed my attitude a bit, I find myself walking in the office in the morning chanting “I'm feeling lucky...” Ed W.

I was looking over the link reports for (our site) recently. I just wanted to tell you and your team that I was especially impressed with the quality of links acquired over the last few months. I mean, they're completely stellar. So many of them have been older domains receiving plenty of edu and gov backlinks. I am very impressed! Ninjas, indeed! So I wanted to pass that on because I feel everyone deserves to know when they are appreciated. And I totally appreciate you guys. :))) Whenever someone who actually has an internet marketing budget asks me about SEO services, I always rave to them about my experience with WBP ( long as they're not in any of the same verticals as I am!) Thanks again for all the time and effort. Dan

Thanks We Build Pages for keeping us on top of the searches!! Peter C.

I worked with a few other pros over the years with less than great results. I'd always heard good things about Jim and We Build Pages so I was going to give it one last shot. I'm glad I did. I had a list of modest keywords in mind but the team at WBP offered to shoot for what I would call the stars. I was hopeful but a tiny bit skeptical. Wow, I'm glad we did. The results have been fantastic, hitting number at least the top 3 for everything targeted. Adam L.

Yes, I've noticed we are in and out of position #1 the last couple of days. Really a big achievement by you and your team. Great congratulations, and a great thank you. I am looking forward to seeing a similar trajectory for the site and several other sites which I plan to bring to you. ... and more vacation bonuses. David R.

Ever since I started using your services my rankings have shot up the top ten like a rocket. I was reluctant at first due to past bad experiences with SEO service. I am glad I took the chance and went with your company. I am number one now on the most important keyword for my products. You truly are an artist. I can't begin to thank you enough for all your help! I'm feeling really lucky! Scott H.

Jim, thanks for the great work. You and your team have been great and we are very happy with the results. Here's my testimonial:On a nice spring day about a year ago, our site took a nose dive in the rankings on some of our most valuable keywords. I franticly begun searching SEO forums for the best people and ways to get us back to the top and I came a across Jim and his team. Jim was one of the most highly recommended link building Guru's out there, so I called WBP. To my surprise they couldn't take my money right away because they were busy working on other client accounts. They were very polite and explained that if they were to take my money that would have meant they could not spend the time they needed to spend on their client's accounts. Right there I knew these guys were for real. Biting my nails and pulling my hair, I patiently waited for two months so they could start working on my account and boy was I soooooo glad that I did. I finally got to speak with Jim, who is an awesome guy with a great sense of humor. I could say the same thing about my account manager and all of the Ninja team. After this meeting the work begun and the rest is history. We are back to #1 on all of our top keywords and then some. I would highly recommend Jim Boykin and his team to anyone, even though part of me wants to keep them to myself. However I know they would not take on more than they can handle, unless they know they can put in the time needed to deliver results. Eric K.

As a new company, we were looking for a way to increase our traffic, our presence, and our business volume in a market with many competitors who are mature established businesses. As the search engines became more sophisticated in how they rank results, we began to realize that we needed outside help quickly with Search Engine Optimization. About a year ago, we began working with the staff from We Build We Build Pages takes a long-term approach to building rankings with search engines, so it took about 3 months for us to begin to see results. Since that time, month after month, we've seen an increase in traffic, and a proportional increase in total sales. Recently, our office staff couldn't handle the call volume generated by our new visitors, and it took hours to call everyone back. Return on Investment is important to any business. The return we've realized from the investment with We Build Pages is more than 250%. Our order volume is up over 50% since the beginning of the year, and we've posted record sales for almost every month we've been working with them. Seventy-percent of these sales are from new customers, proving that the methods used by WeBuildPages are both timely and effective. Because more and 60% of customer will order again, we will continue to see our business grow. Every business is dynamic, and must make changes over time. The a friendly, competent and courteous staff at We Build Pages are always available and interested in our comments about what we see going on with traffic, and have proven invaluable in giving us advice on how to make the web site more effective as we add more products and services. We view We Build Pages as a strategic asset of the company, one that gives us a huge advantage over our competitors. If you're thinking about increasing your web presence and growing your business, I can tell you first hand that Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing you can do. Finding a company who can effectively deliver traffic is a necessity. Finding a reputable and cost effective SEO is critical. We Build Pages fits the bill. Al F.

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome email of information. It was so awesome to see the results I have gotten and the results that your company has provided for other companies. Truly remarkable. I feel so blessed to be one of the 51 clients. I do not feel worthy but do feel very blessed and appreciative to been a client for over 5 years now. My business would not be where it is today without you, your company and team. I sure love how you are dedicated to quality. I can not wait to see what the next 5 years bring with 10 years of internet marketing ninjas as my secret weapon. John B.

Great update thank you, and I appreciate the incredible support and business partnership for so many years. You guys are unicorns and these results confirm everything I have known about the Ninjas for the past 5-6 yrs. Looking forward to many more good years together. Regards. Jackie S.

You have an awesome team and the fact that you are willing to dive in and help clients directly is an added bonus! IMN has gone above and beyond and I just wanted to share how happy we are so far ... people don't provide enough positive feedback these days! All the best. Barb

This [design] looks great. Thanks for staying on top of everything. We couldn’t be happier with the way things are going! Danny E.

Jim, Wanted to touch base with you on an update. We should have a better understanding when were starting back up in the next 2-4 weeks. Good news is that it looks like your link building efforts are paying off like we talked about. Over the past 2 days our free google traffic has seen new highs. So we were on a steady down trend for 5 months and over the past 2 weeks we have seen a steady increase to new highs of over that of last summer. Brian Y.

Jim Boykin blows my mind every time I talk to him. I have been doing SEO for 15 years and yet I am amazed at the deep stuff Jim comes up with. Simply amazing insights and always on the cutting edge. He cuts through the BS and tells you what really works and what doesn't. After our chat, I grabbed my main SEO guy and took him to lunch and said "you have to help me process all this new info..." I was literally pacing around the room...I have so many new ideas to experiment with that I would never have stumbled onto on my own. He is the Michael Jordan or the Jerry Garcia of links...Hope to go to NY again to Jim's amazing SEO classes. Thanks Jim! Michael G.

I am a qualified SEM/SEO, so I recognize tangible results. Our overall traffic is consistently up over 30% month to month and we've started to rank in the top 5 for many of the popular keywords that IMN have targeted. The quality of the links that are being built by IMN is second to none. I highly recommend IMN if you are serious about seeing actual results. Jon R.

We Build Pages Team, Just wanted to thank you again for the articles you've written and the links you have built so far. We continue to see great results. To top it off, we received a mention and link from the New York Times. Hope you are doing well. Gabe H.

I can't tell you how amazing Jim and his team have been for our business. We have seen fantastic results since we started with him. He stays right on top of all of the latest information and is more than happy to share. We started from scratch with Jim when he was still working from his house and he trained me to update our own website and some of the ideas behind optimizing our site for search engines to find. Since I met him then, his excitement about the business has been contagious (he's so addicted that he wakes up in the middle of the night to check Google's results). He lives, breathes and sleeps search engines! We went from a baby website that no one could find to #3 for "[edited out]" and #1 for "[edited out]". We get more business from the web than we could have ever imagined back when we started as a little local store. If you want someone who will work hard to get your site to the very top of the list then please go with Jim. He is so excited about what he does that no one can help but benefit from his expertise. Thanks, Cheryl R.

Thank you very much, I am 100% satisfied with your service, it give me so much surprise, now I am changing my site to a VPS server, I can use more of the advice in you report later. I have a question, what will happen if I use the service which is $XXXX per month? Will the ranking increase more quickly? Li J.

Thanks Jim. You guys have been kicking major ass, I wasn't expecting this much this quickly. Dustin W.

Looks great. No. 1 for "xxx". Wow! Who would have thought that was possible 6 months ago? Not us, that's for sure. Organic traffic has been holding steady at Feb/March levels when normally it declines from April onwards. Because of the seasonal nature of the business it is difficult to measure the exact impact, but I can tell you our organic traffic is currently almost 3 times what it was this time last year. All down to you guys! The trick for us is to try and sustain it throughout the summer, keeping our slow season as short as possible! Ivan L.

Jim and Jen, Thanks for your time and an awesome meeting. Jim,You have done so much in the past few years with your company, Your office space, your employees, their commitment are evidence that you have instilled your positive traits into them and your business. You should be proud. Jen, You are "on it"!! It is uplifting seeing someone your age being so intense and into their work like you are. I can tell you're the type who wakes up with a smile and positive attitude. Michelle and I enjoyed the dialog and the advice. I really appreciate all you have done for me over the years and continue to do. Mark M.

I met Jim Boykin at a Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce Mixer. Jim started working on my Internet Marketing shortly thereafter. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the field. What impresses me most about Jim is that he constantly researches his field and is aware of changes before anybody I know. In short, Jim is really "into it" so to speak. That is something that you can't fake. I can see his enthusiasm as he relates his experiences with inside the loop stories and tips, such as the people at Google with whom he has met and even toured their operation on the west coast while at an internet marketing seminar. Because he is excited, I know that he is eager to do his best and won't miss a trick when it comes to serving his clients. He has increased my web traffic exponentially by optimizing my web website for search engines that have been popular - no matter what's around the corner, I know Jim is on it. Another thing that impressed me about Jim is that he has had several opportunities to nickel and dime me, I may not have known different. But he has consistently taken the high road and done the right thing. Even when he could have improved his bottom line by charges that were legitimate, he has shown generosity, for that I call him a friend. When I pay Jim for hours spent in advance I KNOW He is doing all the work contracted for... and then some. I believe in delegating work to the experts. Jim has earned my trust. Sincerely, Mitch F.

Long story short, we are in the middle of a BIG MOVE and all the quality traffic you've been driving to our web site has been keeping us busy. There hasn't been a night (except for maybe today, Memorial Day) where myself and our entire staff has not been burning the midnight oil trying to keep up with all the customers! Oh yeah, this is a GOOD THING. Sleep is over rated! :) Thanks for kicking ass (you are link ninjas... )! Barry M.

Just wanted you to know that now I have 41 of my keyword phrases in the top 10! I hope the new site and optimizing keeps it rolling! You guys have done an awesome job! If you have any more suggestions count me in. I don't know if you remember but my goal was to get 2000 natural applications a month by year end. August we had 1200! March we had under 50! Unbelievable! 2006 goal is by year end is to be getting 4000 a month. Then I take you, a member of the link team on a weekend trip for some fun all expenses on me. Randy W.

I am writing this letter to thank you for all the hard work and dedication your team has put forth into the marketing of my website. I appreciate your attentiveness to my many questions and the time you have spent with me on the phone, online, and via email. I can testify to your professionalism, knowledge of your field and your fair and honest business practices. When I first met with Jim he was extremely optimistic about my sites potential and suggested that we tune up my website in order to score higher in the search engines for my keywords. Next we submitted my website to the various search engines and directories. Within three weeks, my relevant emails went from three a day to seven. My partner who answers the phone said the calls to the 800 number went from fifteen a day to over forty a day and sales went from two a week to four a week. I immediately called Jim and he said wait until the Google dance (This is when Google Ranks your website). Well, the Google dance takes place and [edited out this company name] is #1 for the keywords [3 phrases edited out]! My relevant emails went from seven a day to fifteen, calls to the 800 number went from forty a day to ninety a day, and sales went from four a week to ten a week. People were calling our 800 number thinking that they were actually calling the [edited manufacturing company out] because we came up #1 and #3 in the Google search engine for that companies name. Since we were having such success with the search engines, Jim suggested we try for #1 For the phrases [edited out] and [edited out]. I was skeptical at first because we do not sell many of either of these products, but Jim knows best. After the next Google dance we went to #1 for both of those targeted phrases! Our sales for [item 1] went from two pieces a year to two pieces a week each week. Our sales [item 2] went from four a year to two a week each week. The average price for [item 2] is $6,000. Jim, when it comes to the Internet marketing of my website, you have gained my complete and full trust. Whatever you need, just ask. Our business has reached new heights that before I met you, I never would have dreamed of. I'm so glad you enjoy your work so much, because of this, I know my business is well on its way to continued success. Keep up the great work! Sincerely yours, Adam C.

Let Rita, Jim, and everyone else know we are EXTREMELY grateful for the excellent work you have done for us thus far, and that after the pizza party tomorrow, it's time to get back to work and start kicking some even MORE ass as this is just the beginning! :) Thanks again for everything, and well, enjoy tomorrow! No brown bag lunch for you! :) Derek S.

Jim, Wanted to share some news and statistics. I know I am the small fish in your SEO world although I do have a success story. I got a call last week, asked where he heard of us, he said Internet. I asked where he was from he said Indonesia but the work was in NY. To make a long story short we're starting a job for him worth over 50k next week. Now I know what www stands for!!! That 50 brings the total business generated from our site to 130k ytd. Thanks to you and your staffs efforts! Thank You for allowing me to be a customer! Mark M. (A small, local client)

Your business model of "transparency" is nothing short of genius and exactly what we are looking for. Larry F.

Jim, You rock!, and thank you SO MUCH for your extremely fast response to my question. Please know that Shawn and Jen have been a BLAST to work with, and that everyone here is extremely grateful and values the partnership our companies have formed over the past year or so. If there is anything that I can ever do to return the favor, please do not hesitate to ask. Thomas W.

Jim, Thank you for a great training Wednesday - we have so much to implement that we're still digesting all of it. Your team did an excellent job for us and we really appreciated everyone's effort, please tell all of them thank you for us. Mark E.

The entire team told me that out of all the seminars, conventions and tutorials that they ever attended; the time spent with you, Jim and the rest of the team was by far, the best and most informative experience that they have ever encountered! In any area! Larry F.

As an owner of a small search engine marketing company, having access to the latest info on SEO is critical. I have had consultation phone calls with many of the top SEO'S and have sent my employees to training at one of the very top search marketing companies. Talking to Jim has been the best experience yet. He doesn't beat around the bush and tells you the real deal on getting organic ranks. We were stumped in particular on link building despite doing it for many years. Even after researching through forums and asking questions at the search strategies conference, we still did not have the whole picture and a practical set of white hat techniques to employ. Jim solved that among other technical issues our programmer had. I am truly looking forward to our next chat. Sincerely, John McDougall

We've been very impressed with Jim's great mastery of search engine ranking and SEO and the evolution of WBP to keep ahead of the changing SEO environment. We rely on Jim and WBP for all our websites rankings to always beat the competition and move us to number one. Great Job Jim! Nick D.

We have been working with We Build Pages for 3 years now and the results have been nothing short of astonishing. Prior to hiring Jim and his team we ranked in the 40s and 50s for a few keywords and phrases. Our niche is quite competitive and we were a small company - what could We Build Pages do? Just this week I reviewed our rankings for over 340 keywords relevant to our business. I was amazed. We ranked no. 1 on Google for 107 of them and were top ten for over 260. I think it is fair to say that we now dominate our space - thanks in large part to We Build Pages. Ethan M.

Thanks to the We Build Pages team, for providing opportunities for people to cut their own path. I've been a loyal customer nearly since Jim started on his own, 8 or 9 years ago. I've worked with half a dozen people in the We Build Organization at one time or another and I appreciate that you guys are professional, fair and easy to talk to. Alex G.

Walt, You and the team at We Build Pages have been great, demonstrating the quality of your work through useful recommendations, reports and top-notch content that has won us some great links. Thank you. In turn, I trust that we have been good clients over the past few months offering no hassles, no payment issues, quick implementation of content and good communication throughout our engagements. We plan on continuing to work with you for quite sometime. Daniel C.

We have been working with WeBuildPages since 2006. That is a testament in itself for the success we have had using WeBuildPages. Being in a very competitive market we have achieved higher ranking in Google on brand keywords name then the brand owner themselves, and these are billion dollar companies. What more can I add about WeBuildPages and Jim? I would highly recommend using their services. Kevin P.

Hey guys, just wanted to say thumbs up for the quality links you've brought in so far! Lot's of edu's, gov's and other trusted links. Exactly what we need. Our rankings are starting to improve and organic traffic is starting to increase. More importantly, we're very excited about the fact that you've 'opened our eyes' and had an important positive impact on our future (content) strategy. Brilliant! Will definitely recommend WBP to anyone who isn't scared to invest in quality defensible SEO. Keep up the good work! Harry G.

We Build Pages have exceeded our expectations at every turn. We have used them for both content development and link building. In each case the service has been exceptional, and the result has been to add significant value to our sites. I regard them as a perfect partner for any business that wants to grow its online revenue. Sean V.

We Build Pages has provided superb service and positive results for over three years to our company [XXXXX]. They keep their promises and "deliver the goods" month after month. We can recommend them without reservation. Mike R.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the link-building, help, tips and etc that you guys do for me and my site. I greatly appreciate it. My father and I went out to dinner last night and toasted you all. Why? Not only are you nice people, but now our site ranks well for several competitive phrases... If any of you are there (Webmasterworld conference) as well, I'm buying a round and I hope your livers are in shape. Hope to meet several of you in person. Thanks Subbu A.

(Client upon finding he's now #2 for Major phrase) YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Friggin HA! Man NICE NICE NICE NICE WORK. I love kicking the butt of a company with 6 times our sales... and 6 times our resources... Relish in knowing that you delivered the final links that made the difference. Now we set our sights on the prize... #1. Ryan A.

One client was very happy with his rankings so he sent the entire We Build Pages team to Atlantic City, all expenses paid. Then he said, "I loved hearing that you all enjoyed the trip. It's great giving back the joy that I get from seeing us going up in rank. I am hoping to present more such rewards for the remarkable job you are continuing to do, and for Jim's brilliant leadership." Rafael D.

"Please express my gratitude to the entire team at WeBuildPages for an amazing training. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars this past year for training that didn't nearly compare. We gained more real world, practical, and relevant advice in one day with your team than we have after a year of attending every major internet marketing seminar and conference in the country. Again, thank you... we'll be back!" Sincerely, Jason T.

After Jason wrote this testimonial, he flew to our offices for an 8 hour training session with the We Build Pages Team. A week later we received the following letter: "Jim, Thanks again for everything during my training session. That was the best $XXXX I've ever spent... I was thinking about making the training session a regular thing so that I can stay on top of new opportunities. Something like every 6 months made sense to me, what do you think? Let me know when you get a chance." Thanks, Jason H.

I was so satisfied with the work they did on my first site www. - - that I had them do two more www. - - .com and soon to be a third. [Note: he's up to 9 sites with us now] We Build Pages have got me Google Page 1 Ranking on the first two sites mentioned and I anticipate the third ranking equally as well. I highly recommend We Build Pages to anyone interested in profitable internet marketing. Cordially, Robert S.


Conference Speaking Testimonials

    Ungagged Las Vegas 2016
  • Thank you for your presentations Jim. ... I listened to 4 of your presentations and enjoyed them. ... - Justin
  • Thank you for a great presentation and for sharing great insights and tips. - Ronis
  • Your presentations are most inspiring! Thanks for sharing this stuff. - Piticas
    ClickZ Live San Francisco 2016 - Feedback from Twitter
  • @CRLYFRRY: .@jimboykin just skyrocketed to my favorite speaker at #CZLSF. Interesting and informational discussion about SEO & pain of Google updates (View Tweet)
    Affiliate Summit East 2014
  • Scores: Content - 10 out of 10 / Speaker - 10 out of 10
  • Funny, super relevant, excellent examples
  • Very informative & value based material. I LOVE that he has the presentation online which helps you not miss stuff
  • Very well spoken/passionate about SEO, smart, easy to understand
    SES NYC 2010 - Feedback from SES Survey
  • Wow. And this was a ADVERTISEMENT? Best session so far!
  • WOW, he has some kind of mojo. Would love to hear more from him and Chuck.
  • Jim is a great guy and does not hold back. His sessions are always refreshing.
  • Very informational.
  • Learned some things I had not thought of.
    SES London 2010 - Feedback from SES Survey
  • Great insights
  • Interesting and practical
  • One of the best sessions this year.
  • Excellent session. A lot of practical information. By far the best session that I have attended during the conference.
  • Very useful and entertaining session by Jim Boykin :)
  • All the detailed examples where very useful
  • Very clarifying session.
  • I love these 'grey-hat' sessions!!!
  • Best session of SES.
  • It covered all the basics , could have been more detailed on some complex topics
  • Jim was offbeat to put it mildly, but the session was great. We were a bit sidetracked by too many link buying questions, but overall it was very very solid
  • Again the session should have been longer
  • Jim really was funny interesting to listen to. He gave a lot of knowledge and kind enough to answer as much questions as possible.
    SES London 2010 - Feedback from the We Build Pages Blog
  • Jim, I absolutely LOVED your session at SES London. Your enthusiasm was as infectious as your advice. Singularly the most entertaining speaker there, and boy you know your stuff. I've put some points to work already, with early success. Brilliant, just brilliant, thank you. - Dave eRocket
  • Your talk was indeed one of the SES London highlights. In all honesty the fact that it was only you for 1 hour was the main reason I attended over the Real Time SEO talk. I prayed you would go beyond the whole “This is a link”, “This is anchor text”, “Links are like votes”... and you certainly delivered. - Malcolm Slade

Favorite Tidbits from PubCon 2009 This was seriously one of my favorite sessions. The speakers (including Rand) had a ton of great information but the one that really stood out to me was Jim Boykin of We Build Pages. He gave away some really great tips... SEOMoz

Pubcon Feedback Jim's presentation was, by far, my favorite because he was very up front and told it how it is. Since he speaks at so many conferences, he makes it a point to present new information every time. I thoroughly enjoyed the candid nature and honesty of his presentation. He gave us a "behind-the-scenes" look into his actual link building processes. A lot of his methods are similar to what I have already been doing... but it is nice to have this type of confirmation from an industry expert. This information is priceless for the beginning SEOer and I hope they left with some good notes. Needless to say, I did indeed take-away a few great points from Jim's presentation. SEO Disco

Thanks Jim Boykin The presentation by Jim Boykin was head and shoulders above the rest... .All the other presentations, in that session as well as in others, were very much more general and more focused on what not to do with your link building campaign. Jim's presentation was very focused, and he gave concrete examples of a method that he uses for link building. If you ever have an opportunity to attend a conference where Jim is presenting, be sure to schedule yourself to be there to see him. If you're looking for a firm that does link building too, you should consider giving him your business. Peter T. Davis

Webmasterworld wrap up Jim's presentation was jam packed with actionable do it now data which I thought was just great. And really well presented. Mike Grehan

Scott contacted us about obtaining our services, and in our contact form we ask "How did you hear about us?" and his response was "your seminar in Chicago (Hostingcon 2007) -- it was worth the entire trip!" Scott R

Interviews with Jim Boykin