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Spreading Marketing Knowledge

Internet Marketing Ninjas team is among the industry leaders when it comes to educating and spreading Internet marketing knowledge.

We visit major search and social conferences yearly to present on various marketing topics and share our experience with SEO professionals. We are huge believers in SEO knowledge exchange that allows our industry to evolve and become more mature.

Here are some of our presentations we gave in the past

This presentation by IMN CEO Jim Boykin explains one of the most important search ranking and trust signals: Author Rank

Jim tells us how adding authority helps your brand become more trust-worthy and rank better in search results as well as how to do it.

The deck was presented at Pubcon 2013

This presentation by IMN Director of Consulting Bonnie Stefanick lists some tips and tools on how keyword research & content marketing can boost your SEO efforts.

The deck was presented in 2013

This presentation by Jim Boykin explains why you should create “link magnets”, i.e. awesome content that attracts links and traffic. There are actionable tips (free and useful tools) included for each linkable asset type mentioned.

The deck was presented at ClickZ San Francisco in 2014

Bonnie Stefanick has put together a very action-driven presentation listing tools and tips on how to track and evaluate your content marketing efforts using analytics tools

The deck was presented in 2013

“How to avoid Google penalties” is the presentation by Jim Boykin listing and explaining all the ways Google may penalize your site including manual penalties (domain-wide and partial-match penalties) and automatic filters (Google Penguin update, Google Panda update, Google Pigeon update, etc)

The deck was presented at Pubcon 2013

Jen Van Iderstyne IMN Marketing Manager has put together this presentation on how acquiring links is no longer the numbers game: It cannot be faked or manipulated. You have to deserve links by providing great content and building connections.

The deck was presented in 2014

This presentation by Thom Craver explains how analytics is valuable for anything you do online: from traffic acquisition to growing your social media presence.

This deck was presented in 2014