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Link baiting services

The primary objective of link bait is to attract links using attention-grabbing web content, a form of viral marketing. Linkbait can be unusual, shocking, entertaining, silly, or mature. On the other hand, some linkbait is quite simply so innovative a webmaster cannot help but link to it. As the name suggests, linkbait acts as a hook to entice people to share or link back to it.

Link bait may not be related to your website or niche. The purpose of link bait strategies is to attract a lot of links through viral marketing. Link bait strategies do not necessarily go after related links. The “linkerati” are a very diverse group and are attracted to amusing and outrageous content, which very often comes in the form of link bait. In this way, viral marketing can be used to spread a message or a link like wildfire through the online world.

Using crowd sourced, web 2.0 properties, link bait can be pushed into going viral across the Internet. This ensures that thousands of eyeballs get to see your linkbait, some of whom have the power to link and bring a spike in website traffic.

Services We Provide

If your budget permits, a three-month link bait program is ideal; this allows the creator to find the “sweet spot” in the link bait strategies for the client’s market and use multiple link bait formats, and even different link bait strategies if necessary, to in order to optimize the effectiveness of the projects.

As with most SEO services and the ever-evolving nature of the Internet, Internet Marketing Ninjas makes no guarantees regarding the impact of link baiting services or viral marketing.

Eye-catching web content

Increase website traffic

Reaches a broader audience

Target social media networks

New form of marketing

Attract new backlinks

Hook to entice new audience

Link baiting services are nonrefundable