Video Content

Better Serving the Consumer Through Multimedia

Video content is one of the most engaging types of linkable assets. They are an effective means for increasing conversions and establishing ongoing buyer-seller relationships with repeated website visits. Every video is customized to maintain brand image. They can be utilized for a multitude of purposes, from instruction to showcasing products, with endless opportunities thematically. Instead of paying for cost-prohibitive and time-constricted television ad space, you will be marketing directly to consumers through their social networks. Videos also provide additional opportunities for optimization. With video-sharing websites such as YouTube, videos can be tagged and their descriptions can be optimized for key phrases to rank for queries in search engines.

Using Videos in the Conversion Funnel

Videos can give a background to a company and highlight the aspects of your brand that you hold near and dear. Perhaps your branding gives users a sense of trust. Perhaps you can confidently offer the best price or the fastest turnaround. Whatever your strengths, we can accentuate them with video content. The following are three primary types of videos that can be utilized.

  • Instructional Videos
    A how-to or otherwise instructional video informs the user and helps them understand a process by actually seeing it.
  • Product Videos
    For e-commerce websites, videos can show products in action. Have a personality review the product as they show off its many features.
  • Conversion Videos
    Videos can be incorporated on product pages or other landing pages to give users a multimedia experience and further entice them to make a purchase.

Video content can be difficult to create. Producing a video is a complex process, and there are many potential pitfalls between allocating resources and creating a professional product. We offer a full selection of video services for different levels of the production process to best accommodate your multimedia SEO needs.

  • Production Services
    Production services include research on your industry, thematic research, concept consultation, scripting and storyboarding, professional sound recording and background music, editing, as well as video SEO optimization. You can provide your own personalities and location, or we can use custom design and voice recording.
  • Video Optimization Consultation
    We can offer by-the-hour consultation on your existing videos, providing recommendations to enhance their strengths and ensure that they are offering the greatest SEO value to your website. We can also provide recommendations to facilitate maximization of quality for your future productions.
  • Audio-Visual Planning
    Our experts will walk you through the best tactics for lighting, sound, and setting. You will be prepared to give viewers the highest-quality production possible using your video budget.