Interactive Applications

Engage your audience through to conversion

An interactive application customizes the user experience on your website by putting the visitor in control. A quality application blends function and form, becoming a linkable asset that people can use. When this purpose is served, your site reaps many benefits, including:

  • Boosted Conversions – Applications provide the resource your customers need to make an educated decision and further invest in your product or service.
  • Backlink and Social Citations – When embedded on other websites, you will earn quality citations from relevant sources as well as social votes and shares.
  • Expanded Audience – Interactive applications can be used specifically on your Facebook page to boost your social following.

The following are two of the most popular types of interactive applications:


If you offer products with a cost that is measured by size, or you offer bundling opportunities for your products, a calculator application is a useful asset. Calculator applications are also useful for creating a tool to help your audience run complex formulas or useful calculations. This type of application can also be made embeddable, so other websites can include it and link back to you – providing a relevant citation and boosting your domain authority.


Quizzes allow users to answer questions to achieve a unique result. For e-commerce websites, visitors might click to determine what product is right for their particular situation. Quizzes can also be used to entertain or engage your target audience. Not only are they fun to take, but quizzes spread all over the Web. Users want to share the results with their friends, prompting them to post the results to both their websites and social networks. In both serious and fun natures, quizzes engage users through questions and fun results. Quizzes can be created for any type of business and will be promoted through social media.