Facebook Privacy Checker

See how much personal information you're giving away.

See how much personal information you're giving away on Facebook

Click the "Connect" button below, and we'll show you the data that you're giving away when you link your Facebook account to a third party website.

"Yikes! I was horrified and amazed that every time I hit the 'login with facebook' button on a website I was giving away private information to these companies that I wanted to keep private. After seeing what was giving away I changed my privacy settings! Thanks!" -Luke

To get started, click the "Connect" button.

We do not store any of your personal information.

You will be redirected to Facebook, where you will be asked to grant us permission to use your information for this session. Click "Go to App" and you'll be brought back here to see your results!

After connecting with Facebook, you will see your data presented like the example below, but populated with your own information.

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