Online Conversion

Holistic Search Marketing and User Experience Conversions

Evaluation of website conversion areas can identify opportunities to drive more revenue and sales leads from existing traffic. Internet Marketing Ninjas Conversion Optimization specialists can help the searcher and user experience to improve and motivate overall conversions. Through empirical research and testing, we identify areas where your visitors are getting lost in the conversion funnel and present solutions to implement.

Every Detail Counts

Receive more conversions from the traffic that you’re already getting from paid and organic search, social networking and drop-in visitors.

While most conversion methodologies focus on just paid search landing page optimization, we have a more holistic methodology that includes a broader segment of traffic sources and user behavior. We can help you better motivate your lower funnel paid search visitors or focus on better converting your hard-earned upper funnel organic search visitors. With our knowledge of human factors design, information architecture, usability standards and even emotional design, we understand that every detail counts when it comes to achieving your business objectives.

Holistic Conversion Services

To seek out each special detail of your unique web site, your Internet Marketing Ninjas Conversion Optimization team examines your web site by first gaining insight into what your business priorities are and evaluating the entire scope of your present state. When you hire a Conversions Ninja, you get a partner passionate about your online success. Our highly qualified team leave no stone unturned. Whether you choose an analysis or testing program, we build our reports based on your business objectives, targeted visitors and all traffic sources. If something is missing, we’ll alert you with actionable suggestions.

Highly Skilled Conversions Staff

Internet Marketing Ninjas out does the competition because we hire the best experts, gets the best certification for our teams and approaches every project with a stringent project management process that includes regular meetings with you.

No matter which package you choose, you can expect an extraordinary, dynamically designed, outstandingly organized presentation chock full of analysis, data and solutions ready for action. Every new project is met with enthusiasm, passion, utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

Our Certifications:

Service Features & Benefits:
  • Full web site usability analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Shopping cart experience, functional and user interface testing
  • Social marketing analysis
  • Online application experience, functional and user interface testing
  • Reputation management
  • Information architecture & navigation analysis
  • Conversion Process Analysis & Design Mock-Ups
  • User behavior analysis
  • Content assets analysis
  • Forms experience
  • Mobile device analysis
  • Accessibility standards
  • Complete HTML/CSS Mark Up


Our Process

Sitewide Conversion Funnel Analysis
  • Cognitive Walk Through: role playing site walk through test plan based on mental model data and site requirements.
  • Heuristic Evaluation: industry based, up to date usability and conversions design; user interface heuristics check.
  • User Analysis: user persona creation and/or mental model based; conversion funnels evaluated
  • Persuasive Design: detailed review of organic and user interface marketing
  • Shopping cart: review for abandonment, functional, security and user interface issues
  • Deliverables: Full audit with extensive recommendations and design suggestions for conversions lift.
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Landing Page Optimization
  • Searchability: evaluating the searcher query and search engine response.
  • Persuasive User Interface: content and user interface elements review for conversions.
  • Usability Conversions: full content check for any disconnects, abandonment, marketing and momentum.
  • Deliverables: Report with immediate action items and design suggestions.
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Site Redesign Usability Audit and Functional Testing
  • Full usability audit: includes usability, persuasive design, information architecture, navigation, accessibility and web design compliance, human factors heuristics and related areas such as captology and understandability.
  • Internet software application audit and testing: covers task based user interface and functional QA testing; meeting requirements.
  • Requirements Gathering: for mental model and user persona creation for testing and test plans.
  • Deliverables: Full requirements based site audits and software testing with recommendations for redesign.
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Application Functional Testing
  • Shopping cart: Complete user interface and functional testing, includes error message testing, security, understandability and more.
  • Software application: Complete user interface and functional testing, includes error message testing, security, understandability and more.
  • Requirements Gathering and Documentation: Used for software application QA testing and test cases and user personas.
  • Deliverables: Step by step based testing with screenshots and software usability heuristics; recommendations for enhancements, defect tracking.
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Mobile Website Usability Auditing
  • Mobile emulation: review of how web site is rendered on multiple mobile devices.
  • Compliance check: performance and standards based testing and feedback for mobile devices.
  • Responsive design: heuristics and cognitive evaluation for existing mobile designs.
  • Deliverables: Analysis and screenshots review with recommendations and design improvements.
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Specialized Conversion Testing
  • Usability and User Interface: In-depth conversions audit from the perspective of site requirements and targeted users.
  • Persuasive and Marketing: Page by page persuasive design check for calls to action, landing page success, task completion and more.
  • Accessibility: Requirements based accessibility review for basics and suggested enhancements on a site by site basis.
  • Content searchability and usability: total assessment from search query to successful task completion.
  • Research: Additional research into your industry, targeted market, case studies and more.
  • Requirements Gathering: for possible user testing, user persona creation, stakeholder and marketing needs.
  • Deliverables: A robust, detail oriented audit designed with updated case studies and specific industry and/or target market research. specific design suggestions for increased conversions for web sites and recommendations for pages with small forms such as subscription, registration, contact and sales leads.
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Understanding your Business: The key to a successful conversion strategy is to identify and measure key performance indicators based on business and target visitors objectives. We conduct a one on one exploratory meeting with you to learn about your challenges, known issues or concerns, business, user, functional and goals, and how conversion optimization can help you meet and surpass those requirements.

Comprehensive Research: Through our comprehensive, well-defined site conversions analysis, we profile both your non-converting and loyal visitors to find opportunities for how you can leverage both better. Although we use analytics for a portion of our research, we know that this is not the complete picture. We extend our analysis to utilize a number of tools and manually methods including click tracking software, user behavior testing, visitor surveys, audience analysis, heuristic walkthroughs and more.

Competitor Intelligence: We get a global perspective of your vertical and conduct competitor research to identify strategies that they may be successfully utilizing that you can also take advantage of or do better.

Test Planning & Execution: We plan your unique test cases right down to the last detail. Whether conducting tests on your own or we are doing the testing for you, we create test plans with complete design mock ups and documentation that set you up for success. If we are performing tests for you, we will take care of all the HTML/CSS, documentation, and other nuts and bolts during the testing phase.

Post Testing Presentation and Review: Once testing is completed, we analyze all the results and carefully prepared detailed recommendations for future conversion optimization opportunities and additional fine tuning.