IMN Social Media Authority Case Study

Client X came to IMN looking to improve their brand’s presence across three of the major social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. At the time, Client X didn’t have a Facebook page, and their pages on both Twitter and Google+ were completely inactive and without any engagement.

Over the course of a 24-month campaign, they have become one of the leading brands in their industry as a result of their powerful social media campaign.

Here are just a few numbers from our social media marketing team:

  • Over the course of a 24-month period, the client surpassed 60,000 fans, a huge milestone considering that they didn’t even have a page set up at the beginning of the campaign.
  • Over the course of a 28-day period in May, there were more than 1,200 new Twitter followers, with an average of 43 new followers each day.
  • One of the Twitter chats that IMN ran for the client in December resulted in 119,038 impressions and 92,287 users reached.

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