Google Organic Click Through Study: Comparison of Google's CTR by Position, Industry, and Query Type

It's been a while since the search industry has done an in-depth study on how people engage with Google search results; and Google SERPs have changed a lot since the last research. With the introduction of featured snippets, knowledge graph, redesigned sponsored results, local carousals, etc., how many clicks are being stolen from organic search results?

What’s the actual click through rate for a #1 ranking look like these days? How about a #10? A Page 2 Ranking? In that spirit, Internet Marketing Ninjas conducted Click-Through Rate (CTR) study for Summer 2017.

This whitepaper will answer all these questions and more!

We analyzed 20,000 queries, which in a 3 month period saw over 64 Million Impressions and saw over 4 Million clicks. The sites were fairly evenly divided between Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) websites. IMN also distinguished between Branded Queries and Non-Branded Queries as well.

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