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Corporate Responsibility

Being a good corporate citizen is in our lifeblood—we pride ourselves on giving back to our community and to the world! Every year, our teams choose worthy causes within the community and around the world for Internet Marketing Ninjas to support. We also hold regular food drives, sponsor walks and races, and participate in other local charitable events. Being a good corporate citizen not only brings us closer as a team and brings us closer to the community, it also helps us do our part to make the world a better place!

Food Pantries for Capital District Inc

The Ninjas collected TONs of food to help a support a local food pantry in our area.

Breast Cancer Bake Sale

A sweet excuse to help support breast cancer research.

Ronald McDonald House Dinner

The Ninjas help out with the Ronald Mcdonald House dinner.

Capital District Humane Association

The Ninjas help out local animals in need with a giant donation of food stuff for a local animal shelter.