Hide Your Email

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See how to use Hide Your Email

Despite all efforts to the contrary, email spam is not going anywhere.  As efforts to fight spam increase, so too does the ingenuity of the spammer.  One way to combat the tactics of email spammers is to make it as difficult as possible for the spammer to find your email in the first place.  Of course, keeping email addresses off your site is often not an option, as your users need a way to provide feedback, and removing your email entirely provides a bad user experience.  Meeting this middle ground between maintaining your privacy and appearing available to your users is where our Hide Your Email tool comes in.

Simply input your email address into the field, choose the file type you'd like it converted to, and either click "view" or "download."  The image creator will not only show you the address as your chosen file type, but the image creator also gives you the code to make safely displaying your email on your website a quick and easy process.