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Jen Van Iderstyne

Jen Van Iderstyne

Marketing Manager

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Jennifer Van Iderstyne is head of client relations and the marketing manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She conducts SEO research, provides consulting, and oversees the coordination of client campaigns. In her free time she handles marketing efforts, conference planning and brand messaging for IMN.

A brief biography of Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Jennifer Van Iderstyne has spent her entire life in upstate New York. In 2002 she graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a major in politics and minors in acting and communication. She came to Internet Marketing Ninjas, and the field of SEO in 2006 after a brief stint working in public policy. Beginning as a link builder, she quickly learned about other aspects of SEO including content development, analysis, on-page optimization and strategic planning. During her tenure at Internet Marketing Ninjas, she has built links, written and evaluated content, created reports, trained other employees and managed hundreds of client accounts. Having worked in so many parts of the company over the course of its development has given her a unique insight into how all aspects so online marketing work together. In addition to her day to day responsibilities, she also contributes regularly to the IMN blog, Search Engine Watch and has had guest blogs posted on various other industry blogs.

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Jen's Previous Speaking Events

Pubcon New Orleans 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 22-25, 2013

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Industry Testimonials

Jen and Shawn, I just wanted to remind you both that I am very grateful for your time and effort you have shown our account and if you weren't so damn faraway, I'd give you both real big bear hugs right now! :) Heck, at this rate, you've earned about 85% of the naming rights for my first born! I'm thinking "Jeawn". It has a nice ring to it... :) Alright back to work. Peace out!
Peter K.

Jim and Jen, Thanks for your time and an awesome meeting. Jim,You have done so much in the past few years with your company, Your office space, your employees, their commitment are evidence that you have instilled your positive traits into them and your business. You should be proud. Jen, You are "on it"!! It is uplifting seeing someone your age being so intense and into their work like you are. I can tell you're the type who wakes up with a smile and positive attitude. Michelle and I enjoyed the dialog and the advice. I really appreciate all you have done for me over the years and continue to do.
Mark M.

Jim, You rock!, and thank you SO MUCH for your extremely fast response to my question. Please know that Shawn and Jen have been a BLAST to work with, and that everyone here is extremely grateful and values the partnership our companies have formed over the past year or so. If there is anything that I can ever do to return the favor, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thomas W.

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Jen Van Iderstyne's Posts
11 Dec 2014
Jen Van Iderstyne

Content as a Ranking Factor (Bing) & Never-Ending Penguin: This Week in Search

It’s been a snowy week for the Ninjas in upstate New York, but the conversation’s been heating up on our forums. According to Google: Penguin 3.0 is continuing One of the most engaging threads on the board, with over 50 comments there is little in the Search World more interesting that what Google is doing with Penguin updates now and in the future. The latest iteration, Penguin 3.0, seems to…

01 Oct 2014
Jen Van Iderstyne

Ninjas Take Vegas! (Again)

We’re less than a week away from Pubcon Las Vegas and as a Platinum Sponsor; it’s going to be another year of Ninjas everywhere! This time we have 5 speakers covering 11 Sessions and, for the first-time ever, we’re having an all Ninja Panel and an informal Ask a Ninja session! The Ninja Panel, happening on Tuesday, the first day of the conference at 1:10 in the Exhibit Hall Demo…

28 Jul 2014
Jen Van Iderstyne

Internet Marketing Ninjas, ClickZ to Host Benefit for Homeless Youth

Internet Marketing Ninjas is teaming up with ClickZ Live to jointly sponsor a Charity Party on August 13th 2014 from 8:00pm to 11:00pm.  This will be a private event in conjunction with Clickz Live San Francisco. The party, to be held at Harlot on 46 Minna, will be open to the first 150 people with a conference event pass.  There will be a suggested donation of $40 at the door…

16 Nov 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

Internet Marketing Ninjas Still a “Best Place to Work” in 2012

With all of the exciting things happening here we’ve barely had a chance to breathe.  So, it’s been a few weeks, but we we’re immensely proud to announce we’ve been named one of the Albany Area’s “Best Places to Work” by the Albany Business Review for the second year in a row. The companies on this list are chosen based on the feedback offered through employee questionnaires. So for us…

05 Nov 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

Saving the Pandas and Penguins and Other Stuff Too!

It’s been a few weeks since our Save the Pandas and Penguins Party in Las Vegas at PubCon. But we’re happy to report that a total of $4,709 for the black and white animals SEO’s love to hate. The little friendly competition between them indicates that people are slightly more enamored with Penguins than Pandas with the little guys from the Galapagos pulling in $2,892 and support for the big…

01 Oct 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

PubCon Charity Party Wednesday October 17th – Save the Pandas and Penguins!

There is nothing a ninja loves more than a party, unless of course it’s a charity party! So that’s exactly what we’re doing at PubCon Vegas this year. As part of our ritual conference prep for any trip we pay close attention to all the night time parties networking events. During our research we saw that the agenda for PubCon 2012 was a little light and distinctly missing some party…

28 Aug 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

Win a Gold Pass to PubCon 2012 in Vegas!

Our Win a Trip to SES contest may be over, but that’s ok we’re not done giving stuff away. Because there’s still PubCon Vegas. So if you missed our last contest, don’t miss this one. It’s simple to enter and when it’s all over someone is going to walk away with a Free Conference Pass to PubCon 2012 in Las Vegas October 16-18! To Enter: Imagine you could ask our…

19 Jul 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

Win a Trip to SES San Francisco or Pubcon!

Wanna go to SES San Francisco or Pubcon Las Vegas? Well we want you to go too! So we’re giving somebody an opportunity to win a pass to one of this year’s events. Getting in is pretty simple: We love the internet, we’re geeks, but we want to know why YOU love the internet. That’s it. Tell us why you love the internet. You’re devotion to the web can be…

17 Jul 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

Secret Link Value Factors

Judging a link is easy when you do it based on the numbers. If the numbers are high, it’s good; if they’re low, it’s weak. Easy enough, case closed. Except like everything else in SEO it’s not that simple. I suspect it never was, but now in the wake of decimating Penguin updates, nuance and granularity become more important than ever. Raw numbers can be artificially inflated, and some of…

28 Jun 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

Ninja Videos from Fiverr

Online videos are making their way into every niche of the web. Wherever you go on the internet, it seems video clips are taking over. Online videos are so popular, there are television shows dedicated to them. Granted, going viral is the exception not the norm, but still, it’s an incredible medium. Videos and YouTube have become powerful tools, not just for entertainment but also for education and business.  But…

15 Jun 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

Over Analyzing Words from a Google Guy

You know how every time the President comes on TV and says something, pundits spend an hour afterward pulling it apart looking for hidden truths and secret meanings? Well it keeps multiple news networks on the air so maybe it’s worth a blog post for this. On Wednesday Search Engine RoundTable featured a conversation about link removal from the Google Forums. It wasn’t an extensive exchange, but the 3 line…

10 May 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

6 Signs Your Links Might Suck

Between emails from Google and updates named after flightless Antarctic birds, a lot of people have had to take a closer look at their links. Having to go through a link intervention isn’t fun, and the more back links you have the harder it gets. Sure, there are tools, and shortcuts, but when it comes down to it, you may have to actually go in and take a good look…

27 Apr 2012
Jen Van Iderstyne

SEO Draft Picks: Which Player Do You Need?

Let’s start with this; I’m not a football fan. However, since I married one, my television has often been commandeered for games and sports show. So last night, like a good wife, while “Grey’s Anatomy” was recording on DVR, I watched the NFL draft. I’m not even going to try to pretend I understand all of the strategy and machinations that go into the draft. But to get through it,…