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Bonnie Stefanick

Bonnie Stefanick

Director of Consulting

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Bonnie is the Director of Consulting at Internet Marketing Ninjas, leading a multi-talented team that does it all: SEO analysis, conversion analysis, as well as analytics and PPC auditing. Bonnie and her team create search strategies for Internet Marketing Ninjas clients to help improve traffic, and visibility, in search engines as well as create strategies to maximize conversions from existing traffic. She also leads the site auditing process, identifying problems and areas of opportunity both on page and off page and across various traffic sources. Bonnie blogs on the topics of industry news, SEO strategy, information retrieval, SEO tools, and conversion.

A brief biography of Bonnie Stefanick

Before joining Internet Marketing Ninjas, Bonnie honed her public sector skills in the areas of legislative information services and planning. Bonnie holds a dual B.A, Magna Cum Laude, in Public Administration from Rockefeller School of Public Policy and Administration and in Philosophy from SUNY University at Albany. She has completed graduate work in the philosophy of artificial languages and is a member of the Digital Analytics Association.

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Pubcon New Orleans 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 22-25, 2013

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19 Dec 2014
Bonnie Stefanick

Big Structured Web News: Google Transferring Freebase to Wikidata #SEOQA

Google announced this week that they will be shuttering and the data will be available on wikidata on June 30, 2015. With all the talk around structured data, entities, and the knowlege graph, I naturally wondered if this signaled anything from those other initiatives. The following quote in the post provides some clarification: “So we’ve decided to help transfer the data in Freebase to Wikidata, and in mid-2015 we’ll wind…

05 Dec 2014
Bonnie Stefanick

How Does Google Handle Legitimate Hidden Content? #SEOQA

Starting with WebmasterWorld and SEroundtable posts here and here, there has been a lot of talk about how Google handles hidden content and if hidden content is weighted differently. Hidden Content is Indexed… As far as I have seen since the discussion died down, Google does index this content. Personally, I think it would be really odd for them to stop indexing it. Also, from the clarification Google provided, there…

18 Apr 2014
Bonnie Stefanick

Analytics for Content Marketing the Right Way: Part 3 of 3

This is the third article in a series. Please read part one and part two. Step 3: Integration Once the inventory and catalog exercise is complete and once you have assigned values in the values tab, the next step is to make sure that Google Analytics accurately reflects the sources, assets, and interactions you have recorded in the prior exercise. Although some of the tasks during this step may vary,…

11 Apr 2014
Bonnie Stefanick

Analytics for Content Marketing the Right Way: Part 2 of 3

This is a continuation of a previous article. Please read Analytics for Content Marketing the Right Way: Part 1 of 3 Step 1: Inventory & Catalog An inventory and catalog exercise takes a lot of the guesswork out of configuration changes that need to be made during later steps. For this first step, key components of the content marketing efforts are inventoried and cataloged, which include sources, assets, and interactions….

04 Apr 2014
Bonnie Stefanick

Analytics for Content Marketing the Right Way: Part 1 of 3

As a marketer, I am sometimes surprised how much time I spend on Web analytics. I often find myself taken aback that for many marketing verticals, multiple channels provide assists during a customer’s journey and all of the said channels contribute in varying degrees to the conversion actions that result. It is especially interesting how often inbound marketing assists, such as those that result from SEO and content marketing efforts,…

22 May 2013
Bonnie Stefanick

SEO is Like… 9 Hilarious SEO Analogies

It is often said that people learn through analogy, by comparing subject matter being explained to other familiar topics and lived experiences. Over the years, there have been some both interesting and hilarious SEO analogies. Here are 10 to inspire and puzzle you: 1. SEO is like Poker “Poker has managed to attain a certain intellectual status, considered to be much more than mere gambling. For example, the first post…

12 Feb 2013
Bonnie Stefanick

HOW TO Plan and Collaborate On A Winning SEO redesign

It is an all too common tragedy, a website is designed and deployed and search traffic tanks. Once search traffic drops, frustrated marketers have to spend untold amounts of time grudgingly auditing and trying to recover old traffic, amid revenue losses from their most efficient traffic source. Here are some tips for planning and collaborating your way to a successful SEO redesign. 1) Do a full review of the existing…

24 Jan 2013
Bonnie Stefanick

Proper Mobile SEO Site Set-up & Issue Identification

In recent years, increased use of mobile devices has changed the way we interact with the web and new coding options has changed the experience we create for users. In this article, I will cover mobile site set up and some tips for auditing for potential issues. Basics of Making Your Mobile Experiences Easy for Google to Understand & Index Responsive design:  Serving a mobile experience on the same URL…

12 Dec 2012
Bonnie Stefanick

4 Tips For Impactful Location Based Pages

Location based pages are a very big part of many many web sites but so often, these tend to be neglected pages and their ability to rank is far less then primary category level landing pages. Below are several quick tips on what to do and what not to do when it comes to giving your location based pages the opportunity to rank. 1. Invest in unique content for these…

29 Nov 2012
Bonnie Stefanick

5 Key Rel=”Canonical” Implementation Considerations

Although rel=”canonical” has been around for a long time, I think it is one of the more mysterious tools in terms of its implementation and there are a lot of questions around the how and when of implementing it. Here are some answers to some of simpler to more complex facets of rel=”canonical” Q: when is it the appropriate time to use rel=canonical? Rel=”canonical” is an HTML attribute that goes…

15 Nov 2012
Bonnie Stefanick

5 Great Tips for Better SEO Strategy Creation

One of the big differences between SEO and some other channels, such as PPC, is the sheer number of stakeholders involved to getting a successful strategy moving: Who owns or assists with  content creation in your organization? What stakeholders are involved in revising code on your site? Whose approval do you need before making changes to content or markup? What stakeholders are involved in deciding on budget to help build…