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10 Jul 2015

Tips Galore! Weekly Forum Roundup

This week our communities are churning out studies, tips, tricks, and clinics of all sorts! We’ve got content tips and a clinic for the SEO-frustrated on SEO Chat, investigations into notability on Wikipedia and linkbuilding on Threadwatch, an exploration of HSTS and HTTPS on WebmasterWorld that’s definitely worth checking out, and an in-depth thread about impressions and views on AdWords and AdSense from Cre8asiteforums user iamlost. Here’s a fresh sampling of the… [Read More…]

03 Apr 2015

Google and the FTC, Microsoft and Bing, Wikipedia, Mobility Tip AdSense Updates and more!

Forces at play in and around Google and Yahoo are a prominent theme in the communities this week. From Google issues with the FTC to the alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft there are some major big picture questions worth talking about. There is also more mobile preparedness fallout, speculation on Google’s current attitude toward Wikipedia, changes to AdSense and some questions on best practices with no-indexing pages. There’s plenty to… [Read More…]

25 Mar 2015

Don’t Miss @JimBoykin Speaking at ClickZ Live, New York, on March 31 2015

Ninjas are coming to New York! Don’t miss Jim Boykin‘s grand session including everything you need to know about Google Updates, link building and content marketing. Jim’s presentation is filled with actionable advice, examples, tools: Make sure to take lots of notes! Jim Boykin has personally performed over 100 disavows and reconsideration requests. Jim has analyzed more penalties, created more tools and successfully recovered more businesses than anyone in this industry… [Read More…]

13 Mar 2015

Apple & Google, The Knowledge Box and other SEO Questions and Quandaries

It was a week of eclectic questions and musings on the forums with lots of theoretical postulation and debate. Amidst the predictions and questions we have a case study on the early impact of Google’s Knowledge Box on one niche and the news that a popular WordPress plugin vulnerability has been addressed. But, for the most part, matters of possibility and perspective reign. Jump in and offer your own insights… [Read More…]

23 Feb 2015

Best Internet Marketing Webinars to Attend and Educate Yourself

Marketing, especially online, is one niche that is always changing. Every year we have new strategies, new tactics, new platforms to explore and avenues to go down. If you are a marketer, you know the feeling of having to scramble to keep up just after perfecting the latest PR craze. To get a better feel for the more stable and consistent updates in the industry, it is best to turn… [Read More…]

01 Oct 2014

Ninjas Take Vegas! (Again)

We’re less than a week away from Pubcon Las Vegas and as a Platinum Sponsor; it’s going to be another year of Ninjas everywhere! This time we have 5 speakers covering 11 Sessions and, for the first-time ever, we’re having an all Ninja Panel and an informal Ask a Ninja session! The Ninja Panel, happening on Tuesday, the first day of the conference at 1:10 in the Exhibit Hall Demo… [Read More…]

31 Jul 2014

Jim Boykin, Thom Craver and Chris Boggs to Speak at ClickZ Live in San Francisco

ClickZ Live in San Francisco is fast-approaching, and you won’t want to miss the sessions featuring Jim Boykin, Thom Craver and Chris Boggs, three SEO Rockstars from Internet Marketing Ninjas. Digital Assets (with Jim Boykin), Search Engine penalties (covered by Chris Boggs) and Analytics (with Thom Craver) will be the main topics of these three sessions, and there’s no one better to go in-depth with than the Ninjas. Simply put, these… [Read More…]

28 Jul 2014

Internet Marketing Ninjas, ClickZ to Host Benefit for Homeless Youth

Internet Marketing Ninjas is teaming up with ClickZ Live to jointly sponsor a Charity Party on August 13th 2014 from 8:00pm to 11:00pm.  This will be a private event in conjunction with Clickz Live San Francisco. The party, to be held at Harlot on 46 Minna, will be open to the first 150 people with a conference event pass.  There will be a suggested donation of $40 at the door… [Read More…]

21 Jul 2014

Strike a Ninja Pose and Win a Pass to Pubcon Las Vegas 2014

Around this time each year, there is a flurry of excitement over Pubcon Las Vegas. Social media is filled with details about registration and announcements of great speakers and cool keynotes, and it’s hard not to get excited. This is a popular conference for the ninjas (it may have something to do with the great location), and we’re always looking for ways to send others to this awesome event. This… [Read More…]

10 Mar 2014

Don’t Miss Ninjas at #Pubcon New Orleans!

Next week Ninjas rock Pubcon! In order not to offend other event hosts, we won’t say that’s our favorite conference but the fact is you will see THAT many ninjas nowhere else! Come to hear and speak us: Bookmark or print this page to hear ninjas speaking! ***If you are Threadwatch member, click “I am going” here and we’ll organize a quick meetup during the event 😉 Tuesday, March 18… [Read More…]

05 Mar 2014

What I Learned From 10+ Years Of Public Speaking & How You Can Rock The [Trade] Show

I get a huge rush from giving a speech, something like what other people experience from downing 3 red bulls and lb of candy. You can too. Even if the prospect of it currently makes you sweaty and uncomfortable, public speaking can be learned. I’ve studied some of the best businessmen performing this art – and some of the best entertainers, too. Here are some lessons I’ve learned. Hopefully the… [Read More…]

03 Jan 2014

Would Your Mobile Sales Double & Your Strategy Change Radically If You Heard This Advice?

7 Lessons I Learned At The Jerusalem BNF‘s Event: How Apps Can Grow Your Business A LOT depends on knowing your audience. This manifested in a variety of interesting ways: 1. “Finding out that Windows Phone is #2 in certain countries, behind only Android,” was a huge insight for Marna Becker of recruiting & HR shop Sikoor. Imagine launching a campaign targeting only iOS in such a country – you’d… [Read More…]

21 Aug 2013

Want to go to Pubcon Las Vegas 2013? Make a Vine Video and Win a Pass!

Pubcon Las Vegas is one of our favorite conferences here at Internet Marketing Ninjas (and not just because we love a good party). This particular conference notoriously brings together some of the biggest names in search for a week of inspiring presentations, interesting discussions, and yes, great networking events. It’s the highlight of the conference circuit for many people, and this year we’re bringing a whole gaggle of ninjas with… [Read More…]