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18 Dec 2014

Website Security, Facbook Business and Search and a Spanish Lack of Inquisiton

Security pops ups as a common theme in discussions this week on a few different levels. Talk of website security has been on the front burner since Google wrote about HTTPS as a ranking factor. Other issues of security, choice and prosperity have emerged this week as interesting topics for debate and discussion. Google Proposes Chrome Browser Marks HTTP Site it Shows as Non Secure The distinctions between secure and…

11 Dec 2014

Content as a Ranking Factor (Bing) & Never-Ending Penguin: This Week in Search

It’s been a snowy week for the Ninjas in upstate New York, but the conversation’s been heating up on our forums. According to Google: Penguin 3.0 is continuing One of the most engaging threads on the board, with over 50 comments there is little in the Search World more interesting that what Google is doing with Penguin updates now and in the future. The latest iteration, Penguin 3.0, seems to…

12 Jun 2013

8 Can’t Miss Sessions at SES Toronto 2013

Today the Ninjas head up and over to beautiful Toronto, Canada to participate at SES Toronto.  (For full transparency, I should mention that I serve on the North American SES Advisory Board.) I will be moderating a couple panels Thursday June 13, and on Friday Ninjas founder and CEO Jim Boykin will be presenting a deep dive into Google’s Penguin algorithm and the way they are treating Authorship. As I…

22 May 2013

SEO is Like… 9 Hilarious SEO Analogies

It is often said that people learn through analogy, by comparing subject matter being explained to other familiar topics and lived experiences. Over the years, there have been some both interesting and hilarious SEO analogies. Here are 10 to inspire and puzzle you: 1. SEO is like Poker “Poker has managed to attain a certain intellectual status, considered to be much more than mere gambling. For example, the first post…

22 Feb 2013

Google’s Real Focus, Website Design for Multiple Size Screens, and More: Your Weekly SEO Community Update

Welcome to another busy week on your SEO communities! Whether it’s profits, website design, traffic issues, or whatever help you need to run your online business, it’s come up for discussion this week. Let’s dive right in. Threadwatch We covered matters big and small on Threadwatch. So, do you think Google cares more about users or profits? Ben Cook’s article on the topic sparked a lively discussion, with Badams observing…

15 Feb 2013

Schmidt on Google’s Bias, Intel’s Orwellian TV, and More: Your Weekly SEO Community Update

This week our roundup of notable threads in our SEO communities will answer your questions, confirm your suspicions, make you laugh, make you paranoid, and generally keep you entertained. You’ll get everything from practical tips to hilariously controversial comments about…well, just keep reading. Threadwatch This week we learned that what we knew all along about Google giving its own content preferential treatment in its results is true – or did…

08 Feb 2013

Optimizing Sound Effects, Arguing Over GoDaddy, and More: Your Weekly SEO Community Update

Sometimes rough-and-tumble, often contentious, frequently entertaining, but always educational: that describes our SEO communities in a nutshell. So what has everyone been up to this week? I’m so glad you asked. Threadwatch We’ll kick off with Threadwatch. It’s definitely not “all Google, all the time” here, but the search giant did seem to inspire the largest amount of buzz this week. Is Google racist? That’s the question Shawn Collins brought…

01 Feb 2013

Microsoft’s Office Hubris, Kate Upton Videos, Baby Boomers, and more (Weekly Forum Roundup)

Looking for a little humor for your Friday? Or maybe you want to learn a little something before the weekend and all that Superbowl party prep gets you going. This week, our communities serve up a smorgasbord for every taste. As usual, let’s start with Threadwatch. You’ll find our submitters boast a sharp sense of humor and will mix equal parts education and controversy as we talk about the topics…

25 Jan 2013

Voice Search, Panda Rollout, and More: Hot Topics on Forums This Week

Once again it’s time to share with you some of the liveliest discussions going on in our forums. You’ll find everything from speculation about the future of search to practical things you can do right now to promote your business. Over on, the changing face – and voice – of search came into sharp focus this week, as lots of our submissions and posts considered what’s working, what isn’t,…

18 Jan 2013

Larry Page on Competing, Overcoming Boring Topics and More: Hot on Forums This Week

If you’re wondering what everyone has been talking about this week in the field of SEO, look no further. In this post, I’ll be covering some of the most interesting comments and discussions on the busiest, most popular SEO-focused communities online. Threadwatch We’ll start with a quick visit to Threadwatch. You’ll find a lively (if cynical) discussion on how to go about building a link network. There are many good…

11 Nov 2008

Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization

Back from lunch where there were no cupcake. There wasn’t even a cookie. Lunch Fail! Now it’s time to talk about Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization. Wooing us out of our food comas will be Ken Jurina, Larry Mersman, Wil Reynolds and Stoney deGeyter. The lovely and always classy Christine Churchill will be our moderator. [Side note: If you haven’t read SEO Chick Julie Joyce’s recent interview with Christine Churchill,…

28 Oct 2008

Are you Employable or Just Employed?

CenterNetworks’ Allen Stern brought up an interesting conversation last week that I think is worth touching on. He created a great video post that asked, in a time when the economy is as stable as New England weather and layoffs are hitting the technology industry hard, are you employable or are you just employed? It was one of those posts that stopped me in my tracks and made me think….