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20 May 2016

Good News, Bad News, Long News: Weekly Forum Update

We bring you three types of news from our communities this week, as well as plenty of engaging discussions! Let’s start with the good news – Twitter’s character limit will be expanding… sort of. URLs and photos will no longer count against the character limit, leaving users a little more room to express themselves. In bad news, we’ll bring you coverage from WebmasterWorld about the recent security snafu at LinkedIn…. [Read More…]

13 May 2016

Mobilegeddon Is Back! and More Weekly Forum Updates

We all said it was boring. “Ho-hum, Mobilegeddon,” we yawned. Well, it’s not over yet. This very month, Google will be updating its mobile algorithm. And there are lots of other changes coming soon, too! The Interactive Advertising Bureau is developing a new standard for “L.E.A.N.” ads, Google is tightening its restrictions on payday and high-interest loan ads in the US, and the width of listings within organic search results… [Read More…]

06 May 2016

Mobile Browsers, Desktop Converts: Weekly Forum Update

This week’s title refers to a startling revelation by Google that 67% of mobile shoppers convert on desktop. That means that they’re looking for products on mobile devices, then leaving and returning later on desktop to actually make a purchase. That might sound a little odd at first blush, but one of our Threadwatch reporters has a great example of how it shouldn’t always be terribly surprising. Besides that, we’ve… [Read More…]

29 Apr 2016

Getty vs Google, Long Tail Rants, and More: Weekly Forum Update

There’s plenty of news to discuss this week! Not much SEO-wise, though; most of it is focused on the business aspect of things. Getty Images is in a spat with Google in the E.U., Google has a new ad design that has folks on WebmasterWorld talking, and Google has promised to get tougher on clickjacking, among other stories. We’ve also got a fun rant about keywords from SEO Chat and… [Read More…]

22 Apr 2016

The Fall of Desktop, Unnatural Links, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Security, zombie traffic, and the recent batch of manual actions from Google are on our docket this week! Everyone on the Internet seems to be riled up by Penguin rumors. Our communities are no different, but they also offer a wide breadth of more substantive fare. Take a look! Over 750,000 Web Hijacking Incidents Tracked by Google in One Year Between July of 2014 and June of 2015, Google tracked… [Read More…]

15 Apr 2016

Amazon and eCommerce: Weekly Forum Update

The biggest news this week is the round of manual actions sent out by Google, mostly to bloggers, about unnatural outbound links. But our communities have also been interested in discussing how eCommerce stores and Amazon interact. One of our posters on Threadwatch has picked up a neat study about Amazon ranking factors from Ripen eCommerce, and on SEO Chat users are talking about how an eCommerce site that also… [Read More…]

08 Apr 2016

Three Pack Snippets, Language Tags, and More: Weekly Forum Update

In this week’s news, our communities are talking about the Quality Rater Guidelines update, a 3-pack snippets test, the state of link building, and more! These are all active discussions, mind you, so they’re still open to new thoughts and faces! If you feel the urge to converse strike you, we’d be happy to see you in one of our forums. Google Quality Rater Guidelines Update Let’s kick things off… [Read More…]

01 Apr 2016

The Healthy Skeptics and the AdWords Redesign: Weekly Forum Update

Skepticism is a healthy thing to have in the SEO world. If there’s one thing I learned from Fathom, it’s that you should always be hunting for the truth with your own hands and eyes. That’s not to say that you should never listen to anyone else…too much skepticism turns to paranoia. But this week, we’ve got some great threads with a healthy amount of skepticism in them. They’re simply… [Read More…]

25 Mar 2016

Remembering Fathom: Weekly Forum Update

Sad news this week: we heard through a senior member of SEO Chat that one of our dearest and longest standing members, Fathom, has passed away. We’ve all been remembering him in our own way. News is flowing in from other parts of the world, too, and our communities are slowly moving forward. You can find a thread below to share memories of Fathom, and along with them some of… [Read More…]

18 Mar 2016

Mobile Mayday, HTTPS Woes, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Google made plenty of announcements and turned plenty of heads this week. Our communities have been talking about the most pressing stories, and I’m here to share ’em with ya. In addition to Google news, we’ve got some threads about content optimization, redirects, and the ROI of switching to HTTPS. Let’s dive in! Google Will Update Googlebot Smartphone UA on April 18 Next month, Google will be updating its Googlebot… [Read More…]

11 Mar 2016

Ad Blocking, The Death of Page Rank, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Four pack ads, the death of toolbar Page Rank, search analytics data finally catching up, and a whole slew of ad blocking news… it’s been a busy week! Our communities have been discussing every one of these developments and more. And I’m here to deliver those discussions to you! Many of them are still quite active, so I hope you’ll join in if you feel the spirit move you! Opera… [Read More…]

19 Feb 2016

Ghost Bugs and the Right to be Forgotten – Weekly Forum Roundup

It’s been an exceptionally busy week in our communities! Sometimes a slow news week is a blessing – it gives our users more time to focus on the nitty-gritty aspects of SEO and online marketing. There are a few tidbits of news that we have to share though – Google’s link command appears to be broken, Linux machines are facing down a critical glibc “GHOST” bug, and “Right to be… [Read More…]

12 Feb 2016

The Bing Ads Data Snafu, Instagram Ads, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome back to another update from our expert communities! The news was slower this week, but only in comparison to the two or three weeks prior. We’ve still got updates on the biggest stories, like the Bing Ads reporting data outage, Twitter’s new “Best Tweets First” feature, the ability to suggest changes in Google’s Knowledge Graph, and more. We’ve also got some great data and discussion about Instagram ads to… [Read More…]