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20 Nov 2015

Living in a Post Panda World: Weekly Forum Update

Remember Google Plus? It had a hard time catching on, and this has been a rough year for it. Well, just this week it got a fancy new style and some updated features. Can you believe it? Yeah, our communities had a hard time believing it too. In other buzz, we’ve got a great conversation between experts on WebmasterWorld to share about living in the post-Panda apocalypse. It’s no Fallout… [Read More…]

06 Nov 2015

With Love, From Twitter: Weekly Forum Update

The biggest news in the social media sphere this week is that Twitter favs have been replaced with heart-shaped “likes.” Members of Threadwatch were quick to pick up that story – while the rest of our communities were more focused on site speed, user behavior, and Google’s antics in Europe. Don’t let yourself fall behind the times – here’s the latest from the cutting edge! Twitter Introduces Likes, Replaces Favorites… [Read More…]

30 Oct 2015

RankBrain and Artificial Intelligence: Weekly Forum Update

RankBrain is the big news this week. The “third most important ranking factor” kind of snuck up on everyone, so it’s natural that our communities have been trying to figure it out ever since. If you haven’t heard, RankBrain is an artificial intelligence. It uses machine learning to to process searches that people make and attempts to show pages that contain words related to, but not necessarily included in, the… [Read More…]

23 Oct 2015

Zombie Traffic and Fake Reviews: Weekly Forum Update

Right on time for Halloween, rumors spring out of the ground that a new Google update involving so-called low quality, high volume, “zombie” traffic is coming. And that’s not all that’s buzzing in our communities! We’ve got news of Duane Forrester’s departure from Microsoft, a great discussion about site layouts, words from Seth Godin about ad blocking, and more. Besides zombie traffic, the biggest news is probably Amazon tackling 1,114… [Read More…]

16 Oct 2015

Search Engines as Users and SEO Skeptics: Weekly Forum Update

Lots of surprises came out of our communities this week! There was the news that Firefox is dropping all plugin support… except for Flash. Yes, the same Adobe Flash that was, not long ago, being dropped left and right. We’ve got a great discussion about the nature of search engines as users where Alan Bleiweiss was kind enough to join in and share some great thoughts, and conversations about structured… [Read More…]

09 Oct 2015

Mobile SERPs and Authorship Lives Again: Weekly Forum Update

Authorship ain’t dead yet! That’s what many SEOs are buzzing about since Gary Illyes told webmasters last week to leave the authorship markup on their pages. Another rumor sparked by comments from Illyes is that Google might be developing a mobile SERPs index. If such a thing were to exist, it would mean that desktop and mobile would have their own totally different SERPs. Naturally, our communities have picked up… [Read More…]

02 Oct 2015

Thoughts on Sustainable Content, Marketing, and More: Weekly Forum Update

This week in the Developer Shed Network, our users are tackling “content factories” and brainstorming ways to distribute and market content to the right people. Additionally, we’ve got news from WebmasterWorld and Threadwatch about Google’s “First Click Free” policy, Microsoft’s partnership with Baidu, the 3-Pack Snack Pack, and more. Grab a mug of cocoa and dive in! These are all fresh discussions, so if you want to join the conversation… [Read More…]

25 Sep 2015

Page Speed Tips, Hashtags on Facebook, and News: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome back to another weekly SEO roundup from the Developer Shed Network! The old adage that “when it rains, it pours,” came true this week – we’ve got a ton of news and great discussion to share with you. On SEO Chat, our users have been talking about page speed and how to hide backlinks. We’ve got news from Facebook, Google, and Bing on WebmasterWorld and Threadwatch, too. And on… [Read More…]

18 Sep 2015

Instant Articles, Video SEO, and Clickbait: Weekly Forum Update

This week the communities have an eclectic bevy of topics that they’ve been discussing. From the benefits of bad reviews on Yelp to the difference between mobile and responsive, to a retrospective on Yahoo directory, you can always count on the communities to find something new and exciting to talk about. Let’s dive right in! Clickbait Headline Writing Even though they’re widely derided for the practice, it’s not just Buzzfeed… [Read More…]

11 Sep 2015

From Google to Gigo, New Advertising Opportunities, and Keyword Use: Weekly Forum Roundup

Our communities were critical of Google this week in several threads on SEO Chat and Cre8asiteforums. They’ve been reflecting on personalized search, the “perspective bubble,” and the all-consuming nature of desktop searching. There’s also news and discussion from WebmasterWorld about new advertising opportunities with Instagram and Facebook. Finally, remember Mobilegeddon? Some users on SEO Chat are reassessing the damage and what the consequences are for not being mobile friendly. But… [Read More…]

04 Sep 2015

Google’s Got More Than Just a New Logo This Week – Weekly Forum Roundup

Besides a new logo and theme, there were some other interesting revelations about Google this week that have our communities all a-flutter. They came down against “the wrong type” of app interstitials, saying that some can get you penalized. Their San Francisco Bay test of Google Home Service Ads was also expanded to include new services, and Glenn Gabe has a fascinating study about what happens when you lose your… [Read More…]

28 Aug 2015

Scraping, Negative SEO, and Shady Business: Weekly Forum Roundup

Sometimes our communities want to let their hair down and talk about the darker sides of SEO. What they are, how to recognize them, and what effect they can have on a site. This week several of our discussions focused on things like negative SEO campaigns and how they work or what to do when someone is scraping your content. We’ve also got discussions on structured data and nofollow links,… [Read More…]

21 Aug 2015

Reunions and Research: Weekly Forum Roundup

Welcome to another community roundup! This week Cre8asiteforums hosted an exciting staff reunion stream! Bill Slawski and Ammon Johns hosted – it’s definitely worth a watch! Meanwhile WebmasterWorld has some interesting threads about URL structure and a new FDA warning from Bing. On SEO Chat, Fathom is debunking some common “newbie” SEO teaching sites, and our Threadwatch reporters are dutifully documenting updates to Search Console and traffic rumors at Wikipedia…. [Read More…]