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31 Jul 2015

Google Updates, Long Web Pages, SSL Certificates, and More: Weekly Forum Roundup!

Lots of announcements from Google have put a real buzz into our communities this week! From news of TLDs being treated the same, to the Autocomplete API being restricted, to Google Plus’s final downfall (again), there’s plenty to talk about. We’ve also got some interesting discussions about the power of SSL certificates, concerns about infinite scrolling pages, and more. Let’s get to business! Google Autocomplete API To Become Restricted Effectively,… [Read More…]

24 Jul 2015

Panda 4.2 Arrives, Off-Page Tactics, and Google News: Weekly Forum Roundup

The biggest piece of news this week is probably that Panda 4.2 is rolling out, but there are plenty of other interesting discussions happening in our communities too! We have coverage of the lead-up to Panda 4.2’s announcement (take the survey to download a free copy of Ninjas’ Panda Whitepaper), Google’s treatment of gTLDs, and Twitter indexing on Threadwatch; on WebmasterWorld, we’ll bring you two great discussions about getting back… [Read More…]

17 Jul 2015

Penguin Tips, Facebook Updates, and Google Quality: Weekly Forum Roundup

Curious about what’s shaking and moving in the SEO world lately? Our communities are, as usual, up to date on the newest buzz! Facebook’s news feed got an update late last week that the users of WebmasterWorld have been analyzing. On Cre8asiteforums, meanwhile, users are talking about Google and quality…specifically how it feels like the two rarely align. We also learned that a Penguin refresh is only “months away” on… [Read More…]

02 Jul 2015

Yelp Strikes Back, Bing and AOL, and CTR Rankings? Weekly Forum Roundup!

The members of our communities are busy as bees digesting news of Bing replacing Google on AOL, Yelp’s attack on Google’s alleged monopoly, and the nature of click-through rates as a ranking factor. One of the best parts about the Developer Shed network is that there’s always something new going on! These discussions are still pretty fresh, so there’s still time to jump in with both feet if you feel… [Read More…]

26 Jun 2015

301 Redirects, Click-Through Manipulation & the “News-Wave” Update: Weekly Forum Roundup

This week in the communities, our users are buzzing about recent changes and working hard to analyze the many updates and shifts from the last few months. It’s busy, but also exciting, to have so much happening around us! Definitely a welcome change from the cliché of a “slow summer.” Take a look at some of these great discussions from the past week: How Exactly is Google Using Click-Through Data?… [Read More…]

19 Jun 2015

Thumbtack Penalty & Recovery, Trust Issues, Bing Moving to Encrypt and More: Weekly Forum Roundup!

How much do you trust what you hear? That’s a million dollar question, eh? But directly or indirectly, it’s one that gets asked every day in the SEO community. Where do you stand? Maybe some of our threads about industry scandal, backlinks, mobile optimization, and more will get you thinking and help you take a stance: Mobile Friendly’s Second Shoe Soon to Drop? Mobilegeddon pushed a variety of “mobile-friendly” metrics… [Read More…]

12 Jun 2015

Industry Scandals and Juicy SEO Secrets: Weekly Forum Roundup

Last week will seem quiet compared to this week in our communities – and that’s just how we like it! News broke this week that Thumbtack, a website for professional development and also recipient of a lot of money through Google Capital, was busted for unnatural links. Twitter is making its feeds easier to read, a Panda refresh is on the horizon (at last!) and the impact of Mobilegeddon continues… [Read More…]

05 Jun 2015

Mobile Rankings News, Terms of Engagement, and the Buy Button Bonanza: Weekly Forum Roundup

Welcome back to another community roundup! We’ve got some juicy industry news about everyone’s favorite webmaster, Matt Cutts, as well as yet more Mobilegeddon coverage. Cre8asiteforums has been absolutely hopping with great topics this week, too! And we’ll take you back to basics to examine SEO terms in a new light. It’s not to late to join one of these discussions either – so if something inspires you, go with… [Read More…]

29 May 2015

Content, SEO, and Mobile Gems: Weekly Forum Roundup

It’s an exciting week for our communities! As we continue to grow, old faces are returning to say hello and share their time with us. Speaking of faces, have you seen WebmasterWorld’s shiny new face-lift? It’s pretty spiffy, you should take a look! And while you’re there, you can scope out some of the great discussions happening – three of which I’ll present for you below. Meanwhile on SEO Chat,… [Read More…]

26 May 2015

WebmasterWorld: Announcing New Improved Responsive Design, the International forum for news and discussion for professional webmasters, SEOs, and web publishers, has announced a new and exciting responsive design for today’s webmasters to learn and to discuss news and technical issues, whether they are at the desktop, or using a smartphone on-the-go. Jim Boykin, WebmasterWorld’s site owner said, “We’re excited to officially announce the new responsive web design for the site, which means the discussion can… [Read More…]

22 May 2015

Panda and Penguin Promises, The Quality Update, Search Console, and More: Weekly Forum Roundup

The communities are buzzing this week with news of Google’s new changes, Bing’s announced mobile algorithm update, and a thrilling discussion about the nature of content, rankings, and user experience. If you were hit by Google’s Quality Update (previously referred to as “Phantom 2″) we have a great thread from Webmaster World, too, where you can join our users in trying to pick up the pieces. Bing to Roll Out… [Read More…]

15 May 2015

Weekly Forum Roundup: Google is Ready to Take Your Order

The knowledge graph was one thing, but did you know that you can actually order food through Google? It’s true! Even if Panda and Penguin require manual data updates, Chinese takeout is only ever a click away. What a world we live in! Here’s what else is being discussed in our busy communities this week: Panda and Penguin NOT In Real Time This week it was revealed that the ranking… [Read More…]

08 May 2015

Google’s Latest Experiments Revealed: Weekend Forum Roundup

This week, Google is doing all kinds of tinkering with how it displays SERPs. Emojis and Mobilegeddon may have been just the tip of the iceberg. Lucky for you, our communities are overflowing with information and commentary about all the new changes! Let’s dive in: Study Shows 27% of Queries Are Questions – Google Capitalizes Immediately “A question is the most powerful force in the world,” begins Google’s new TV… [Read More…]