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17 Apr 2014

Smart and Smarter: Categories and Tags

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? What about a cucumber? The answer to these questions really depends on the context of the dialog. If we are talking about them in a botanical context then they are fruit. But if we are discussing them in a culinary sense, they are vegetables. How we classify information is extremely important because every classification can transfer an inherent normative value. Many like…

10 Apr 2014

Building Signals And Mitigating Risk For Local SEO

Big brands seem to have a much easier time ranking now a days right? Well that may be true, but, one positive point that is rarely discussed is, many small businesses can rank well too by taking advantage of local SEO. Now of course local SEO won’t apply to everyone, but if you own a local business then it might be the perfect solution to your ranking woes. Essentially, what…

13 Mar 2014

Is The Internet Still A Cesspool? And Are You Part Of The Scum?

It feels like it was just yesterday, but surprisingly almost 6 years ago the then CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, famously said that the internet was a cesspool. At the time, his solution to cleaning things up was applying more trust in brands. “Brands are the solution, not the problem, [...] Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” Many SEOs at the time assumed that this meant that Google’s algorithm…

06 Mar 2014

What To Do When The Sh*t Hits The SEO Fan

You take your first sip of coffee of the day as you log into Google Analytics. Your dashboard loads up and instantly you spit coffee all over your keyboard. Because what you see on the chart in front of you just made your heart drop. Your web traffic is dead, leaving your analytics dashboard to look like a cliff at the Grand Canyon. If you have been doing SEO long…

27 Feb 2014

Understanding SEO Strategies and Tactics

Sometimes I will be talking about SEO with someone, and the conversation usually goes something like this, ME: “So what type of strategy are you working on?” THEM: “Well, we are building some new content and then going to try some link building. We might get into Google+….honestly not sure.” Do you see the same problem I do? What this person just did was describe their strategy by listing a…

13 Feb 2014

Common Accidental Patterns That Can Trigger Panda Or Penguin

Google’s pattern matching algorithms such as Panda or Penguin are designed to filter out manipulative practices. However, sometimes it is possible to create these types of patterns completely on accident. These types of accidents can be costly and lead to over analysis because often times they appear innocent to the naked eye. Below are four common patterns that can easily be created on accident if you aren’t aware of them….

07 Feb 2014

Content Distribution Management To Halt Search Engine SEO Chaos

That’s a pretty strong title for my first Ninja blog post but this is a teaser for my upcoming PubCon session on Tuesday March 18 about Algo Chaos. where I’ll be discussing what webmasters need to do to be proactive and stop penalties and algo problems before they happen. Don’t waste time trying to fix Google penalties chasing unauthorized content usage with Google Alerts, Copyscape, Google’s Webmaster Toos, disavowing junk…

23 Jan 2014

Do Not Build High Quality Content For SEO, Build High Quality Patterns Instead

We have heard it over and over again. SEO evangelist, Google, cyber hipsters and pretty much everyone else says, “high quality content is required to do well in search engines.” In fact this narrative is repeated so much that I regularly see very smart people completely misunderstand the basics of information retrieval, which is the corner stone of SEO. So much time is spent talking about content in regards to SEO, that…

09 Jan 2014

10 Alternative Search Engines To Google

Google tends to be the 800lbs gorilla in the room during most SEO discussions. However, they aren’t the only search engine on the web. In fact there are literally hundreds of alternatives to Google. Some of these focus on a small niche while others try to search the entire universe! Optimizing for these may not be worth your while, but understanding how different engines rank their results will give you…

23 Dec 2013

Facebook Is Replacing Google & The Dramatic Shift This Heralds For Marketers (Part 1)

Facebook is eating Google’s lunch, which has far-reaching implications for the tactics marketers use, and more broadly has implications for marketing strategy and the relationship between marketing and product teams. Let’s look at this more closely. When Google ranks sites, it can’t really rank them based on product quality since it has no reliable signals for product quality. Put differently… Google is an information retrieval service… not a recommendation service….

17 Dec 2013

SEO Skills For Success In 2014 And Beyond

SEO basics and fundamentals are now more important than ever. However, the always changing landscape of SEO forces most of us to learn new things every year and adapt. A year ago if you asked me what skills SEOs need to learn for the future, I might have said something completely different, but for 2014 I am willing to bet the following will be crucial. Taxonomy Design Taxonomy is simply…

16 Dec 2013

Rel=”Nofollow”: Summing up What We Know

Yes, rel=”nofollow” is old news but that doesn’t mean it has stopped causing constant confusion. And no wonder! I can’t believe the official Google’s page sounds so misleading: In general, we don’t follow them. This means that Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links. Essentially, using nofollow causes us to drop the target links from our overall graph of the web [So this sounds much like…

10 Dec 2013

SEO Paradigm Shifts To Follow in 2014

If you have been in SEO for any amount of time you are already well aware of the constant change in tactics and strategies. In fact I would argue that if you have left the industry for any amount of extended time, you are likely going to need a refresher course! Now, despite the fact that tactics and strategy are constantly changing, the fundementals generally tend to stay the same….