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16 Apr 2014

How To Optimize Email Acquisition Ads: See What Converts Best Without Leaving Mailchimp

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to go to your analytics to see which email acquisition campaigns and sources converted, and what the subscribers did afterwards? With Mailchimp you can… but most people don’t know how. So let me show you how I did it. Step 1: Open Mailchimp’s List fields and Merge tags page. It’s found under Settings, when you’re in the Lists tab (third down on…

27 Mar 2014

Learn SEO With These Great Resources

Over the last couple of weeks I have been approached by friends about web sites they are starting with questions about SEO. Its hard for me to help people that don’t fall into the “client” category, for lots of reasons. But I try to take a little time with each and provide some tips and then give them some resources where they can learn more. After the second time of…

11 Mar 2014

Considerations for Choosing a Web Design Company

A business or individual looking for a company to build them a website faces a mountain of advice and choices with little guidance to help make safe decisions. Even larger corporate companies rely on the advice of in-house staff or outside help from consultants to find the right fit for building, maintaining and marketing their website.  It can be a surprise to discover how intensive website ownership can be.  It…

07 Mar 2014

3 of Deborah’s Favorite Obscure {but valuable!} Free Video Resources

For those of us in the video industry, finding resources can be addicting. I love tools. I love ebooks. I shouldn’t tell you this, but basically if it has the word “Video” in it, I’m pulling out the credit card. In my quest, I always welcome freebies, as well. Today I’m going to share three resources, two of which do not have nearly the buzz they deserve, when compared to…

04 Mar 2014

How to Avoid Unscrupulous Web Design and SEO Service Providers

Small businesses that want a website are at a severe disadvantage when seeking a credible company capable of designing an optimized, persuasive online presence. As a strong supporter of buying from local businesses, I’m well aware there is a lack of skilled local web service providers.  This frustrates small business owners who want a website and wish to hire a local company to do the work.   A small business wanting…

30 Jan 2014

How To Get Anchor Text Distribution Using Pivot Tables and OpenOffice Calc

The image you see to the right is called a doughnut chart. Its the same exact thing as a pie chart, but its even better, because well….its a doughnut! The data displayed in this particular chart is a break down of the top 25 keywords used as anchor text to my personal blog. This type of analysis is extremely important when detecting things like Penguin, and it looks great on…

28 Jan 2014

Don’t Scare Them With Your Voice: Entice and Engage Them!

The user experience, even in video and audio content is important. Would you agree? I have seen some strides in video enhancements, especially with the use of screen capture tools (including freebie tools on the web), but it seems that audio is still lacking, in many cases. I’m here to say that you CAN improve the audio on your video content and provide a more enjoyable experience for your users…

24 Jan 2014

Knowing When To Be Unprofessional (or less sophisticated) in Your Tool Usage

I am a big believer in being professional. And, if you have reached that level of professionalism, to strive even more. This is especially true of video work and hangouts. That doesn’t mean that you have to have the “Midas Touch” and that everything you touch turns to gold, but a continual process improvement to strive for a more professional product or service. This is why I added the slogan,…

07 Jan 2014

My Favorite UX Tools, Apps and Courses

There are so many great tools for testing websites and resources available for learning web site usability that it can be hard to choose. The ability to access a tool from a browser while traveling makes it easier to handle client needs in urgent situations, so I gravitate to extensions and plugins in Chrome and Firefox. Another criteria is that I have many computer devices which I used to try…

06 Jan 2014

Why Product & Marketing Need To Be One Team (Part 2)

How many times have you researched the competition only to discover that a huge driver for their marketing is their awesome product? It’s happened to me more times than I can count. The fundamental lesson to take away from this is that you must integrate the product and marketing teams. There are many reasons to do so, including: What we saw in part 1 of this series, namely that Facebook is…

23 Dec 2013

Facebook Is Replacing Google & The Dramatic Shift This Heralds For Marketers (Part 1)

Facebook is eating Google’s lunch, which has far-reaching implications for the tactics marketers use, and more broadly has implications for marketing strategy and the relationship between marketing and product teams. Let’s look at this more closely. When Google ranks sites, it can’t really rank them based on product quality since it has no reliable signals for product quality. Put differently… Google is an information retrieval service… not a recommendation service….

04 Dec 2013

Last Minute Web Site Conversions Checks Ecommerce Design

If you own an Ecommerce website, here are some conversions design recommendations for improving user experience for holiday shoppers. Put on a New Hat Every Christmas morning when my husband, pile of kids and their significant others, pets and any family who comes by gathers together, I hand out Santa Claus hats to put on our heads. Why? A few years ago, when I bought the red and white comfy…

11 Jul 2013

4 Protips: Optimizing Faceted Navigation For SEO

Having clear well thought out navigation is a very important part of successful web design. However sometimes creating easy to use navigation can get rather complicated when there are many different options for the user to choose from. Take for example an ecommerce site that sells hats. They might have a handful of main categories that organizes their products, but each of those categories may also contain more specific options…