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Archive: October 2006
20 Oct 2006

Jim Boykin’s Favorite SEO Writings.

Since I’ll be taking a blog break for ~6 weeks, I thought I’d leave some of my favorite post here on top, and organized nicely (Pulled from how it’s organized from my link teams training page). Link Building Philosophies:Picture of Link Neighborhoods  Changes and Paranoia – the sky is fallingWhy that site with 50 backlinks beats your site with 1000 backlinks.The Google Gods Speak to Us about Link Building.Just what is…

20 Oct 2006

Taking a Blog Break for 5-6 weeks.

This next month I’ll be busier than I’ve ever been….so I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a little over a month. Next week I’ll be locking myself in my office while I work on rewriting There’s so many services on there there that are outdated, and we haven’t even shown off our "writing content" side. I’ve been rewriting it for months now, and have collected a ton…

15 Oct 2006

Bill Slawski talks about how search engines may rerank search results.

Bill Slawski (SEO By the Sea) just wrote an excellent post called "20 Ways Search Engines May Rerank Search Results". Now some of this might be speculation, and some might be advanced ranking techniques that search engines just might be using, and few SEO’s know of. I’ve been thinking of doing a post on the topic of "Things Search Engines might be ranking pages on, but few people know of"…..but…

13 Oct 2006

Matt: It’s ours! We’ve stolen the precious Google algo from the ‘plex.

Today I saw a post by Rand on SEOMoz about "if the Google Algorthym was leaked"….it’s a fun reading post, where in the middle Rand and Rebecca of SEO Moz start dreaming this: Matt: It’s ours! We’ve stolen the precious Google algo from the ‘plex.Rebecca: Yeah, with our newfound knowledge, we can rule this puny Internet!Rand: OK, wait – let’s examine it and see what we need to do.(six months of…

12 Oct 2006

I’m Feeling Lucky – Thanks WBP Team!

Lately I’ve been walking on air – and Feeling Lucky. I’ve assembled the biggest and best We Build Pages team to date. We’ve got 22 employees, including 13 Link Ninjas – and still hiring more future link ninjas! Also a few months ago we did that move to the 5th floor (top floor) – For the suburb we’re in; we’ve got killer views and killer work space for us.  We got a ping…

10 Oct 2006

Roger Montti (Martinibuster) Joins BOTW Guys!

 As reported on the Best of the Web BOTW Blog - Martinibuster is going to BOTW! … we are pleased to welcome Roger Montti as the newest member of the BOTW executive team. …Roger will be acting as BOTW VP of Verticals. Our newest offering, BOTW Verticals (beta) will serve as an online resource for users to find information on various business solutions. Wow, Roger and BOTW (Directory since 1994 – Blog…

10 Oct 2006

The Google Gods Speak to Us about Link Building.

The Google Gods (in our heads) Speak to Us about Link Building. Brandon Cornett has a nice article called “The 10 Commandments of Link Building” I just read on ISEdb. Brandon also gives a nice tip under #6 “Thou shalt be creative” …Then it dawned on me. There were hundreds, possibly thousands of websites out there looking for the kind of content I could provide, but not knowing where to look….

06 Oct 2006

Google Ranking Filters: Trust and Age Factors.

Call it what you want: Sandbox, Trustbox, TrustRank, Filters, Kitty Litter, etc etc. In case you didn’t know, TIME is a huge factor to Google’s rankings. How long you’ve been around, how long you’ve had people link to your site, how old are the site that link to you, what has your backlink growth and history been, etc, etc…’s all about TIME Factors. There’s another nice thread over at Webmasterworld…

05 Oct 2006

Important: Know a site built with Microsoft Frontpage?

Can you digg it? Today I got an email from Gemstream Hosting with the subject line of "FrontPage End-of-Life". I’d think this was spam, except it was coming from a big hosting company. Now I might hate to admit it, but I know a few websites out there that were built in Microsoft Fronpage. You should read this if you too know of any sites on the web that we…

03 Oct 2006

Pagerank Bar doesn’t Equal Search Engine Rankings.

There’s an interesting thread over on Webmasterworld about Google increasing the fairy dust (Pagerank) for sites that buy big ole links. The fun part is where Roger (Martinibuster) (the Moderator for the Link Building Category on WW) keeps trying to make a point about the visible Pagerank not meaning anything as far as rankings are concerned. There’s some great quotes by some great minds…but Martinibuster takes the cake, and steals…

03 Oct 2006

Just what is “relevant” when getting links?

Chris Boggs has a nice post on Search Engine Roundtable, where he spots a thread on Cre8asite forums about "the seven degrees of separations" when linking topically. Tomc asks: When performing a link building campaign, how effective is it to gain links from entirely non-relevant sites but which share some words from your keyphrase? I’ll use an example – if I’m trying to get links for a site about Football…