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Methods of Getting Google to Index Your URL’s (Faster)

Indexation has long been a popular dilemma in an SEO community as we naturally want Google to capture our new URLs quickly, but there’s no sure-fire way to force Google to do that.

Lately Google has been notoriously slower at indexing URLs which has caused an SEO community to try all the old and new ways to get Google to index URLs faster.

To discuss URL indexation Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst, have come together to try and build a list of ways you can try to get your new URL indexed or your existing page re-crawled.

To tell if your Google is indexed by Google:

  • Search for a long sequence of text from that page in quotes
  • Search cache:URL in Google
  • Search site:URL in Google
  • Search Google for inurl:your-url-path-here
  • Check Search Console’s URL Inspection tool

Mind that you may see your page missing using one method but it can appear indexed when you try a different method. That may be due to Google returning results from different databases. It may take some time for Google to populate your URL in all of its databases.

Also, Google continuously stated that even if your page takes quite some time to get indexed, it is not necessarily as sign of anything bad or wrong going on with your site. In a word, it is normal.

To get your page indexed in Google:

  • Open that page in Google Chrome
  • Tweet it
  • Link to it off your site home page
  • Link to it sitewide
  • Link to it from a new blog post
  • Run your URL through Mobile-Friendly tool
  • Load that page in Search Console’s URL Inspection tool. Read more: Ask Google to re-crawl your URLs
  • Add your sitemap to Google Search Console if you haven’t yet
  • Get a link from another site
  • Find a section on your site that tends to get indexed quicker and link off that section to your new URLs

You can certainly try any combination or even all of these methods because there’s no harm in them.

If there are any other ways of getting Google to index your page faster, please comment below!


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