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Archive: November 2006
29 Nov 2006

New Free SEO Tools from WBP – Sweet!

I’ve been keeping our programmer pretty busy this past month by having him fix some of our old internet marketing tools, and creating new SEO tools for both private and public use. My favorite SEO tool is our new version of the old Cool SEO Tool, now called The Top 10 Analysis SEO Tool, if you haven’t given it a spin, check it out! Here’s our new We Build Pages SEO tools:…

17 Nov 2006

Nathaniel Thomas Scott Boykin – Born Nov 13, 2006

Monday we welcomed a new addition to the Boykin Family. Nathaniel Thomas Scott Boykin – (see his new website) It was a very fast delivery, when we arrived at the hospital they said we could go back home….1/2 hour later he was born. Thank goodness we didn’t leave (we live 25 minutes away)! At one point Mary said, I’ve got to push, and the nurse pulled the covers away and…

15 Nov 2006

SEO Content Creation: WBP Website Content Writers. A CEO Post.

CEO Post:We’re still working on the new this week, but I thought I’d share some information about our new SEO content creation services. Everyone should know that the secret to ranking high in the search engines comes though a combination of Links and Content, thus it only makes sense to work at both. I’ve been greedy in that since last summer I’ve had our writers write over 17,000 pages of content…

13 Nov 2006

Pictures of SEO People

We’re still working on the new (hoping to be released Friday), and still waiting for the new baby (due in 3 days). Since I see that Nathaniel Broughton has a great Pubcon Drinking Game, for the Pubconference that starts tomorrow in Vegas, I thought it might be a good day to publish my new SEO Pictures Page for those who might not know what the SEO’s on the Drinking…

10 Nov 2006

New SEO Tool – Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool – Free

I’ve been a busy bee here the past few weeks designing and rewriting, updating the SEO Tools, and training new Link Ninjas.  We’re planning the new release of next Friday. But I thought that today I’d release some new improvements to the ole Cool SEO Tool. It’s also be renamed The Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool. It’s an easy tool to use. Simply enter in a url and…