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For fun and function, people love their widgets!

The interactivity and functionality of widgets make them an excellent method of reaching new customers; with the Internet Marketing Ninjas touch, website widgets can become a lightning rod for links, traffic, and rankings.

Creating widgets for your brand can seem a mysterious and daunting task. Cool website widgets in particular need to be useful as well as entertaining or interesting. Many online brands don’t include Widgets in their internet marketing services simply because they do not have enough information to make decisions. Internet Marketing Ninjas will provide you all of the information for the creation of a web widget via a widget strategy analysis report. We look at your website and then examine the widget world to see what widgets are working and what widgets are not working in your field or industry.

We study your website content to see what can be immediately utilized for widgets. We also use our expertise and experience in building cool website widgets to determine if there are specific opportunities where your brand can prosper in terms of link building and/or Social Media Marketing from the creation of widgets.

Creating widgets for website purposes are just the beginning though, once they are created they have to accomplish two goals. The first goal of having web widgets is that they should be used and spread by people. The second web widget goal is to create relevant content that is both useful to people and search engines. We have a proven way that we enter widgets into directories that achieve both these goals.

Internet Marketing Ninjas uses a multi-platform strategy to spread your widgets to as many people as possible. With so many platforms and places to find and share widgets, the task of creating widgets can seem almost impossible. Since we use a multi-platform system for website widgets, you do not have to create or modify your gadget for all the different possibilities. We can do that for you, or help train your in-house talent to do so.

Brainstorm Widget Ideas

We analyze the market, the competition and widgets currently available in your niche. After compiling the data from this discovery process, we will deliver a competitive analysis and proposal for up to 5 widget options.

Basic Widget

We will create a basic widget for you like the ones found here.

Widget Promotion

We will add your widget to the top 3 widget directories: Widgetbox (includes an html link to your website), Google Gadgets & Yahoo widgets.

Widget Strategy Analysis Report

If you have ever wondered if widgets were right for you, this web widget report will help answer any questions you may have. It covers topics including how your website can benefit from widget creation, which types of widgets will work best, and what costs are involved in creating widgets for website use.

Widget Creation

Internet Marketing Ninjas employs a talented development and design team to help you build widgets that are created with SEO and cross platform compatibility in mind. - Want a widget? Contact Us.

Widget Promotion

Once you have a widget, how do you get people to start using it and spreading it? We can help you implement ways to encourage wide-spread use of the cool website widgets we design for you!

Widget Content

Creating widgets may mean that you need additional content targeted to a particular type of user. Internet Marketing Ninjas has a talented group of writers on staff that can assist you with all your content creation needs to help supplement your website widgets.

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Widget Examples

NOTE: Because of confidentiality agreements we have with our clients, we have to be fairly generic when describing the widgets. Unfortunately we cannot provide links to these example web widgets, nor links to other widget work we have done.

Halloween Widget

Background: A company came to us trying to improve their rankings in the competitive Halloween industry. Internet Marketing Ninjas put together a proposal for a Halloween widget that was creative and interesting.

The Results: Our client's Halloween widget has received nearly 900,000 views and got nearly 400 installs on relevant, Halloween related websites. Each install of the web widgets allows us to add a followed, targeted link back to our client's website, links that may make the difference between being on the first page of Google, or the third.

Debt Widget

Background: We were asked to make a financial widget for a debt themed website. Debt is one of the most competitive (and profitable) keyword areas on the Internet. After some brainstorming, we designed a debt themed widget to help promote the website.

The Results: Our debt widget performed spectacularly, amassing 8.5 million total impressions and still counting. The debt widget has been installed over 3,500 times, each providing a targeted link back to the financial website. 3,500 debt themed links are a force to be reckoned with on the Internet. When a 'linkdomain' Yahoo search was performed on the website, we determined that the first result (the most powerful link) was from our widget. After clicking through the first 50 results it was determined that 26 out of the top 50 links were directly a result of them installing our widget. In addition, the widget was dubbed the 'link of the day' by a few random local news channels scattered around the United States.


Widget Platforms

There are many different widget platforms and ways for people to discover widgets. Below you'll find an overview of some of the more popular widget classifications and platforms.

Personal Home Pages

When a widget is placed on a personal home page it means that only the user or owner of that home page can see or interact with those widgets for website analytics, interactivity or other such purposes. These are extremely popular right now. For example, Google's personalized homepage has been used by over 100 million people, with billions of widget views a month. Personal home pages are different from other places that display widgets because they are only displaying the widget to one person. These pages are not seen by the public, only the owner. Therefore, there is no need to heavily brand these widgets or offer options like "Grab this Widget" because the owner already has this and is the only one who can see the widget. Widgets that do well on personal home pages tend to be simple and function-based. The over-branding of a widget can actually hurt a widget's success.

  • iGoogle

    iGoogle is Google's personalized home page. Its main feature is it allows users to collect and display widgets. Google refers to their widgets as "gadgets" and they display information like news, games, photos, weather, and more. Each Google user can choose their own gadgets and arrange them on their page in any order they like. The place where users find these gadgets is the Google gadget directory. The Google gadget directory has tens of thousands of gadgets. If a user likes cats, then they can search for "cats" in the directory and be presented with cat gadgets of all sizes and varieties. Gadgets are ranked in the directory algorithmically by search term relevance.

  • NetVibes

    NetVibes is another example of a personal home page, which offers users many of the features described above. NetVibes widgets are useful to have in many ways. One of the main reasons that NetVibes is a great place to share your widget is because the code of the widget is actually multi-functional for you. NetVibes widgets are made using the Universal Widget API (UWA). This means that once made, these widgets can be displayed in many different places, in many different forms.

Public Profile Pages

Facebook and MySpace are examples of public profiles. These are different from personal home pages in a very important way. Public profiles can be seen by anyone, which means there is opportunity for viral spread of your widget. Here is where a "Grab this Widget" option may be more appropriate. By designing a widget specifically for public profiles you can increase the likelihood of others grabbing it.

  • Facebook

    Facebook is known for its enormous potential and usage of widgets (which they call "applications"). Facebook has changed many things about how applications work with users' profile pages, which has unfortunately significantly decreased the "viral" ability to spread an application. However, even with these changes, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world. As such, it often makes sense to be represented there. Facebook application development is more expensive than other widget development because it uses a proprietary language which requires, in many instances, a developer to create an application from start to finish in this language.

  • MySpace

    MySpace was once thought as a playground for thirteen year olds but it is no longer such. Today, one can find MySpace pages for several Fortune 1000 companies. This platform has a wide appeal and massive usage numbers. Creating a MySpace widget can often be done with a slight alteration of existing widget code. They are a member of Open Social which is, in part, a language designed to be implemented all over the Web on several different platforms. For example, an Open Social application that works on iGoogle will also work on MySpace with very little altering.


Widget Directories / Viral Installer Platforms

Some widget platforms are simply places where widgets can be made and where widgets can be found. Perhaps the most popular of such platforms is WidgetBox.

  • iPhone Apps

    The long awaited, highly anticipated, release of the Apple iPhone not only created a hot new trend, it opened the door for a flood of new technology and a whole new platform for businesses to market themselves. If your target audience is on the cutting edge of technology then reach them on their level through a customized iPhone application. Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and those who are late to the party are sure to regret it. I popular iPhone App can benefit your site in numerous ways, from branding to backlinks. Whatever field you are in, as they say, "there's an App for that" form the fun to the functional, there is a whole new world of marketing opportunities on the iPhone.

  • WidgetBox

    Widgetbox is becoming the largest directory of widgets on the Web, also offering services in widget promotion and creation. Because of the popularity of this platform, it is recommended to always have a Widgetbox version of your widget. This website has major SEO value and if you submit your widget there, you may be surprised when within a week your widget is in the top 10 or 20 results of Google for terms found in the widget's title. Widgetbox also offers a viral installer. Viral installers are the little button that says "Get this Widget" and then allows a user to install that widget to several platforms.