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Simplify The Customer Journey.

A positive user experience will ensure your credibility and enhance customer trust. A clearly defined and easy-to-understand selling proposition helps users discern your site’s purpose. Creating an intuitive, simple customer experience is essential to your generating revenue, leads and other key metrics.

Whether you aim to improve the purchase process, increase your leads or make sure your site and any associated applications are functionally sound, Internet Marketing Ninjas has the experience and tools to simplify your customer journey. By blending persuasive web design with user experience techniques, the potential for web site success is substantial. We can review these elements before a redesign, or analyze the user experience after you implement your own planned changes.

We understand each web site is different and each brand is unique. We will start by asking questions to help us better understand your goals for the site. We will listen to your concerns and observations. Your analysis is custom created just for you. You can expect actionable, step-by-step recommendations, screenshots and mockups to help visualize the path to achieving your goals.

Product Offerings

Our collective experience combined with our own suite of proprietary tools enables us to spot and solve issues that others simply miss. There is nothing boilerplate or cookie-cutter about the work we create. The research and documentation put into every Audit and Report is completely unique – meticulously written and reviewed with you and your specific business objectives in mind.

  • Phone Consulting
  • Usability Site Review
  • Landing Page Review
  • User Task Testing
  • Shopping Cart/Forms User Interface & Functional Testing
  • User Personas and Behavioral Research
  • Custom Persuasive Design Audit
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About Our Lead Usability & User Interface Analyst

Considered a pioneer in combining user experience web design with organic search engine optimization, Kim brings 17 years of work experience in all areas of Internet design; including software applications. Her ability to view your project from every angle and apply testing techniques based on your online business results in a report filled with easy-to-follow actionable recommendations for an immediate conversions lift.

Kim’s work experience includes: Web Design, Blog Design, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Social Marketing, Usability, Human Factors, Persuasive Design, Conversions Design and Solutions, User Experience, Customer Experience, Captology, Internet Software Application Functional and User Interface Testing, Shopping Cart Testing, Information Architecture.

What People Are Saying...

Kim Krause Berg's usability reviews are bar-none the best in the industry. Her ability to get inside the mind of your users and think like a real customer of your site makes for data that is invaluable to improving the quality and conversion rate of your website. Kim's experience stems from the dual fields of SEO & usability and her time spent conducting hundreds of usability tests mean that your website will receive an impressively comprehensive review. Kim's work explores and supports how your target market will want to use your site, what tasks may frustrate or frustrate them or, entice them to buy from you. In addition, in my opinion, her review work is an standout example of what a professional in the web industry can achieve; simply superlative. Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz

There's really no sense optimizing a non-usable site for high search engine rankings, which is why I've been partnering with Kim to perform usability testing and reporting for many years now. I haven't counted them all, but I bet she's put together close to 100 of them for me, if not more. As soon as we get our hands on one of her usability studies, my clients and I have a better understanding of what needs to be done with their sites to make them the best they can be from their site visitors' perspective. Jill Whalen,