Smart URL List Cleaner Tool

select multiple by holding CTRL (on Windows) or CMD (on mac)

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This list cleaning tool is so powerful: It allows you to merge lists from different sources and clean them up by leaving one URL per domain or only unique URLs. Its most useful features include:

  • Generate one list from several lists. (Useful when you are using different sources of backlink research like Google Webmaster Tools and MajesticSEO). You can import several lists (just hold CTRL / CMD when selecting files from your computer) and merge that data easily with the copy-paste list in the input field
  • Clean the list to keep only unique-domain URLs (again, very useful when you are using many sources of data)
  • Clean the list to keep the LONGEST URLs from each domain (This is GOLD when, for example, Google Webmaster Tools give you several URLs for one backlink like blog archives page, category page and finally blog post URL - the latter is usually the longest URL and more often than not the only real source of the backlink!)

Get your link lists in order!

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