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The days of using your dog's name or "password1" to ensure the security of your information are over... and have been for a long time.  With the rise of social media, and the amount of information we typically keep online, having a secure password is more important today than ever.  The most secure password is typically a series of randomly generated letters, numbers, and special characters, and you need a strong password generator online to meet that need for you.

By using our Password Generator tool, you are able to choose secure passwords quickly and easily.  The passwords are chosen at random, with all possible combinations of string letters, capital letters, digits, and special symbols.  Simply choose which of these elements you would like included in your password, along with the amount of characters you would like in the password, and the password generator will create a unique, secure password for you. 

How can I keep my password secure?

Above and beyond creating a secure password with our Password Generator Tool, creating a new password every 90 days is a great way to ensure your information stays safe and secure.  Of course, it can be difficult to come up with new passwords 4 times a year, which is where the Password Generator tool really shines.  Creating new passwords is simple, as little as a single click of the mouse, and doing so quarterly will keep your information in the right hands.

Some websites place restrictions on your passwords.  Some cannot be a certain length, while others require a capital letter and special symbol. Generally, the longer the password, the better, but if the site for which you are creating the password sets restrictions, the Password Generator will help you create the most secure password within the site's parameters.

Keeping Track of Your Passwords

Of course, with the days of memorable passwords quickly fading, the concern becomes password management.  With multiple passwords changing every 90 days, it becomes vital to install good password management software to keep track of how to get into your various accounts.