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This tool does not check the following:
  • Words that have a capital letter in them
  • Words with numbers or special characters in them.

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This free utility crawls your site and shows you all your misspellings on hover over: Click for more details.

Spellcheck a Single Page or an Entire Website

In 2011, Google implemented numerous and significant changes to its ranking algorithm; those changes reward exceptional webpage content with higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Alternatively, webpages that feature thin, poorly written, or otherwise low-quality content are identified as having lesser merit for the human reader. Poorly written and presented content is also unlikely to be viewed as “expert content”, and in turn may not earn valuable backlinks or user trust or interaction.

Use the data resulting from this tool to improve the quality of your site’s content pages. Your readers, and the search engines, will appreciate the improvements!

How to Use the Online Spell Check Tool

To run our online spell check tool for the content on a website, type in or copy/paste the URL of the website’s homepage in the provided text box. Select the number of ‘Pages to be Crawled’, from the ranges provided and input any misspellings to be ignored in the scan, then click ‘Ninja Check’.

This tool does not check the following:

  • Words that feature a capital letter
  • Words that include numbers or special characters

Once the online spellchecker tool has completed the scan, it displays a report listing each URL scanned, the number of non-linked words that appear on the page, and the number of possible misspellings found. The generated report also includes a list of the most common spellcheck errors present on the ‘spidered’ URLs; these would were not identified in the tools dictionary and may be errors within the content. These potential errors can then be review and corrected as needed.

Notes for the User


  • The tool is designed to scan text displayed on the page, not text in metadata tags, such as description, or alt tags, nor text in images, Flash or Silverlight content.
  • Due to the natures of the resources this tool requires, users are limited to 5 runs per day, per user. If additional runs are necessary, please bookmark this page and come back in 24 hours.
  • Running this tool on numerous pages takes time; the larger the number of pages to be scanned, and the more text per page to scan; the more time it takes to complete the report.

The Implications of Poor Content

A website’s bounce rate is a valuable factor that will impact the ranking of that page within the SERPs. Overall, poor content is likely to increase the webpage’s bounce rate; which is the act of a website visitor clicking the ‘back’ button and leaving a website, when they don’t receive the information they were looking for.

Numerous errors are often indicative of low-value content. This is not to say that all pages with one or two typos are junk or vice versa; but, the correlation between low quality content and minimal user value is strong.

To help better leverage the value of the content your website offers to human readers, in turn how it is viewed by search engines, it is important to ensure that the content is:

  • well-written
  • clear in its objective
  • uses proper grammar
  • free of misspellings

Not only can typos diminish the perceived value of your content, if your important keywords are misspelled, you may also miss out on creating valuable keyword relevance opportunities.

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