Traffic Tips: October 2016

Build Links and Traffic by Being Featured in Expert Interviews

Appearing as a featured expert in a group interview on a popular blog is one of the most efficient ways to raise your profile and gain authority online.

The following are just some of the benefits:

  • Increased exposure - You build your personal brand and raise your visibility in your niche (which results in more followers and mentions).
  • Greater authority - Your quote appears alongside recognized and trusted experts, which brings powerful authority by association.
  • Valuable links - You build powerful editorial links from established blogs, which also generate referral traffic* (and may result in long-term SEO benefits).
  • More opportunities - As explained above, experts featured in popular interviews are often among the first chosen for future round-ups and other projects (that's the rich-get-richer concept).

HARO and MyBlogU are two platforms facilitating group interviews, which is geared toward blogging and community building. Another great tool is, which lets you filter results by "interviews" and, more importantly, it allows you to "Save any search" to easily access it again and/or export any results to Excel.

Good luck getting featured!

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