Traffic Tip: February 2016

Generate Quick but Steady Traffic by Re-Sharing Your Content on Social Media

Welcome to the third edition of our weekly quick traffic generation tips newsletter. If you have missed the first two, stay tuned! At the end of the month we'll wrap up all the tips and send them again in our monthly round-up!

A common content marketing mistake is to only publish new blog posts or digital assets on social media channels once when the content is first published. Repost evergreen content every few weeks to get it in front of new followers or followers who may have missed it the first time around.

Be sure never to share the same exact message twice - reword the copy shared with your link to keep content fresh by posting the link with a quote, statistic, or insight from the blog post.

Here are a few tools to scale this traffic generation tactic:
  • Bookmark this article including steps and tools to scale social media sharing on different social media networks.
  • Use TweetJukeBox: Just add your evergreen articles into a separate "box", pick the days and times and the tool will be circling your URLs on Twitter

Stay tuned for the next traffic tip coming up in a week!

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Ann Smarty and the IMN Team