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The Internet Marketing Ninjas’ Google Freebase tool is a free, collaborative knowledge base that allows commercial and non-commercial users to search for cross-linked data. Google Freebase operates by pulling data from an open and shared database of the world's knowledge composed by its community members.

To Use Our Google Freebase Tool:

Google Freebase provides information on over twenty million topics and entities, a project that continually expands up to the minute and harvests an online collection of structured data from a variety of sources, including user-generated content from:

The Google Freebase Tool identifies related searches and subject matter; for instance, the input phrase “Boston” carries various connotations. It can refer to the U.S. city Boston, Massachusetts, the basketball team, the rock band, and Boston, Lincolnshire on the east coast of England. The Freebase Tool associates these terms with one or more types and properties that further differentiate between the terms; both related concepts are called schema within the Freebase community.

This free tool offers significant value to webmasters; allowing webmasters to plug into the tool by inputting selected topics and then branch out to identify untapped opportunities related to the primary search. It allows users to search a massive database of creative commons licensed information to find new untapped, relevant, opportunities for data and research that can be added to your website quickly and efficiently.

By linking multiple entities together, webmasters can grow out their websites with related information. Webmasters can use our Google Freebase in one of three ways:

Use this tool to brainstorm and generate new content for your website and tap into valuable and related keyword opportunities. Webmasters now have access to a wealth of information to diversify their websites, while still maintaining the relevancy and address the targeted user intent.

Users can also combine the information generated by the free Google Freebase Tool with other Internet Marketing Ninja Tools, including the Search Combination Tool, to cross-reference opportunities and further identify related information and variations to better optimize their website.

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