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03 Jan 2014

Would Your Mobile Sales Double & Your Strategy Change Radically If You Heard This Advice?

7 Lessons I Learned At The Jerusalem BNF‘s Event: How Apps Can Grow Your Business A LOT depends on knowing your audience. This manifested in a variety of interesting ways: 1. “Finding out that Windows Phone is #2 in certain countries, behind only Android,” was a huge insight for Marna Becker of recruiting & HR shop Sikoor. Imagine launching a campaign targeting only iOS in such a country – you’d… [Read More…]

16 Jan 2009

We Build Widgets

Like you didn’t know this would happen… This is Patrick Sexton. I hereby declare that We Build Pages now builds widgets. As a widget developer, I have spent the last two years doing nothing else but experimenting with widgets and how they can be used for traffic and profit. I have blogged about Google gadgets for longer than people even knew there was such a thing as Google gadgets and… [Read More…]

09 Jan 2009

Widgets on TV and Why Widgets are Important

One of my first priorities at We Build Pages was to change the way we interacted with our own information, tools and databases. To accomplish this goal, our entire development team had to stop what they were doing, not take on new projects, and spend a couple weeks to create a more flexible way of storing and interacting with our data. They did a great job. The ability to interact… [Read More…]

30 Oct 2008

LinkedIn Application Directory

LinkedIn announced a few months ago that it would be using the Open Social platform. They haven’t said much since. But many were waiting for how they would handle an application directory. Now they announced it’s launch. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn said: “The nine applications that you see live today on LinkedIn include productivity enhancing applications from Amazon,, Google, Huddle, Six Apart, SlideShare, Tripit, and WordPress as well a… [Read More…]