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Category: Website Usability
30 Nov 2012

In Praise of Paranoid Sysadmins

Sadly, it’s not unusual for an SEO to get some pushback on some of the changes they want to make to a client’s website. The reasons for the objections can be as varied as the people making them. Take all of them seriously and address them politely, of course – and pay particular heed to the paranoid sysadmin. Where most people see paranoia, the paranoid sysadmin sees simple security consciousness…. [Read More…]

27 Aug 2012

13 Best User Experience Blogs

When you are making a blog or website, what do you first consider? The overall template or layout? Content and SEO? Hosting services and platform? Well, one thing is for sure…you should have user experience at the forefront of your thoughts, as well. Making sure that visitors to your site find navigation easy, information useful and contact a breeze is one of the most important parts of developing a page…. [Read More…]

26 Apr 2012

6 Ways Reviews and Testimonials Can Help Your Conversions

By Ninja Karina Reviews and testimonials are a great way to improve the conversion rate of your website for many reasons: 1. Testimonials and reviews convey trust. Every product and service on your site should allow the option for the user to write a review. Each time a user makes a purchase, send a message to encourage them to write a review. Most people don’t mind sharing their thoughts if… [Read More…]

09 Jan 2012

The Duplicate Product Description Quagmire

When you’re doing frequent SEO site reviews, two of the words that come up the most are “duplicate content”. Now there are a lot of reasons and ways for content to be deemed as duplicate and some situations are more troublesome than others.  But one in particular seems to present a unique problem for many e-commerce sites. Product descriptions are a requirement, without them no one would know what they… [Read More…]

06 Jan 2012

Revisiting Web Standards and Your Website: Opportunities & Challenges

A colleague recently lent me an awesome book about web standards, a fairly famous one, called Designing with Web Standards By Jeffery Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte. It is not your usual techy read, it makes a good case for the importance of web standards generally, addressing important counterpoints such as why are web standards still important despite that fact that browsers are willing to render code that is sometimes grotesquely… [Read More…]

04 Jan 2012

Why You Don’t Want Free Website Content

During some routine keyword research I stumbled across some keywords related to “Free Website content”.   It looked something like this: Ok so in terms of relative search volume that’s not too bad. But it does say there’s still a good chunk of people out there who haven’t gotten the memo about content in a post-Panda world.  So for anyone who is still missing the writing on the wall when it… [Read More…]

28 Jul 2011

When Is Fixing Duplicate Content Issues Really Worth My Time ?

Duplicate content is a loaded topic, it comes in so many different styles and flavors. One thing is true though, it sucks fixing these issues more often  than not! (very rarely is it as easy as tucking something behind a robots.txt exclusion). It takes up your time analyzing, it takes up your developers time, sometimes lots of resources need to be  spent creating new unique content, and it is just… [Read More…]

07 Jan 2009

Are you creating compelling online video content? Why not?

If you’re looking for an effective way to spice up your Web site and get users all hot and bothered in 2009, a quick look at the new comScore stats show that adding some video content to your site may just be the way to go. Hell, I got all hot and bothered just looking at the numbers. Er. Disregard that. On Monday, comScore revealed that 77 percent of US… [Read More…]

05 Nov 2008

10 Reasons Why Your Website Looks Like Spam

I’m sure you know exactly what the Google Webmaster Guidelines say about spam.  If you’re just playing at this SEO thing, here’s the quick version: don’t trick the search engines with hidden text, hidden links, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, or doorway pages. Having said that, there are an awful lot of web pages out there that aren’t spam, but certainly give off a spammy vibe.  People like me will notice… [Read More…]