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01 May 2014

Social Sharing Writer’s Block: Getting You UN-blocked

Have you every found yourself sitting there staring at the computer screen and knowing you want to share something on your social networks, but can’t for the life of you figure out what to share? (Actually, in reality, I generally find the opposite, where I am at the dinner table having family conversation and something comes up and I stop and say, “That is Tweetable!” The response is usually, “Don’t… [Read More…]

01 Apr 2014

Your Web Site Spring Cleaning Chore List

Spring is here or winter is coming, depending on where you live, and what better time to dust the cobwebs from your website? I bet you think your site is perfect, right? Or, you are never satisfied.  You know you need to do “something else” but what might that be? Finding Opportunities for Fresh Conversions My teenage years were spent living in a 200 year old farmhouse in the country… [Read More…]

20 Aug 2013

Information Architecture and the Temple of Doom

Walking into a web site for the first time can be like entering an ancient pyramid with long unmarked paths and secret passageways to marvelous treasures. Some people say the pyramids were built by people who were able to move stones into place with their minds. Others say the accuracy of each structure was given to the people by aliens. Both are often true case descriptions for what happens when… [Read More…]

31 Dec 2012

7 Best Brainstorming Apps

Coming up with an interesting idea is difficult. Many of our best ideas come and go, forgotten before we really get them down. For those remembered, it can be much harder to flesh it out into something both cohesive and useable than it was to generate the initial thought that sparked your inspiration. If it were easier, they wouldn’t have writer’s block, and the same television shows, movies and books… [Read More…]

06 Nov 2012

The Secret to Natural Site Conversions for Usability and SEO – Part I

For the debut of my first in weekly blog posts for Internet Marketing Ninjas, I thought it fitting to begin by going into more depth on what I call the “The Magical Secret to Natural Site Conversions for Usability and SEO”. During the recent PubCon in Las Vegas, I gave a short presentation at an Open Mic session called, “SEO and Usability Conversion Tactics for Your Homepage”.  There was no… [Read More…]

09 Jan 2012

The Duplicate Product Description Quagmire

When you’re doing frequent SEO site reviews, two of the words that come up the most are “duplicate content”. Now there are a lot of reasons and ways for content to be deemed as duplicate and some situations are more troublesome than others.  But one in particular seems to present a unique problem for many e-commerce sites. Product descriptions are a requirement, without them no one would know what they… [Read More…]

04 Jan 2012

Why You Don’t Want Free Website Content

During some routine keyword research I stumbled across some keywords related to “Free Website content”.   It looked something like this: Ok so in terms of relative search volume that’s not too bad. But it does say there’s still a good chunk of people out there who haven’t gotten the memo about content in a post-Panda world.  So for anyone who is still missing the writing on the wall when it… [Read More…]