30 May 2014

When to Have Fun With Fiverr Videos

Using Fiverr Videos

Using Fiverr Videos

Videos are fun.. well, mostly. If you haven’t added video to your content strategy plan, it might be time for you to consider that.

When you are first starting out with video, you probably have a lot of questions on where to start. There are a couple options, for adding that video content.

  • Create the video yourself.
  • Have someone else create the video (paid or unpaid/friend/favor).

If you are in the first category, then you probably are not reading this post and you are already out there creating your videos and have video as a part of that content strategy. Or, you may be thinking that it might be fun to start creating them yourself, but you are not sure how to go about it.

If so, or if you are in the second category, one of the options open to you is Fiverr.

Did I say that that was the *best* option for your content strategy plan? Not necessarily, as it depends on your objectives. However, I can say that these videos are fun. Part of the reason they are fun, is because of their low price tag, and hence, an ROI that can be adjusted to that low price tag.

The Name Of The Game: Fun (and affordable!)

Our very own Jen Van Iderstyne says it well, when talking about the fun Fiverr videos that Internet Marketing Ninjas has purchased:

Even when the videos are funny because they’re really bad, they’re still funny. Do we think that these are the best representatives for our brand, well we may not be sending them to conferences anytime soon, but they’re memorable, they’re sharable but most of all, they are a start. So if you just don’t know how to take the first step, this is how the Ninjas did it. So enjoy this first round of videos, we’ve got even more coming.

Read her “Ninja Videos from Fiverr” article and check out more IMN Fiverr videos.

It is $5 USD. Compared to a $9,000 video, that is affordable and videos are fun, aren’t they?

Brand Awareness and Strategy Objectives

Keep in mind your purpose for video. If your purpose is to get some social interaction and engagement, then by all means, use the resources available to you, and that may include Fiverr.

If your brand is something that you feel will be detrimentally affected by a lower quality video, then Fiverr is probably not the answer for you. However, part of that can be mitigated through the process of managing expectations for your audience. Even the most staunch, serious brand could have some fun with an inexpensive video. The key is to know what you are trying to accomplish. Like Jen said, even a “bad video” can make us laugh and create engagement opportunities for your brand.

Knowing When To Foot The Bill For a More Expensive Video

There may come a time when you need a conversion video that properly represents the quality of your brand. That may be a time where you want to bring in the professionals, with the lighting equipment and expertise to film you at your best (don’t forget the cosmetologist for makeup and hair, too!). However, your cost is going to be quite a bit higher that a $5 bill. Add some zeroes to it. Quite a few. It is not unusual to have a $5,000 invoice for professional service, even on the shortest videos. Why? Because you have the professionals filming it, and producing it, with their expertise, as well as the render hours on the machines. Add to that the effects (cost and know-how), special templating and customization… well.. that list can become a long one, especially when you are ensuring that you are hiring a professional that knows how to use material that will not get you in trouble with copyrights and licensing. Also, if the videographer films it, the footage belongs to the videographer and he is required to get model releases for any people appearing in the video. If not handled properly, that could tie up a video while the contract is negotiated.

Fiverr Doesn’t Sound Too Bad, Does It?

So, with all of the potential considerations that you may have to think about with producing your own video, or hiring a professional to do it for you, Fiverr doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Now, you can get out there, fill out a form, add a five spot to it, and sit back and wait for that cool video to start your audience engaging with you in social media.

And, it isn’t like Fiverr is the only game in town for fun and inexpensive.. you can make your own Vines, like the one here, with John Camp, from our sales team, in honor of the US Memorial Day holiday. I’ll leave you with this vine to loop for awhile (don’t forget to unmute, to hear John singing!). Enjoy!


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