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Category: User Intent
13 May 2014

Lessons in Color, Colorblindness and Use of Web Site Color

Decisions for the use of color in websites is often based on personal taste or preferences by the site owner.  They choose what they can see and read. Unfortunately, colors are not rendered the same on all computer devices, browsers and even eyesight. Each of us has our own abilities to see with our eyes and many of us do not see colors the way they should be seen.  For awhile, webmasters… [Read More…]

06 May 2014

You Have Five Seconds to Convince Us

Creative web designs are engaging and entertaining. They lure us inside with the promise of an experience rather than a quickie drop by. One of the reasons why sliders and carousels suddenly appeared everywhere on homepages is because they provided vivid visuals, with or without commentary or a call to action.  The logic was similar to what goes into book cover designs.  A walk through a bookstore or library is partly research,… [Read More…]

29 Apr 2014

How to Prevent People from Using Your Website

By following the tips below, you will prevent people from using your website and send them to your competitors. Follow along to be sure you are making good choices. Great News for Your Web Site Competition The Web is competitive. One of the best kept secrets is that most companies invest in Internet marketing strategies first and the user experience later. Most are not aware of how both usability and… [Read More…]

22 Apr 2014

How to Make Your Web Site A Conversions Leader

There are not enough great examples of websites that convert well.  How would you like to be a conversions leader? Whether referred to as usability, user experience, persuasive architecture, persuasive design, conversions design, customer experience design, searchability, or findability, the unifying factor behind high website conversion rates is the human to human connection.  Without it, your website will struggle to meet your business requirements.  It will fail to be remembered.  It… [Read More…]

15 Apr 2014

Web Design Choices Based on Visitors Needs

For all the various terms used to describe usability design, the one that most of us may relate to is the one we most care about, and that is customer satisfaction. This weekend I attended a Women in Tech Summit in Philadelphia and one of the speakers was a woman from the UX (Usability) field with experience in information architecture and site requirements gathering and documentation.  I immediately understood the… [Read More…]

01 Apr 2014

Your Web Site Spring Cleaning Chore List

Spring is here or winter is coming, depending on where you live, and what better time to dust the cobwebs from your website? I bet you think your site is perfect, right? Or, you are never satisfied.  You know you need to do “something else” but what might that be? Finding Opportunities for Fresh Conversions My teenage years were spent living in a 200 year old farmhouse in the country… [Read More…]

25 Feb 2014

Leroy the Sales Guy and Lessons on Use Experience

Yesterday I purchased new office furniture from Leroy the long haired, caffeinated sales guy who reminded me of the value of excellent customer service. The furniture store was gigantic and a bit unorganized, so that if you stood at the entrance long enough you could piece together in your mind where the kitchen tables end and office furniture begins.  An advertisement for a huge 80% off sale over the weekend… [Read More…]