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10 Jun 2015

Digital Dojo: Batman Might Need A Lawyer

Each day, it seems like there are hundreds of infographics popping up online. Some are excellent, while others are so poor that they can make you want to give your screen a lethal Hadouken. Trust me, I’ve been there. However, it’s pretty easy to see at first glance which are worth taking a look at, and which you’ll be able to pull some valuable and fun information from. With that… [Read More…]

28 Apr 2015

My Scheduled Time with Clients and Employees by @JimBoykin

How I schedule my work time has certainly changed over the years. Years ago (prior to 2008), I refused to even have a schedule…I would say to anyone, “Hey, you can call me anytime…I may be available, I may not…but I don’t use a schedule”. Ha! That sure has changed! Since about 2008, I’ve pretty much been ruled by my schedule. About every 3-6 months I usually do a major… [Read More…]

15 Apr 2015

Panda Penalized and You Think Removing 15% will Recover You. I Don’t Think So.

Today I had a consulting call with a major company (over 100 million in revenue) whom had suffered a major Panda 4.1 hit back in September. They are still in the Panda Hell Land today….and they’re waiting for the next Panda Refresh….fingers crossed that they will “recover”. I asked them about the changes they’ve made so far…and there were a few edits, but the biggest thing that they’ve done was… [Read More…]

20 Mar 2015

Google is Talking! Doorway Pages, Autocomplete, Blocked Resources and More!

It’s been a Google news heavy week in search with announcements and changes dominating the discussion. From algorithm changes to new WMT features and yet another nudge toward mobile friendliness there is a lot to do and consider in the very near future. With Google in a communication overload it’s a good time to start considering your long term strategy. How do you think these changes will affect the Search… [Read More…]

07 Feb 2014

“Flawless Consulting” A [book] tool worth adding to your tool set

“Flawless Consulting,” by Peter Block, isn’t your average book. For those who desire to learn and apply the knowledge contained in it, this is a book that has the potential of breathing new life into your business and possibly even your personal life and relationships with people. First, before describing what the book is about, let’s take a moment to define the word “consulting,” Peter Block does a wonderful job… [Read More…]

01 Jul 2013

Ted Ulle’s Last Teachings on WebmasterWorld.

Every day for years Tedster was helping people in Webmasterworld.  I was looking at some of his words that he wrote on his last day posting.  Every day he offered great advice, but reading the last pieces of advice he gave, there’s some messages here…  Below is some great advice from Ted on his last day posting in WebmasterWorld on June 6th 2013. First, understand that it’s impossible for anyone… [Read More…]

26 Jun 2012

HOW TO: SEO’s Guide for Buying Website Content

It is commonly known that website content is an important part of a sound organic search online marketing strategy. To meet the content creation needs of webmasters and marketers a wide variety of content creation options emerged. This article provides a concise guide that outlines the various content creation options for either adding content to existing organic search “landing pages” or adding new pages to your website. Note however, this guide does not… [Read More…]