27 Mar 2014

Learn SEO With These Great Resources


Over the last couple of weeks I have been approached by friends about web sites they are starting with questions about SEO. Its hard for me to help people that don’t fall into the “client” category, for lots of reasons. But I try to take a little time with each and provide some tips and then give them some resources where they can learn more. After the second time of doing this in two weeks, I realized that I really should put together an organized list of high quality resources on the web that teach the basics of online marketing.

So with out further ado, below is my list of links to beginners guides to online marketing. I pick each based on either using it myself in the past, or the level of trust I have with the author.

General SEO

Link Building

Content Development

SEO Audits

Social Media Guide

Online Reputation Management

Using Google+


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