01 Aug 2014

Adding Some Pizazz To Social Sharing.. with Sniply!

Earlier this week, a friend of mine, Alex Yong, sent me to a really cool page. Not only was it interesting content, but what was that thing in the lower corner? It was social sharing by way of Sniply!

Alex Yong's Sniply Inspiration

Alex Yong’s Sniply Inspiration

Sniply allows you to create all sorts of fun social sharing options, including links, buttons, and forms. With the upgraded, paid version, you can have even more options. And, I liked that I got a little time to try out the upgraded version for a trial run before deciding. Either way, whether you have all the upgraded options, or the free version, it opens up creative ways to share those blog posts, twitter profile page, newest sounds on soundcloud, or whatever your fancy.

In this article, I’m going to show you how Alex was able to get the cool effect shown above. Disclaimer: I am under that 2 weeks free of the upgraded version, so it is possible that some of these features are only available in the paid version(s). That said, you can go set up a free account yourself, at snip.ly and assuming the free trial version is an ongoing thing, you can go through these steps with us.

Configuring your message with Sniply.

Configuring your message with Sniply.

The Message

First, configure your message. I found this part the most confusing because I was trying to figure out what to put what. To set it up like Alex has his, fill in the box as shown above, with my hangoutqueen example. You will notice that the Twitter handles auto-link, which is nice (and pretty standard these days). You can put something creative like the message that Alex used (and that I matched), by highlighting the author of the article you are recommending.

In your call to action button (the blue button to the right), you can include a CTA message and link it to whatever you like. That portion is shown in the image above under “link text” and “link url.”

What Alex did (which was brilliant!) was to use the link to his original tweet (the tweet where he had originally shared the page). That is where the social sharing really gains momentum, getting others to favorite and RT your tweet!

Designing your sniply.

Designing your sniply.

The Design

Now that you have your message, you will want to get your colors going and let those creative juices flow. The image above shows the settings that Alex used. The key, to get that cool effect in the lower left, is to use the ‘social’ theme (or one of the other fun themes). Also, use a position like the lower left (versus bottom). The rest of the settings are your colors. You can play with the colors and see what best for you.

Sharing w/Sniply

Sharing w/Sniply


At first I thought the sharing would auto-create the effect that Alex had. I mean, it “looked” like a social share (which is the intent). However, the sharing is really the link to the “page” that you create with sniply. So, you have another opportunity to type in whatever text you like, to accompany your social share, pointing people to your sniply page, which then has content and another CTA button (if that is how you use it, like Alex).

There are so many options and ways to use sniply. You could use the form option. You could have the CTA button go to a landing page. Maybe you want to have a really dynamic video playing and then give them a free download via landing page linked to the CTA button.

Now, what are some ways you could use sniply (even the free version!) to enhance your social strategy and add a bit of pizazz while you are at it?


  1. Paul Shapiro August 1, 2014 at 5:21 PM

    Check out how I use Sniply. I do it a little differently 😉


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